How the “Haters” are Smearing Canada!

The fire bombing of the Schara Tzedeck Synagogue on Oak Street last Thursday was a terrorist act. Plain an simple.

According to B’nai Brith,  the attack targeted “the oldest Jewish congregation in the city and one of the largest in Vancouver”. (You can read the details of what happened here:

There were also violent attacks on Jewish institutions recently in other Canadian cities as well: “shots were fired at a Jewish girls school in Toronto and bullet holes were found in a Montreal building housing a Jewish school and synagogue,” the National Post reported.

And acts of vandalism, anti-Semitic attacks in Canada have been steadily rising …even before the Oct.7 Hamas terrorist attack against Israel.

According to the National Post, a B’nai Brith report on anti-Semitic violence in Canada found “a massive spike in 2023…. the report found there were 5,791 documented acts of violence, harassment and vandalism aimed at Jews that year, more than twice the 2,769 incidents logged in 2022.”

Nor has the increased violence by “haters” been restricted to Canada’s Jewish comunity.

A study by the Angus Reid Institute last July revealed more and more Asian Canadians reported “ongoing abuse, harassment and poor treatment in 2023”.

“One-in-five Chinese and East Asian Canadians say they have regularly faced negative reactions from other Canadians as a result of the political tensions between the Canadian and Chinese governments. The data shows about 20 per cent say harassment has happened “repeatedly,” the Reid survey showed.

Muslim groups have also reported a “skyrocketing” number of Islamophobia attacks in Canada.

“The National Council of Canadian Muslims reports a 1,300 per cent increase in the number of hate incidents since Oct. 7,” the Montreal Gazette wrote in mid-November, and that number has now grown even higher.

What the hell is happening in, and to, our Canada!!!

This is no longer just a few nuts running amok. This is outright hate being carried out, often by “educated” people who do know better, or at least should!

You don’t have to have a PhD in sociology, geography or history to know/realize very, very few of any race, ethnicity or religion living in Canada have much influence, let alone participatory links, to conflicts in their ancestral lands.

In fact, most Canadians’ ancestors left those places because they wanted better lives and freedoms AWAY from those conflicts!

To blame anyone from any racial, ethnic or religious group here for something going on thousands of miles of away is simply idiotic.

Yet the “haters” among us are getting bolder, nastier and more dangerous … sowing anxiety, fear and hurt throughout several communities, well beyond those unfortunate enough to directly experience firsthand their vile attacks.


Because there are rarely any really serious consequences, even if they ever do get caught.

An Ontario man pleaded guilty in April, 2022 pleaded to four counts (two counts of criminal harassment and two counts of impersonation with intent) of sending hate mail, which included swastikas, images of Adolf Hitler and calls for a second Holocaust to a Jewish organization and also offensive hate mail to a Canadian Senator.

Think of the hurt, anxiety and fear the recipients of this individual’s mailings went through, each time they left their offices or their homes, went shopping or into a parkade … never knowing if that nutbar would physically attack them.

It took almost two years to get him finally sentenced this past January: seven months in jail (less, with time off for good behaviour?) and then three years of supervised probation.

In light of the increasing and violent race-based attacks Canada has experienced lately, that clearly wasn’t much of a deterrent.

In Vancouver, an Asian woman was violently grabbed and pushed while walking on West Georgia Street; another was struck at the back of her head with a pole near Dunsmuir and Cambie and in February, charges were “stayed” in the case of a man arrested in a bear spray attack on an 87-year-old Asian man.  

A Quebec Court did better: “A Montreal neo-Nazi who was found guilty of wilfully promoting hatred against Jewish people has been sentenced 15 months in jail and three years of probation — one of the harshest sentences given for the crime in Canada,” the CBC reported. 

That loser had spent years writing hundreds of articles in neo-Nazi publications and had also recorded/broadcast several hate-promoting podcasts.

But as the number and intensity of violent attacks against minorities are on the rise by these individuals, it’s Canada that is getting the real black eye.

We who live here, from coast to coast to coast, know the real Canada and real Canadians are repulsed by the miscreants carrying out these crimes.

Canadians today are overwhelmingly a tolerant, even welcoming, people … regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

How ironic that this week, we will commemorate the 80th anniversary of “D” Day … the Normandy World War II landings that began the liberation of Europe from the violence and hate that had become official policy among the Axis powers.

We must NEVER forget … or let today’s “haters” win.

Parliament must toughen the laws and penalties to send a message to the “haters” they will pay with serious prison time for their acts of domestic terror; and, the Courts must start imposing lengthy sentences to those found guilty of hate crimes, especially those involving violence.

And if any of those convicted are found to be landed immigrants, international students or on Visitor Visas of any kind, they should be deported from Canada as soon as they have completed their sentences.

With NO exceptions for those who have tried to cover their asses by marrying a Canadian citizen or by having children born here, while they stained our land with their “old-country” hates and violence.

Harv Oberfeld

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12 Responses to How the “Haters” are Smearing Canada!

  1. Maria says:

    Thank you Harvey for always opening my eyes to new events.
    What is happening is shameful for Canada.

    (Response: There, of course, is nothing wrong with anyone protesting various governments/countries’ policies or actions, but when extremists start attacking communities/individuals who have nothing to do with those policies/actions, then our police, Courts must respond much more strongly than they have. h.o)

    • Martin Lemish says:

      Too many politicians are but back benchers… Unwilling to stand up and act responsibly . It’s about money benefits and pensions…
      Alas ..this is the sadness befalling our society
      A shandah.

      (Response: I think Trudeau/Liberals will find out next year the majority of Canadians have had enough of “liberal” laws, judges and politicians’ attitudes to extremists/activists/agitators, with little or no criminal charges/actions against “haters” who spew venomous insults at minorities or even carry out physical vandalism or attacks on people. h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    The problem, as i see it is the current governments massive inflow of immigrants, who have little or no support once they arrive.

    As the Quislings in Trudaulandia sow the seeds of “Colonialism” and create hyphenated Canadians, Canada, as a country is about to hit a massive reality iceberg.

    We are not welcoming new Canadians as Canadians, rather they are being segregated in largely ethnic/religious ghettos, where knowledge of English or French is rare and the old habits and hates of their previous country take precedent over our own affairs.

    My wife is Asian and a immigrant and she works 6 days a week and she has absolutely no time for any complainants from the newly arrived.

    She worked hard to become a landed immigrant and she worked hard to become a Canadian citizen and woe to those who complain Canada isn’t welcoming.

    Most of the “Haters” have rather religious orthodox backgrounds or the new breed of locals being left behind, where government has given those newly arrived benefits they cannot get.

    A glaring example is my son, who was working in a restaurant but was let go because of a government program to pay a full years wage to immigrant service workers and his boss apologized that he had no choice as free help looks good on the bottom line.

    This is the sort of Trudeaulandia nonsense that stokes the fires of “haters”. yet our politcans are basically moral cowards because they are afraid of a negative tweet from the chorus of professional nobodies who main occupation is to promote cancel culture, which is so prevalent in our society.

    The big issue I see is that Canada is no longer a secular society and it is no longer a Canadian society, rather we have become a land of ghettos, each populated by one of the many brands of hyphenated Canadians.

    As i said before, Canada is like a rudderless ship sailing directly into a massive, financial, racial, religious iceberg and we all know who gets into the lifeboats first!

    (Response: We don’t know yet if any of those firebombing or shooting up Jewish institutions are indeed immigrants: they could be our own extremist criminals. Canada needs immigrants and the very vast majority of those who come here just want better lives for themselves and their families. However, we cannot ignore that the huge rise in anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hatred has increased as the number of immigrants/refugees from Arab/Muslim countries has also increased substantially. The RCMP, Immigration officials have to do a better job of finding/prosecuting those … domestic or foreign … who are sowing discord here and smearing Canada’s good name abroad. And ANY landed immigrant or international student found guilty of criminal offences, hate crimes or violence should be speedily processed and be deported … not allowed to stay here, appealing their appeal of their appeal …for years. h.o)

  3. Chuck B says:

    Thank you for this. Can’t add anything to it. Just ashamed that this is happening in Canada and in other countries. Government get off their asses and handout bigger jail times and fines …..

    (Response: It has become a real problem in democratic countries: hate-mongers and foreign agents (often disguised as university students, as I outlined in a earlier blog) are taking advantage of our liberal laws to subvert our society, sow discord and promote the interests of foreign dictatorships, corrupt regimes and even terrorist organizations with proven records of violent rule and outspoken goals of imposing dictatorship regimes that share their ideologies. We need our federal government to step up enforcement of laws against law-breaking domestic threats and start arresting/convicting/deporting ALL foreign “students” found to be engaging in protests, agitation, violence here or abroad. h.o)

  4. Why says:

    I would guess some in this current parliament support the smearing of Canada. There certainly appears to be some who would go as far as helping including the enablement of foreign powers.

    (Response: The danger here, is that more and more Canadians are losing respect for our Members of Parliament, Prime Minister and Ministers … evidenced by low voter turnouts, and increasing indications that fewer believe/respect politicians anymore at any level. And it certainly won’t help as more and more evidence surfaces that some of our own elected representatives have been working on behalf of foreign powers: we need the RCMP to investigate and lay charges so the public can know if that is true and, if so, who and how. h.o.)

  5. Come on Canada! Wake up Mr Trudeau or it may be too late. There is a very dark and large wave
    trying over take us with its treacherous intentions and rules.

    As a Holocaust survivor I remember my grandfather saying at 5 to midnight before the
    Nazi invasion of Poland – assuring us that nothing bad will happen…..

    (Response: Last October, I visited Normandy, including Juno and Gold Beaches, the Canadian War Museum, the famous “Canada” House at Bernieres sur Mer, and the Canadian War Cemetery, where I laid five poppies I had brought with me on five graves. Those I chose were very, very young, in their 20s: three of them bearing crosses and two bearing Stars of David. (Unfortunately I didn’t have stones with me on my tour bus.) And then I noticed another grave with a headstone bearing a Jewish star, where someone had planted a small crucifix and pamphlet about Jesus. Even in death and after his greatest sacrifice, 79 years after D-Day, this young Jewish Canadian hero was not being left to rest in peace. I pulled the cross out, didn’t want to just trash it, so I placed it instead on another nearby hero’s grave bearing a cross. I felt really happy with what I did … and understood right then that the struggle against disrespect/discrimination will never end, and must be supported whoever, wherever and however we can. Like on this blog. h.o)

  6. daniel says:

    Another timely, relevant topic Harvey. Thanks.
    I believe that the attitude and extreme disrespect and violence towards other human beings and the feelings that come with them have been passed on by previous generations.This is a learned process, not something we are born with. It is caused due to ignorance, lack of understanding, education, and maybe the failure to really want to change to actually become better people. A father will pass on his hatred for Jews or black people onto his kids, for example. It’s somewhat like drinking and driving. Everyone knows the trouble and hardship it can cause yet people are still killed or injured every week due to drunk drivers. An attitude thing. They just don’t care enough to change their ways. Hatred is a powerful emotion and in this case some of it was brought here perhaps by immigrants and I’m sure some of it already existed in this country.
    The likelihood that our laws will change quickly enough I believe is a pipe dream. One just has to watch question period on one of our news networks. It plays on week days at approximately 11:20 a.m. when parliament is in session. It is like watching petulant children arguing topics that actually matter to Canadians. Politicians today seem to be more interested in winning the next election, keeping their pensions, and hanging onto power rather than passing laws. They may start off with good intentions but that soon changes. That is our reality I’m afraid. At least we can vote them out come election time. Maybe the next bunch will do better.

    (Response: I’m not sure how this happened, but the extreme left (here, in the US, UK) now have in positions of power too many vocal, active anti-Semites and haters of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East … where women, gays, unions and even Arabs have MORE “liberal” civil and political rights and power than in ANY of the Arab dictatorships for a thousand miles around them! Jagmeet Singh has been disgusting in his continually one-sided anti-Israel rhetoric. And in BC, Premier David Eby (who ironically once led the BC Civil Liberties Association that ardently defended some of the most outrageous testers of free speech) and the BC NDP caucus have been disgraceful in their treatment of Jewish MLA Selina Robinson, who was made to feel so uncomfortable she quit the caucus. I urge readers to read the analysis by Vaughn Palmer: And also listen to the podcast by Robinson herself: As I’ve written before, I don’t believe the BC NDP would EVER treat a Muslim, Asian or First Nations member who uttered remarks unpalatable to some the way the Premier/caucus/party treated this Jewish MLA. A very sad indictment of the people/party that used to pride itself on defending democracy, free speech and civil rights … but now cozy up to really radical dictatorships that treat women like chattel, execute gays, have no real union or civil liberties movements, murder political opponents and never hold elections. h.o)

  7. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    This is the Trudeau vision and version of Canada. Sick isn’t it. Him and his disgusting spineless cabal have to go. Another year and some is to long to wait to see these people go.

    (Response: The Trudeau government has turned its back on Jewish Canadians and stabbed Israel in the back … I believe in desperate pursuit of votes from Canada’s Muslim citizens, now numbering 1.7 million, thanks to the Liberals’ immigration/refugee policies. Sure looks to me like too many of those who came packed their old world hates in their bags and have no understanding of Canada’s modern policies of tolerance, respect and democracy. I must say, so far from what I’ve seen, Poilievre has been unequivocal in supporting Israel’s right to defend its people by going after the Islamic terrorists, even if they are cowardly hiding and still shooting and firing rockets from among civilians, hospitals and even mosques. I’m with him on this. Let’s keep it real: despite all the agitators/pro-Hamas on our campuses, there will NEVER be peace as long as terrorists rule Gaza, a corrupt regime rules the West Bank and extreme right wing politicians are in power in Israel. h.o.)

    • D. Malcolm Johnston says:

      It is not just Trudeau’s vision of Canada, it is also the NDP’s and probably the Conservatives as well.

      Antisemitism is rife in this country and the Liberals, NDP provincially, have done nothing about it because they are pandering to the Muslim community to win seats in the next election.

      The Terrorist Lites (are they not the same people as our local dial mob, forever closing streets and bridges?) have been allowed to morph true protest to an ugly continued encampment. Call it what you like, but it is not protest.

      Anti Jewish, antisemitism is allowed to proliferate on social media, inciting that growing class of naive people who remain willfully uninformed. Then there is the mainstream media, better called Pravda Canadian style.

      Not a word opf the atrocities by HAMAS, not a word that HAMAS has located their headquarters in schools and hospitals; not a word that the likes of LGBTQ types would be liquidated; not a mention of the non women rights in Muslim countries; not not a word. Adultery, you get stoned in Muslim countries; not conforming to strict dress codes, gets one abducted, raped and murdered in the Muslim world.

      Not a word.

      What is happening in Gaza is bone numbingly chilling, but there is no alternative, as there was no alternative but to completely defeat the Nazi’s in 1945.

      I have Jewish friends and one couple I know told me that their grand children are going to a Jewish school (their kids went to a public Vancouver high school) because they felt threatened in public school and more than once they were called “dirty Jews”. Complaints to the teacher, school board and even the ministry went nowhere, so the kids are now attending a Jewish private school for personal safety.

      This is vile road where the likes of Eby, Trudeau and Singh have taken us.

      I am appalled; I am numb; to quote Shakespeare, :”my gorge rises”, for god’s sake, show me a politicians who will put an end to this, instead of pandering for votes.

      Evil is as Evil does and Canada is fast coming an Evil land.

      (Response: One day, on a forum much larger than this Blog, I believe Canada’s “national” media (TV and print) will be held to account for it’s one-sided anti-Israel and anti-Semitism-encouraging “reporting” of the Israel/terrorist war and the “student” protests here at home. Sure didn’t look like McGill “students” I saw occupying an admin building on campus and battling Montreal police today!! Who ARE they? Why isn’t the media challenging them on that? Also, I have been watching TV quite a lot lately (while having repairs done to my home) and, just this week, several Canadian newscasts have highlighted that Israel attacked an UNRWA school in Gaza and have showed the usual videos (shot by Gazans) of dead, shrouded Palestinian victims, mourning relatives and wounded being treated in hospital …the stories pointing out 6,000 civilians were sheltering in the school. BUT most have left out: the whole school was NOT bombed, only two “classrooms” were surgically hit, where Israel has said 30 to 40 armed Hamas terrorists were hunkering down (with their families?). Israel has since named nine of the terrorists they hit and are working on identifying others …but no news coverage that they were fighters and therefore legitimate targets in war. Why no coverage of that? Or questions to Palestinian spokespersons/supporters/UN officials on WHY so many Hamas and Jihad fighters are hiding AMONG civilians and in UN facilities? Because it doesn’t fit the preferred Israel-attacked-a-UN-school narrative??? Plus, I’ve seen almost NO coverage of the fact that Hezbollah has been firing rockets into northern Israel EVERY day for weeks now, setting fires that have destroyed thousands of acres of Israeli forest/farm lands and also destroyed/burned buildings in two northern border towns, killing one soldier and injuring others in areas from which 80,000 Israeli civilians are still evacuated, for months now … away from their homes, jobs, schools, businesses and communities. Little or no coverage. But I’ll bet it will be widely reported when Israel moves into Lebanon to take out the terrorists amassed there … although the stories won’t identify those targeted as Hezbollah terrorists, but just Lebanese or Palestinian “civilians”. A lot of what we’re getting is not journalism, it’s propaganda. h.o)

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    The rise of xenophobic racism during increasingly hard economic times isn’t a surprise.
    However, right or wrong, free speech isn’t a license to spew vitriol.
    People will blame anyone for their own misfortunes.
    Canada’s apologist, anti Semitic “degree factories” need a major re-boot. ( The latest “spitting incident” of a McGill graduate student accepting her degree and then spitting at the Dean of the University at the ceremony …to the cheers and applause of the graduate students….speaks volumes of how low the “system” has devolved.).
    Students involved in violent anti Semitic ( or anti Muslim) protests should be given 1 warning and then expelled if it happens again.
    Stripped of their credits or degrees.
    And the professors who encouraged this racist, anti Semitic anarchy should have their tenure revoked.
    They don’t deserve a podium to spew hate.
    Decades ago architect Arthur Erickson was asked about Pierre Trudeau’s new immigration policy at a public gathering.
    He thought for a minute and said, “Well, Canada will either have the worlds most beautiful multi racial children the world has ever seen ..or …the worst race riots the world has ever seen.”

    The current Trudeau immigration policies are an epic failure. Overwhelming the current vetting system.
    We are LONG overdue for a federal election to replace this ridiculous, posturing Minority govt. A disaster of endless, crippling taxpayer billions $$$$ burned on a mountain of future debt…
    A minority govt that has ignored basic accounting principles to burden Canadians for decades with it’s uncontrolled fiscal lunacy.
    The longer the Liberals delay the inevitable ….the worse it will be for them.
    I just hope Trudeau will defeat any challenges to his Leadership in the Summer Liberal convention… that he can drag that entire flaming federal party into political oblivion……

    (Response: I get the impression that a lot of those taking part in “student” protests are not students. I wish the media would explore …or at least challenge … how many, if any, of the violent agitators who invaded and occupied a building on McGill’s campus and then physically battled police were indeed McGill students? If they were, they should be expelled; those who were not should be exposed and prosecuted … and if ANY of those breaking the laws are refugees, immigrants or hold International student Visas, they should be deported. University administrators have to do a much better job in investigating hate promoters … not only amongst their student population, but faculty and staff as well…. and higher education Ministers across the country clearly have to do a better job of making them ACT to weed out the hate propagandists in their midst. h.o)

  9. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    The Media won’t explore what you say about many students aren’t students, because they have allowed themselves to be trapped and tangled in the web of political correctness insanity, where no one has is willing to take a chance or make a move to speak the truth. The fools have all created their own trap and walked into it, just as our government leadershi has. God their so screwed up. I only watch Global or CTV for the standard local news and weather, then I’m done with the lot. I gave up listening ages ago to that farce called CKNW because of what it is now and who is on air. Eecchh. It’s horrible. I suppose some on the news floor or press gallery would like to speak up but won’t due to the pathetic sensitive political nature of the situation. It really is disgusting.

    (Response: It’s just terrible how our media have been played like a fiddle by Hamas. Real reporters and journalists should have a high degree of skepticism when politicians ..and especially terrorists …speak. But today, they don’t show it: they clearly seem to operate from pre-conceived biases and twist the “facts” to suit them. Perfect examples: today Blinken has repeatedly said the only obstacle to a ceasefire in Gaza is Hamas, not yet agreeing to the latest proposal. Yet, I keep seeing newscasts and selected “experts” saying the US has to increase pressure on ISRAEL to accept!! Huh??? Plus. take a look at the rescue operation that free four hostages: they were held by heavily armed terrorists inside the building and positioned outside as well right in the middle of a residential area. Surely the local “civilians” knew exactly what was going on there, they should have stayed well away from there! When a firefight did erupt between the terrorists and the rescuers, no doubt civilians there were killed/injured in the crossfire …but the media accepts without any challenges the numbers cited by Hamas (proven liars many times before) of how many were killed and the media then makes it sound like ALL the victims were hit by the Israelis. Not Hamas too? And, as usual, there are the Hamas-directed pictures and testimonials claiming that the casualties were all civilians (Ridiculous!!) … and almost all women and children … lots of children. I even saw one “reporter” today claim Israel DELIBERATELY targets children! But I haven’t seen a single “reporter” or “expert” challenge Hamas or Palestinian or UN officials why the heavily armed terrorists always surround themselves with women and children? So many women and children? Who’s really to blame for women and children being caught in the crossfire during a war??? Terrible journalism … either heavily biased anti-Israel or just incompetent. h.o)

  10. RIsaak says:

    So many idealogical missteps in recent Canadian history. Cancel culture, because the available lessons of history should be avoided at all costs, damn historical correctness & the lessons it contains? Sort of a farcical “Don’t mention zee war” Monty Python skit run amok in real life!

    Left wing ideology running amok in our post secondary institutions. Fiscal dependency on foreign students (did India & China build our schools ?) coupled with many questionable high dollar research projects (research grants at UBC for clues) with zero benefits for society. Faculty members spouting off supporting terrorists, authoritarian regimes and Oligarchs, if it’s so good there and you are so smart, there is a plane leaving soon for some accurate research, Steven Seagal will welcome you! Interestingly enough, all the folks I know of Eastern European, Russian & Chinese origin, are aghast at the attitudes seen here towards the regimes they fled, but hey some Prof at ??? University says different from his/her govt funded podium?

    Closing a few foreign student dependent institutions and rebranding them as trade schools to meet the demands of Canadian society and the massive numbers of immigrants needing housing etc.. The housing dilemma mostly exacerbated by immigration without any mechanism to suit immigrants skills to shortages in the Canadian workforce, will continue unabated until someone gets the basic concept of allowing immigrants in who actually have skills we seem to be severely lacking today in Canada! We do not need more social workers, we need engineers, architects, electricians, plumbers, framers and many other labourers!

    Government refusing to send a foreign student back home after many instances of ignoring court orders, only in Trudeau’s Canada, eh?

    The comment I read here quoting Arthur Ericson about immigration is the most poignant comment on this govt. policy run amok!

    When your leadership is so conceited that any question about it’s policies are answered with mocking rhetoric, the time to change course is evident, now the real question is, can the next leader affect real change with the current crop of entitled bureaucrats in place? Tail wags the dog far too much…..

    BTW, haters have always existed, now they have a new podium (internet) and apparently a benevolent govt. which allows hateful conduct within it’s own caucuses? Eby’s Robinson debacle in BC & Jessica Atwin in the Trudeau caucus!

    (Response: The evidence is mounting …although ignored by the overwhelmingly left leaning activist media … that more and more of the majority in our Western democracies feel unhappy, exploited and ignored by governments pushing minority-serving agendas. In the UK, trust in politicians of all parties has hit a record low: And in Canada, a new look at what is bothering voters replicates my own conclusions in writing this particular blog: I know politicians, bureaucrats, party strategists and media reporters and pundits read this blog: maybe they should ALL start paying attention to what the so-called silent majority believe and want … instead of catering so much to the squeaking wheels out there! h.o)

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