How the Media ENCOURAGES Anti-Semitism

A CTV National news report last Wednesday accused Israel of “blocking” aid destined for Gaza, and included accusations that Palestinians were being deliberately starved; not to be outdone, a CBC report the same day charged Israel with carrying out a “chokehold” on aid and featured information supplied by Hamas’s own Gaza Health Authority, the discredited, horribly biased UNRWA and the notoriously anti-Israel Norwegian Refugee Council.

NEITHER story … or in-studio followups … mentioned, as far as I can determine, that, IN FACT, on that day alone, Israeli officials reported 257 trucks, carrying 5,200 tonnes of aid had entered Gaza from Israel. (Before the war, the average number of trucks carrying food into Gaza from Israel was only 70!);

NEITHER story … or in-studio followups … told their viewers that, since the war began, 16,000 trucks, carrying 300,000 tonnes of food, water, medical supplies and shelter equipment had entered Gaza from Israel;

(That doesn’t sound like “blocking” or a “chokehold” to me. Probably does, though, to those dumb or naive enough to expect the Israelis, after having more than 9,000 rockets fired towards its cities, to still allow all Gaza-bound cargo arriving at its port of Ashdod to just go straight through without being inspected.)

NEITHER story … or in studio followups … explained, or included Israeli officials, pointing out that Hamas terrorists, still active in Gaza, have been looting much of aid (food, water, fuel) … denying Gazan civilians access to the critical supplies.

None of this, of course, is to deny the terrible crisis and tragic reality that has led to such suffering among the innocent Gazan civilian population.

However, the job (and what used to be real journalists’ true calling!) is to tell BOTH sides of any story, any conflict … FAIRLY and EQUALLY.

Sadly that is not happening.

So much of the “reporting” we are witnessing these days … from Canada’s major national TV networks, in newspaper articles, in op-ed commentaries or in extensive interviews … I have found to be OVERWHELMINGLY critical or challenging of Israel (its actions, inactions, failings, shortcomings), but UNDERWHELMINGLY critical or challenging of Palestinian spokespersons, sympathizers or supporters (continued widespread refusal to recognize even Israel’s right to exist, their leaders’ rebuffing of all earlier left-wing Israeli leaders’ actions/attempts to reach peace, and their own officials’ huge problems of corruption and theft of aid/funding).

How many Canadian tv news viewers and newspaper readers are aware that, before Hamas launched its bloodbath, Israel was not only supplying Gaza with food, electricity and fuel, but was also allowing more than 12,000 Gazans a day (plus 90,000 Palestinians from the West Bank) to cross into Israel to work … earning 10 times the salaries paid at home, plus … Israel having strong labour laws … health and other benefits!

I know … too positive to point out!

However, not only is so much of the reporting one-sided, anti-Israel, but some of it is just false!

Over and over again, Canadian media organizations now issue corrections, amendments or retractions of some of the crud they’ve broadcast or published after the Jewish media monitoring organization, Honest Reporting Canada has called them out: including CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail. (Fascinating site to check out: )

Too much of the media have also been ignoring … apart from covering the continued angst and protests of the remaining 134 hostages’ families … the ongoing war’s impact and suffering and trauma among the innocent Israeli civilian population.

How many of you reading this are even aware that, on Sunday, Hesbollah fired 37 rockets into northern Israel? And that rockets are still targeting the Jewish state almost every day! Do you know, that more than 100,000 Israelis are still evacuated from towns, communities along their southern and northern borders … also living on assistance programs now, away from their homes, their jobs, their kids’ schools and friends, other family members and friends.

The death/casualty toll in Gaza has been horrific … but what our media never report or ask Hamas officials or their supporters is how many of those are terrorists or their extended families, among whom we know they regularly hide?

Surely, Hamas and Palestinian officials should be questioned/challenged on the stupidity, the futility and THEIR responsibility for the tragedy we see in Gaza today.

Where is the coverage of the heavy price Israelis have also paid in the war caused by Hamas’ slaughter of 1,200 innocent civilians? Are you aware 587 Israeli soldiers have been killed, 3,053 injured? Do their dead not have funerals, mourning families, friends, communities? Ever see that covered here?

One-sided news is not news: it is propaganda.

When the anti-Israel slanted bias is repeated/pushed in our media day after day, week after week, month after month … they contribute to the spread of anti-Semitism.

And, worst of all, they do a terrible disservice to not only their viewers and readers, but to our country and journalism as well.

Harv Oberfeld

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