Langara Sets the STANDARD … Other “Educational” Institutions Should Follow

Natalie Knight should never have been re-instated. Glad she’s now gone!

The “English instructor and Indigenous curriculum consultant” at Langara went WAY beyond acceptable public speech limits when she publicly praised the Hamas terrorist attack deliberately aimed at innocent CIVILIANS … and raped, mutilated (while still alive) and killed 1,200 Israelis and foreign visitors, wounded hundreds more and kidnapped 240 hostages.

Terrorism targeting civilians (not just miliary age adults, but women, the elderly and even kids) should NEVER be acceptable anywhere!

And if there is one thing that supporters, sympathizers and even fighters on any side, in any conflict, should be able to instantly agree on, it’s that deliberately aiming at civilians is unacceptable.

But, reportedly, not to Knight!

Speaking at a pro-Palestine rally, Knight called Hamas’ terrorist attack an “an amazing, brilliant offensive”.

Everyone has the right to support and speak on controversial issues … but in my opinion, no one holding a public position has the right to praise the murder of unarmed civilians anywhere!

Yes, Palestinians have now died also … 26,000 of them Hamas says … without identifying how many of them were terrorist combatants, how many of the women and children casualties were fighters’ families, who voluntarily or were forced to stay with their targeted armed terrorist husbands, sons, uncles etc.?

War is terrible: during the Second World War, 25 million civilians were killed during the battles; in Viet Nam, 45 million.

Awful! Horrific! But I doubt any “educator” here in Canada publicly at that time praised Nazi attacks on civilians as “brilliant” … and kept their job!

“Knight defended her comments as legitimate speech in the face of Israeli actions against Palestinians,” the CBC reported.

She was put on leave by Langara, while they investigated. And then, in what I would call a terrible decision, they decided to re-instate her … with no punishment or even written reprimand on her file.


Knight celebrated her victory!

“It means we won. It means I did nothing wrong. It means none of you are doing anything wrong,” Knight told a small celebratory rally on Thursday. The comments were published by The Voice, the Langara student paper that broke the story.

She was wrong .. again. This time, Langara fired her. (Get the details here:

“The employee proceeded to engage in activities contrary to the expectations laid out by the college, and as a result, this employee is no longer and employee,” CTV quoted Langara officials.

Good riddance!

No “teacher” today should or would keep their job if they publicly praised any extremist group that deliberately attacked/raped/maimed any Muslim, Asian, First Nations etc. community.

I don’t believe Knight would support those kinds of horrific actions as “brilliant”!

So why was it okay to some for her to praise those actions when the Hamas terrorists deliberately carried at murderous attack … aiming purposely at Israeli/Jewish civilians?

And why did so many other “educators” at Langara and other institutions support her?


ALL public educational institutions (private ones too) should weed out these armchair extremists and anti-Semitic bigots and revolutionaries on their staffs and in their classrooms … who don’t even realize Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS etc would probably shoot/hang them all soon after they ever took power. And the, they would turn on the students.

Glad Knight is gone!

No educational institution should hire her and give her access to our young peoples’ minds.

Harv Oberfeld

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