Langara Sets the STANDARD … Other “Educational” Institutions Should Follow

Natalie Knight should never have been re-instated. Glad she’s now gone!

The “English instructor and Indigenous curriculum consultant” at Langara went WAY beyond acceptable public speech limits when she publicly praised the Hamas terrorist attack deliberately aimed at innocent CIVILIANS … and raped, mutilated (while still alive) and killed 1,200 Israelis and foreign visitors, wounded hundreds more and kidnapped 240 hostages.

Terrorism targeting civilians (not just miliary age adults, but women, the elderly and even kids) should NEVER be acceptable anywhere!

And if there is one thing that supporters, sympathizers and even fighters on any side, in any conflict, should be able to instantly agree on, it’s that deliberately aiming at civilians is unacceptable.

But, reportedly, not to Knight!

Speaking at a pro-Palestine rally, Knight called Hamas’ terrorist attack an “an amazing, brilliant offensive”.

Everyone has the right to support and speak on controversial issues … but in my opinion, no one holding a public position has the right to praise the murder of unarmed civilians anywhere!

Yes, Palestinians have now died also … 26,000 of them Hamas says … without identifying how many of them were terrorist combatants, how many of the women and children casualties were fighters’ families, who voluntarily or were forced to stay with their targeted armed terrorist husbands, sons, uncles etc.?

War is terrible: during the Second World War, 25 million civilians were killed during the battles; in Viet Nam, 45 million.

Awful! Horrific! But I doubt any “educator” here in Canada publicly at that time praised Nazi attacks on civilians as “brilliant” … and kept their job!

“Knight defended her comments as legitimate speech in the face of Israeli actions against Palestinians,” the CBC reported.

She was put on leave by Langara, while they investigated. And then, in what I would call a terrible decision, they decided to re-instate her … with no punishment or even written reprimand on her file.


Knight celebrated her victory!

“It means we won. It means I did nothing wrong. It means none of you are doing anything wrong,” Knight told a small celebratory rally on Thursday. The comments were published by The Voice, the Langara student paper that broke the story.

She was wrong .. again. This time, Langara fired her. (Get the details here:

“The employee proceeded to engage in activities contrary to the expectations laid out by the college, and as a result, this employee is no longer and employee,” CTV quoted Langara officials.

Good riddance!

No “teacher” today should or would keep their job if they publicly praised any extremist group that deliberately attacked/raped/maimed any Muslim, Asian, First Nations etc. community.

I don’t believe Knight would support those kinds of horrific actions as “brilliant”!

So why was it okay to some for her to praise those actions when the Hamas terrorists deliberately carried at murderous attack … aiming purposely at Israeli/Jewish civilians?

And why did so many other “educators” at Langara and other institutions support her?


ALL public educational institutions (private ones too) should weed out these armchair extremists and anti-Semitic bigots and revolutionaries on their staffs and in their classrooms … who don’t even realize Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS etc would probably shoot/hang them all soon after they ever took power. And the, they would turn on the students.

Glad Knight is gone!

No educational institution should hire her and give her access to our young peoples’ minds.

Harv Oberfeld

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7 Responses to Langara Sets the STANDARD … Other “Educational” Institutions Should Follow

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    I hate to say it, but antisemitism is on the rise and the hate spewed by these “useful idiots” is engaging another generation to spew antisemitic hate.

    I have friends who are Jewish and they are afraid, very afraid. They do not see the police civic, provincial or federal politicians stamping down on this and in fact they are sending a loud message by doing nothing.

    Oh the politicos appear for photo-ops and make 10 second sound bites for the news (Eby is famous for it) but it stops there and those of the Jewish faith are scared.

    We have forgotten the lessons of Auchwitz, Kristallnacht, and more.

    Instead this was is about Hamas and the liquidation of all Jews from “river to the sea” and that will not happen and thousands are dying for a hackneyed religious/terrorist organization that has ordained itself to kill and worse at their pleasure.

    Now it has been shown that the UN is involved and this now demonstrates what a bloody shambles that organization is.

    Who is this Natalie Knight?

    According to Bob Mackin; “Natalie Knight, who led illegal anti-LNG roadblocks in early 2020 in Vancouver resurfaced at today’s pro-Palestine rally in Vancouver. She called the Hamas terrorist attack on Israelis “amazing, brilliant.”

    Why was she teaching at Langara in the first place and why was she reinstated, only to be fired again?

    On a wider note, the problem I see with our colleges and universities is that they have become degree mills for foreign students and to fill teaching posts questionable people are being hired.

    Finally, like Bill Mahr, who called the 9-11 attacks brilliant and was fired, the Hamas attack on Israel was also brilliant in that they have been well versed on asymmetrical warfare and the Israelis were asleep at the switch.

    Unlike 9-11, which in the long term succeeded (just look at the shambles the US is in today), the Hamas attack has not and for Hamas it has become a Pearl Harbour of sorts, with the end result the destruction of their hold in Gaza with unfortunately, a high civilian death count, which Hamas doesn’t give a damn about.

    Those protesting against the Israeli cleansing of Hamas in Gaza is just another form of asymmetrical warfare, something Canada is not prepared for and the Liberals are totally afraid to deal with, as per your previous post.

    (Response: now we are hearing evidence that more than 100 UNWRA staff members have been linked to Hamas and other terrorist organizations. No one should be surprised: for years, the Israelis have been pointing out how the UN and UNWRA have been pushing the Palestinian agenda and promoting anti-Jewish hate in the textbooks used in UN schools, the activities sponsored by the UN at UN schools and the activities of UNWRA staff. and it is hard not to laugh when I see you in officials, and even the secretary general express shock, as if they had absolutely no idea this was going on.Bull!! The UN is biased and is actually a supporter in many ways of Islamic extremist groups and their agendas across Palestine… and it’s about time they were called out on it! h.o.)

  2. e.a.f. says:

    She thought the attack by Hamas was brilliant??
    Did she think Israel was going to let that go and forgive and forget? Of course not. the result is 26,422 Palestinians are dead and 65K Palestinians are injured. Gaza has been bombed out and looks like British and Germany cities during WW II. That is not brilliant. That is a plague on humanity. The mental health of children in Gaza has been destroyed. Children are without parents. Knight thinks this is brilliant? Don”t know where Knight got her ideas from, but attacking a country which you know is going to “fight back” is stupid. Starting a war with Israel is always going to be stupid. I’d agree starting most wars is stupid, but starting one with Israel where a lot of people still remember the Holocaust and believe, Never Again is just assinine.

    Don’t know what Knight wanted to accomplish with her speech, was she trying for another career? was this a move to enhance her visability? was it a move to attract a young audience. At this point, who knows and who cares. She has been fired. Lets hope others take notice.

    Any one has the right to believe what they do. Its another thing to go out and about in public giving voice to it and be reported by the media. You’re not going to be any one’s champion. you’re just going to be unemployed.

    Back in the 1980s a federal government worker went to a public meeting, identified themselves as such and then launched into a tirade against the department he worked for and the federal government. They were fired, they grieved and they lost. There is freedom of speech but there are also limits to it. Preaching hate is one of those things which could get you fired. Wonder if Knight thinks the Holocaust was “brilliant”. does she think Pol Pots actions in Cambodia were “brilliant”.

    (Response: Knight is a bit player: The real issue that should be of concern here is that Langara college was even willing for a while to reinstate her without any disciplinary action after she made such horrendous, unacceptable public statements. The issue also isn’t really about Israel… Any deliberate terrorist attack against any civilians anywhere should be condemned by anyone who has even a basic sense of decency. Langara should have fired her outright at the beginning: I’m glad they have now done it… But other educational institutions should now follow up and get rid of those on their staff who are biased and are pushing agendas that go well beyond their scholastic assignments. Ho.)

  3. Chuck B says:

    Good riddance to see Ms Knight gone … how many others follow her line of thinking and still teaching in our schools?

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    What I find appalling is the resurfacing of antisemitism; the old adage, “when all else fails, blame the Jews”.

    Vancouver’s higher purpose persons, a cadre of academics, community activists and Vancouver’s infamous ‘rent a mob’ have now shown their true colours and it ain’t pretty.

    When academics (you know the ones that teach) start becoming overtly involved with causes, their academic credentials fade and fade very quickly.

    The teacher in question has crossed the lines more than once and it is right that Langara terminate her services but what of the damage she has done.

    Question: If a student did not share her views, would they get lower marks or fail?

    Very few people understand that Hamas’s goal is to eradicate all Jews from Israel, from “River to Sea.” Thus Hamas will not stop until their jihad is done.

    What we have in the Middle East is a war of genocide on one side (Hamas) and a war for survival (Israel). The problem Hamas now has is a war for their own survival and like all terrorist organizations, they will fight to the very last civilian.

    From Terry Glavin: “And this thing: In the military campaign the Israeli Defence Forces have been waging in their determination to smash Hamas, the IDF has taken more measures to guard against civilian casualties than any other urban-warfare military campaign in history. Those measures have included nearly six million telephone calls, four million text messages and 1.5 million pamphlets dropped with instructions on IDF operation areas and routes to corridors leading out of harm’s way.”

    You never hear that from the higher person/antisemitic crowd; you never hear of Hamas building headquarters in schools and hospitals; you never hear of massive sums of monies, earmarked for the civilians, instead spent on tunnels, rockets and armaments.

    Now it seems the UN is complicit in the Hamas atrocities, but not a mention from the local “rent a mob”. Even a ‘Freudian’ slip of the pen has shown the NDP’s true colours.

    The operation in Gaza is a very bad outcome and Israel will not stop until Hamas is liquidated. Hamas’s handlers Iran and Russia made a grave error with their sinister attack on Israel and are now reaping the whirlwind of war but they still have an ace up their sleeve, their useful idiots in Canada and Vancouver, and that is Vancouver’s higher purpose persons, a cadre of academics, community activists and Vancouver’s infamous ‘rent a mob’, who are desperately trying to pervert the truth and ultimately want the State of Israel to vanish.

    Your title says it all.

  5. Marge says:

    I went to university in the 70’s and even way back then profs said and did a lot of stupid things. I remember being in a Math upper-level course and the professor actually said that he hoped no female ever taught his kids Math in high school. I remember taking a course I was keenly interested in and finding out that the professor hated Slavs and guess who had a Slavic last name? And guess who got her only C in university thanks to that idiot.
    Not only have times not really changed since then but somehow these instructors have been given even more permission to say and do whatever they think and there are no consequences just as there were no consequences for my profs in the day! It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the Langara instructor thought she was immune to everything. Since she also wrote her dissertation on First Nations and supports all sorts of protests, she thought this made her more invincible. She almost got away with it, didn’t she? It was only when under pressure from the Jewish community, that the University was able to say that she had overstepped her mark. Am I surprised? Not at all.
    I just read that York University CUPE (which includes professors as well as TA’s) have been encouraged to bring in antisemitic (oops should say anit-Zionist) remarks whenever possible and even if the subject has no relation to Israel, they are still being told to attack.
    University professors tend to be very left leaning and the more left they are, the more it appears they gain tenure, whether it be Harvard or UBC. We only have to look at the former President of Harvard to see what goes on. She was caught plagiarizing and even then, was allowed to continue on because she fit all the tags they wanted in a President: gay, black and very leftist in views. It was only when she was exposed in front of Congress for what she was that finally people got up in arms and she was removed. Otherwise, she would still be sitting pretty, collecting her huge check and spouting her anti-colonial nonsense.
    I almost think that if you have a son or daughter these days, it would be better for them to go into trades rather than enter those towers of higher learning and get under the spell of the woke crowd and learn to hate Israel and support HAMAS. And I am saying this having multiple years of university education!

    (Response: when I went to university, studying political science and history and other arts the professors encouraged us to challenge ideas and discuss differing opinions. Apparently today, too many professors in the arts have trained their so-called “students” to just regurgitate their own left-wing anti American anti-Israel anti conservative ideology if they want to get a good mark. It’s hard to do it in science or medicine or chemistry, where there’s a right way and a wrong way only… But when you’re dealing with political science or history or I suppose even geography, there’s lots of room for interpretation and today’s students seem to just go along rather than dare challenge what their far left radical professors ever say… Turning them into Minni “Maos”. All that’s missing is their a little red books waving in the air

  6. Stu de Baker says:

    Lol, Marge.
    1956, small town BC. I moved on from Elementary grade 6, to Junior High grade 7.
    On the first day of “homeroom” my teacher asked if X was my brother and when I said yes, he replied: “I have to teach you, I don’t have to like you.”

  7. Gilbert says:

    Natalie Knight’s views have no place in the classroom. The Hamas attacks on October 7th were pure evil. To call them brilliant is absolutely crazy.

    (Response: I think she typifies the extreme leftist activists who are really hurting our post secondary institutions these days. Ho)

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