New Leader is Federal Liberals’ ONLY Hope!

Shh! Don’t tell Justin … but behind the scenes, many Liberal MPs are already quietly checking out their post-election job possibilities.

Canada’s next federal election isn’t officially scheduled until Oct. 20,2025 … but few believe the current Liberal/NDP power alliance will survive until then.

And I dare say most Canadians don’t want it to either.

We are unhappy; we blame Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for many of our economic stresses … even pains … and, in true Canadian political tradition, we want to toss the bums out, and elect a new set. 🙂

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has been impressing!

His promise to get rid of the carbon tax is a winner with millions of taxpayers (how he can do that in BC, where the tax is provincial, remains to be seen). He has said a Conservative government would instead speed up approval of more hydroelectric dams, clean nuclear energy, offshore energy projects.

Poilievre has also promised to get tough on violent and repeat criminals, to restrict/tie immigration levels to increased housing starts and the Conservative leader has taken a clearly supportive stance on Israel’s war against Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups.

Have to admit, I like it … feels like a breath of fresh air after almost eight years of Trudeau/Liberals (who I did vote for last election.)

Trudeau just seems so out of touch with ordinary working Canadians: his carbon tax IS hurting so many; his personal scandals have weakened his image; and, his recent Jamaican billionaire-paid-for vacation sure didn’t help!

And the polls are showing that.

The latest Abacus Data survey (Jan 4 to 9) showed the Conservatives way ahead, at 41% national support; Liberals, 24%; NDP, 18%; Bloc, 7%; and, the Greens, 4%.

“In British Columbia, the Conservatives are taking 43% support to 19% for the Liberals and 26% for the NDP. B.C. has often been a tight three-way race over the last several election cycles but, right now, the Liberals are collapsing, and the Conservatives are benefiting,” the Toronto Sun reported.

A year-end poll by Nanos Research showed only five per cent of Canadians thought the Liberal government is doing a “very good” job and 37% said its doing a “very poor” job.

And on a personal level, Nanos reported Trudeau’s popularity has fallen to 20.9%; compared to Poilievre’s 32.8%; and Jagmeet Singh, 16.2%.

In fact, a December Ipsos poll concluded 69% of Canadians wanted Trudeau to resign (a November poll put that number at 72%) … and showed even Liberal supporters believe a NEW leader would enhance their chances at another term in power.

Among their favorite alternatives: Chrystia Freeland, Mark Carney and Melanie Jolie.

But it’s clear … unless the Liberals have some secret info about Poilievre they have up their sleeves … Trudeau’s days as Prime Minister and Liberal Leader are numbered.

And even many Liberal supporters believe the sooner he goes, the better.

Harv Oberfeld

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