New Leader is Federal Liberals’ ONLY Hope!

Shh! Don’t tell Justin … but behind the scenes, many Liberal MPs are already quietly checking out their post-election job possibilities.

Canada’s next federal election isn’t officially scheduled until Oct. 20,2025 … but few believe the current Liberal/NDP power alliance will survive until then.

And I dare say most Canadians don’t want it to either.

We are unhappy; we blame Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for many of our economic stresses … even pains … and, in true Canadian political tradition, we want to toss the bums out, and elect a new set. 🙂

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has been impressing!

His promise to get rid of the carbon tax is a winner with millions of taxpayers (how he can do that in BC, where the tax is provincial, remains to be seen). He has said a Conservative government would instead speed up approval of more hydroelectric dams, clean nuclear energy, offshore energy projects.

Poilievre has also promised to get tough on violent and repeat criminals, to restrict/tie immigration levels to increased housing starts and the Conservative leader has taken a clearly supportive stance on Israel’s war against Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups.

Have to admit, I like it … feels like a breath of fresh air after almost eight years of Trudeau/Liberals (who I did vote for last election.)

Trudeau just seems so out of touch with ordinary working Canadians: his carbon tax IS hurting so many; his personal scandals have weakened his image; and, his recent Jamaican billionaire-paid-for vacation sure didn’t help!

And the polls are showing that.

The latest Abacus Data survey (Jan 4 to 9) showed the Conservatives way ahead, at 41% national support; Liberals, 24%; NDP, 18%; Bloc, 7%; and, the Greens, 4%.

“In British Columbia, the Conservatives are taking 43% support to 19% for the Liberals and 26% for the NDP. B.C. has often been a tight three-way race over the last several election cycles but, right now, the Liberals are collapsing, and the Conservatives are benefiting,” the Toronto Sun reported.

A year-end poll by Nanos Research showed only five per cent of Canadians thought the Liberal government is doing a “very good” job and 37% said its doing a “very poor” job.

And on a personal level, Nanos reported Trudeau’s popularity has fallen to 20.9%; compared to Poilievre’s 32.8%; and Jagmeet Singh, 16.2%.

In fact, a December Ipsos poll concluded 69% of Canadians wanted Trudeau to resign (a November poll put that number at 72%) … and showed even Liberal supporters believe a NEW leader would enhance their chances at another term in power.

Among their favorite alternatives: Chrystia Freeland, Mark Carney and Melanie Jolie.

But it’s clear … unless the Liberals have some secret info about Poilievre they have up their sleeves … Trudeau’s days as Prime Minister and Liberal Leader are numbered.

And even many Liberal supporters believe the sooner he goes, the better.

Harv Oberfeld

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22 Responses to New Leader is Federal Liberals’ ONLY Hope!

  1. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    Definitely no Christia Freeland. My god the country will ruined for sure if she were PM. She’s already done enough damage as Finance Minister. She just as out of touch as Trudeau. Actually I think she’s worse. Much worse than Trudeau.

  2. Marge says:

    The latest about Trudeau is just the icing on the cake. How can a leader tell us that he feels our pain and then go on incredibly expensive holidays? How can a leader consistently lie about his holidays and think that we will continue to believe in him? He instituted the first Truth and Reconciliation Day but failed to show up for it, preferring instead to surf in Tofino while his staff covered his butt (more lies again). He booked an expensive hotel in London for the Queen’s funeral and refused to come clean on that (meanwhile embarrassing us all with his “performance” of Queen songs!)
    His waffling about Israel is telling too! Scared to lose the Muslim voting bloc he speaks out both sides of his face depending upon where he is. The refusal to answer even simple questions is beyond annoying now. He promised to be open and transparent. He has been anything but.

    He tells us that the carbon tax is essential while we note that we contribute so little to pollution it is laughable. He could have been honest and said the money is needed for our programs and not call it a carbon tax but chose to “lie” again to con voters into thinking differently! Caving in to East Coast voters proves that he knows the “carbon” tax is not what it seems at all.

    His handling of immigration has created a healthcare and housing crisis in this country. Having a friend who is a doctor in one of the largest hospitals in the Lower Mainland, I have been told that a good portion of the patients there are immigrants who managed to get into Canada having major health issues! Having lost a family doctor to retirement, the only choice I have been given for a replacement is a medical practitioner whose English is so poor I did not understand half of what this person was telling me!

    His handling of public demonstrations has also been very embarrassing. Remember how the truckers were a major harm to Canada and needed to be stopped? What about all those paid-for Pro-Palestinian demonstrators that just happen to be in Jewish neighbourhoods, trying to destroy the livelihood of Jewish lives?

    All in all, what he promised – truth and honesty and good governance – was never given. He’s a shockingly poor PM who needs to be dispatched asap. He was never what he seemed and we have paid the price for that. I have never voted for his party and never will – his old man convinced me that the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  3. Horace B. says:

    I wouldn’t mind if Mark Carney were the new Liberal leader.
    I cannot believe in Melanie Jolie or Chrystia Freeland as they both might be seen as complicit in Trudeau’s more doubtful attitudes. Whereas Mark Carney has international experience, respect and would be seen as having much more gravitas than Trudeau.

    (Response: I agree Jolie and Freeland both carry that Trudeau taint, and I’m just not sure Carney has enough charisma or projectable personality to defeat Poilievre. But must say, I’d sure give him a closer look than the other two. h.o.)

  4. Ted Smith says:

    Harv…You always nail it!!!

    (Response; Thanks. I try … 🙂 h.o.)

  5. R says:

    If a bank says Canada messed up immigration maybe Ottawa needs to hire consultant for what to do.

  6. Gilbert says:

    I’m afraid that Prime Minister Trudeau will promise a Universal Basic Income out of pure desperation. Maybe it will appeal to young people, to lazy people, to communists and to those who never think about monetary policy, but it will bankrupt the nation. He has done tremendous damage. Maybe he can retire and take over the Trudeau Foundation.

    • e.a.f. says:

      A basic income would not bankrupt the country. It would reduce costs over the time becuase communities/provinces would not be dishing out money for welfare, extra health concerns, policing, etc.

      Gilbert you have listed a number of groups which you think “never think about monetary policy”. Trust me those groups think about it all the time, just not how you might think about it. Seniors who are becoming homeless because they can’t afford decent housing; children and their parents who live below the poverty line and are inadequately housed, can’t afford adequate food, housing, boots; medical care, etc.

      If you have money you can have your child diagnosed for autism, its about $3K out of pocket. If you don’t have that money you wait and wait, 3 years or more. By then its almost too late or too late for treatment to be effective.

      Financial policies, I’m sure the disabled in B.C. think about that all the time. They don’t have enough money to pay for rent which keeps going up. Their income is $1358 per month. Rents on a one bedroom run
      over 2K in greater Vancouver.

      Can’t remember a social program the Cons have provided for lower income Canadians, but they’ve always been generous to a fault to businesses, millionaires, billionaires. Lets not forget the pass Harper gave a group of them after the release of records from Switzerland by an employee. They were all clients of a large accounting firm. they were required to repay what they owed in taxes and that it. If most of us are late filing taxes, we are fined, but the rich clients of a big corporation not so much.

      There have been a few experiements lately in the U.S.A. where they gave unhoused people bank cards, pre loaded for $750 a month. They spent it on becoming housed and food. They had fewer health issues, fewer interactions with police, etc. An experiment was done in Canada back in the day and people were given money. Its an interesting documentary about where those people were 20 or 30 years down the road.

      Canada needs a new tax system. One where every one pays. No hidden trusts or over seas bank accounts to avoid Canadian taxes, write offs, bailing out corporations. We have had enough corporate welfare in this country. Its time to improve the lives of a few million citizens.

      As to going bankrupt, not so much. Have a look at the Sweden, Finland, Norway, etc. They’re doing just fine as are the rest of western european countries with their social programs.

      If all the money used for light rail, bridges, etc. handed out to provinces by the feds, just think of all the housing we could build for seniors, the disabled, kids, etc. Now what is that amount “given” to some battery company in the east and how many billions for some other corporation. Sure would provide a lot of necessities for those who require them.

      What we have been doing in the past hasn’t worked. Just have a look around the country. Lets try something else because whatever we have been doing since 1980s certainly hasn’t been working that well for millions in our country.

      I know, I know, just another “commie” rant. Haven’t been poor, raised in a family with two incomes, summer home, big boat, university, medical care, dental care, parental unit who wrote cheques when things went side ways for me, the usual. some one did ask a friend once why I had the opinions I do. Their response, I don’t like child poverty. I’ve always detested poverty. It never seemed fair that people who worked hard, did the right things, still sometimes woudn up with little to nothing or adults who weren’t able to get their lives together or have addictions were treated as less than human. There are laws which prohibit me from leaving a dog outside to freeze or for that matter, cattle, etc. But a human being, well there is no law about how they have to live outside, with little to eat, no dental care, decent clothing, etc.

      In Edmonton the “good” Police Chief and his cohorets in government dismantled the tents in Edmonton in the current freezing temperatures. We put animals in barns during cold spells, human, na leave them on the street and take away their tents. Let them freeze to death.

      The federal Liberals haven’t done as much as they could or should have, but they have provided more social programs for the country than the Conservatives ever did.

      • Gilbert says:

        The Universal Basic Income is for everyone. Do billionaires need it? If Canada has around 40 million people and we give everyone $1000 a month, that’s 40 billion dollars a month. It’s too expensive.

        • Not Sure says:

          Gilbert, this isn’t how UBI works. Billionaires even people like you and me will not see any money. It will be taxed back. The idea is that everybody will be guaranteed some basic income. If they can live on that, great. If they want to work to make more, even better. But working, say at a minimum wage job won’t take away from the basic income UNTIL you reach a certain level. We may have something like this already in place. I know one person with a disability who gets money from the government and works part time. She has calculated that she can work up to three days before the government starts clawing back some of the money. With her disability three days is about right for her. Those three days and the government pension get her passed the poverty line. One or the other wouldn’t.

          I can’t see anybody opposing that kind of program for people like her who want to work and get meaning from a job. The people we might worry about are the laggards who just want free money. But how many of the people on welfare are just in it for the free money. Single parents who can’t afford day care could use the “basic income” to pay for day care and get a job that pays enough to feed and house a family. We are already paying out money for welfare programs so much of that money will be used to pay for the “basic income”.

          I am not suggesting that this a perfect system, but I wouldn’t dismiss it outright.

  7. Chuck B says:

    Trudeau: time to take that walk in the snow……

    (Response: And he should invite Singh to join him. h.o.)

  8. D. M. Johnston says:

    Trudeau and his Liberal party has not just become toxic with the public, they have become decidedly radio active!

    Thee much ballyhooed Carbon Tax is nothing more than a placebo to pretend the government is doing something, when they are not. The Carbon Tax, first used by former Premier Campbell was created to replace revenues when Campbell & Co. gave huge tax breaks to the wealthy. All revenue from the Carbon Tax goes into general revenue and the NDP have certainly continued the practice.

    Immigration is out of control and putting huge pressure on our social infrastructures, civically and provincially. The Liberals and their Mandarin masters in Ottawa remain obvious in their ivory towers, to the reality of the score of issues that that surround the issue.

    Quietly, the first nation debacle has not been dealt with and to hide the fact the Liberals are trying to make “First nation residential school denialism” a crime. No one will be able to question government involvement or to see if the government is even telling the truth about it.

    Just a note, the preceding paragraph may be illegal if Trudeau has his say.

    The other issue, that is being muted by our mainstream media is that Canada’ military is in a woeful state and with events spinning out of control a la 1914, the Liberals again reside in a myth.

    But his worries me more than anything, the growing antisemitism in this country and it is growing at a fast rate. The Gaza fiasco started when 1700 Israelis were slaughtered in the most brutal way and Israel responded. From my point of view, the Liberal party certainly seems to cater to terrorists such as Hamas and that questionable money from terrorists is funding the ongoing thinly masquerading anti Jewish marches.

    Both Trudeau and our local politicians seem afraid to deal with this, except for mealy mouthed soundbites for the evening news.

    Welcome back, 2024 is going to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride.

    (Response: I sense there are a lot of working Canadians who have traditionally seen themselves as liberals but who have become fed up with Trudeau/Liberal ever-increasing carbon taxes, huge immigration numbers impacting housing (including rents), First Nations giveaways/pandering and even soft responses on anti-Semitism, supporters of Palestinian terrorists and the radical Islamic hate mongers now living here. Poilievre has been quite strong, direct in supporting Israel …something I personally am happy to see. h.o)

  9. Harry Lawson says:


    Where to start.
    The liberals need to change regroup and spend the necessary time in the back benches.
    The fact is the Liberal NDP coalition has failed Canada.
    At some point in time all leaders, all parties, lose touch with the electorate.

    The Liberal caucus as well as the NDP have lost touch with the people.

    The conservatives have out politicalized the Liberal NDP coalition.

    Watching the question periods have been like watching a surgeon perform surgery.
    The Conservatives now control the narrative thus the message.

    every government has its day the Liberals are done for now , someday the Conservatives will be done.

    It is the cycle of politics

    (Response: One proven ability of the federal Liberals is their historic ability to survive all kinds of gaffes, challenges, scandals. So I wouldn’t rule them out 100% … and as a political junkie, would find it both amazing and amusing to see them win the next election! h.o)

  10. Rainclouds says:

    Welcome Back Harvey! Love your insights.

    T2 seems hellbent on taking the Libs to oblivion. Hard to comprehend his absolute refusal to red the tea leaves and get out of the way. Arrogance? Power? Cowardice within his caucus to give him the boot?

    Not that there is a credible alternative waiting in the wings, there isn’t. Jolie? Meh. Freeland is condescending and clearly a disaster as Finance Minister who polls similar to JT. Deficit and debt are apparently no problem? The argument we still have the lowest G7 debt per capita is illusory. They include the CPP billions to attenuate their bloated debt, to fudge the numbers. Not to mention provincial debt. Accounting magic aside, We are increasingly creating a financial hole which will impact everything. No apparent plan to address this inconvenient truth.

    Libs lost their way as centrist and the pivot to the far left (before the deal with the NDP devil) is going to cost them. Hoping a decimation a la the Kim Campbell/Mulroney debacle gives them the kick in the pants they rightly deserve.

    Not sure about PP and the rage machine within his caucus, but the far left alternative is increasingly not an option.

    Apparently maintaining power is more important than the well being of the country for the LIBDP?

    (Response: I like Poilievre’s directness on the painful, crippling carbon tax, support for Israel in its fight to the death with the criminal terrorists in Hamas, and his understanding that it’s time for the federal government to SERIOUSLY take on the recidivist violent criminals right here at home. I have no doubt that there will be LOTS we would NOT like about him as PM or a Conservative government …but if he seriously tackles and stays true to those first three stances, I’m willing (so far) …and I think millions of other voters … would be to give him a chance. h.o)

  11. RIsaak says:

    I saw this current debacle in Ottawa coming, long ago.

    Singh is proving to be the political neophyte I always saw him as. He is about as electable as a decent marketed case of Ebola! Parties which prop up minorities always suffer losses at the polls afterwards, but hey, carry on ignoring history.

    Next Liberal leader, Freeland is so far over her head and offers nothing of substance economically for all except the habitual cap in hand groups. Jolie is mostly unknown and the current fumbling of issues in her ministry (ministry of waffles) should incur many questions and offers no real policy to be proud of.
    Carney is ok ( only one with any fiscal credibility), but many in Jolly Ole will beg to differ.

    The fringe parties (including the bloc) all have issues, the anti-semetic Lizzy Mae party may have lost Jessica Atwin, I’m sure a few Liberal MPs are not thrilled with her acceptance into their group just before Hamas chose to commit hari kari. Mad Max Bernier ( the unelected butthurt party of zero chance) did cost O’Toole at the polls, but PP is succeeding in eliminating this split on the right. The bloc has ran it’s course, the longer the Quebecois voters take to elect folks with national goals, the more the rest of Canada will carry on ignoring that Province which has been gifted far more than any other Province.

    Trudeau 2.0 has gone far past his best before date, scandals, massive deficits, foreign policy gaffs aplenty. Failed UN security council attempt, 2 Michaels, Aga Khan, carbon taxation without any reference to the massive admin costs and downstream expenses of more govt. employees ( the employees paid by tax money and not employed by a taxpaying entity) never gets a single mention, anywhere. Media bailouts, toss more $ at Blockbuster video news, keeping dinosaur media in business, how many jobs gone in spite of the bailout?

    The fact that our albatross govt. is expanding in times of monetary contraction is troubling, the future obligations require a serious glance, and above all, what govt. service is actually better at serving the public due to these new hires? I suggest none &
    actually most govt. interactions have become more onerous rather than seeing any
    increase in efficiency or service. Fire displaced families look at 2&1/2+ years just to obtain permits, (Much caused by the Horgan/Eby party).

    Energy curtailment has enabled Putin, Saudi’s, Maduro, Xi, Modi and many other leaders to weaponize energy, yes, another unintended consequence of allowing neophytes with special interest agendas to eclipse common sense, a tact which only
    enables the leaders above to operate in boorish manners.

    Good to see you’re back Harvey.

    (Response: I nodded my head a lot as I read your comment ..except where you called Singh a “political neophyte.” Au contraire! I see him as a very skilled political operative whom, despite having no hope of EVER becoming Prime Minister or the NDP EVER forming government under him, is denying his own party the ability to choose someone who perhaps could … and instead is milking his position (and the Canadian taxpayers) for a comparatively very generous salary, lots of perks, great health benefits and building up his personal pension fund more and more every day, every week, every month he hangs on to his job. Singh is no neophyte: he’s a political pro! h.o)

    • RIsaak says:

      You may be correct, however the message Singh needs to put forward is something which actually aids him ascending to the PM’s position. Being a leader with no real chance at victory is duping the supporters. No one likes backing losers with no real chance to win. The financial mess of today’s federal NDP says volumes about their future prospects, Singh will be ok personally, the party he leads, not so much fiscally or at the polls.

  12. Old Islander says:

    Good day, Harvey – nice to have you back. A few random alleged thoughts…

    I agree that the Liberals desperately need a new leader, but I hope T Jr. doesn’t resign, thus ensuring a majority Conservative government in the next election. There is one reason, and one reason only that T Jr. became leader of the Liberals and then PM, and that is his last name. If he’d entered the Liberal leadership race back in 2013 as an unknown – Justin Smith, perhaps – he’d of been laughed out of the contest for being the underachieving, silly little man that he is, and long forgotten. (I voted for him in 2015. ?)

    Further on the topic of leadership, T Jr. would likely have been defeated in the past two elections, if it were not for the two silly little men elected leader by the Conservatives — Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole. It is difficult to understand what was going through the minds of the Conservatives, giving two such unelectable men, the reins of their party. It cost them several extra years on the opposition benches.

    Now we have Pierre Poilievre. He is positioned to be a great Prime Minister – it’ll be up to him whether he is or not. Sometimes we don’t recognize great PMs until they’re gone. I’d argue that Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin were great liberal PMs. Chrétien kept us out of Bush’s Iraq war and Martin was one of the few who actually paid down some of Canada’s debt while in power. You could argue either way, about the ‘greatness’ of Pierre Trudeau. Stephen Harper might have been a great PM, until he began to believe he was the reincarnation of JC himself… And the big ‘Income Trust’ lie…

    I certainly hope Mr Poilievre becomes a great PM – God knows we need one. The far-left pendulum has created a multi-level fiasco in Canada that may take a generation to alleviate – if ever. Mr. Poilievre is saying all the things we want to hear – will he actually follow through on them? And I suspect Canada is a bit of a joke internationally, with light-weight PM Socks representing us now for nine years. I can see Mr. Poilievre facing other world leaders – eyeball to eyeball – not backing down, or making an idiot or punching bag of himself, as T Jr. has consistently done.

    Again, I hope Mr. Poilievre develops into a great PM — time will tell.

    (Response: As if the ever-rising carbon tax is not hurting working and middle class enough, the federal government is raising the tax on alcohol ANOTHER 6.3% on April 1. The federal Liberals are either totally out of touch with the squeeze being felt by so many Canadians …especially families and seniors … or they are being infiltrated/sabotaged from within! Trudeau now comes across as living in an ivory tower, literally a free luxury home to live in, complete with chef/staff etc, high personal pay and benefits/pension, private car/driver … and FREE VACATIONS on luxurious private islands … while his decisions/policies squeeze working Canadians harder and harder …even on the basics. Can’t see how he even expects to be re-elected! h.o)

  13. e.a.f. says:

    It is doubtful PP will be a great P.M. As to his presence on the international scene, doubtful if any one will pay much attention. Erin O’Toole might have been O.K. as P.M. They ought not have been so quick to toss him out and replace him with some one who comes across as just plan nasty.
    PP critisizes a lot but doesn’t present a lot of alternatives.
    He reminds me of those politicians who are all mouth and not much brain. He was Harper’s protege and he like Harper will begin thinking he is JC.
    Paul Martin did pay down the national debt and then the Conservatives increased it to a much higher level. Yes, I know Conservatives like to talk about a balanced budget but they usually run a much larger deficeit than Liberals.
    Stevie Cameron wrote, On the Take, The Mulroney Years. That about sums up the Conservative Party.

    If it were not for taxes how do people think government will pay for services. If you want to cut taxes perhaps you should list what services you are willing to give up.

    (Response: I have no doubt that, if PP gets elected, I (and many others who vote Conservative in the next election) will find a lot of complain about once they are in power …because NONE of them ever tell us EVERYTHING they plan to do once in power. But, in true Canadian political tradition, sometimes a change IS as good as a rest, with issues seen/addressed from a different perspective … like carbon taxes/environment, crime, taxes, foreign investment, immigration, even foreign affairs. And over the decades, it does seem t work out … because Canadian voters avoid the extremes. h.o)

  14. Not Sure says:

    338 has had the Conservatives in majority territory since last summer. And right now it projects that the CPC have a 99+% chance of winning the most seats with an 89% chance of that being a majority. That could change of course but I am not sure if the Liberals have time to recover even with a new leader. Unless the Liberals do something remarkably positive or the Conservatives do something seriously stupid, a Trudeau led party seems like a sure bet loser in the next election.

    Parties just get stale. And it isn’t necessarily because they are hopelessly bad parties with horrible unworkable policies. Our greatest Prime Ministers – McDonald Laurier King – all lost elections. New governments come in with policies that have been thought out because of what they see as problems that need solutions. But then new problems arise – like a pandemic or a worldwide inflationary cycle – and they have to be reactive rather than proactive. And that is harder to do. Too often they fall back on the “Look what we have done for you” while the electorate is wondering “what have you done for us lately”.

    So I am not at all surprised.

    What will be interesting is what the ultimate issues will be driving the campaign. If the Liberals do have a chance, what issue will save them. Will it revolve around the carbon tax and climate change. Thousands – millions? of Canadians – received carbon tax rebates a week or two ago. The Liberals haven’t put much of an effort into their messaging on this topic. Will it be on foreign policy. You said that Poilievre has been more supportive of Israel. I am not even sure how his policy differs from the Liberals but does he support Canada’s position on a two state solution or does he support Netanyahu’s recent rejection of that idea.

    Or will it just be Canadians rejecting the Liberals and hoping that a new face will move us forward until we get tired of him. Stay tuned.

    (Response: Some time ago, I wrote that I have often found election outcomes (final decisions by voters) are often determined in the two weeks or so preceding the actual vote. This time, federally, I don’t think that’s likely to be the case: Canadians want change; Canadians are tired of Justin Trudeau, and, as you write, parties just become stale … and the current Liberal government is well beyond its “best before” date. However, it’s just possible the Liberals have some info on Poilievre or his party’s intentions or some of their own dynamic policy changes coming that voters are not yet aware of … so that two-week critical period may yet come into play. That’s why I always enjoy watching elections/campaigns unfold! h.o)

    • Gilbert says:

      Maybe the Conservatives have information about JT that they have yet to release. How many voters know about his friendship with Chris Ingvalson, his resignation from a school in the middle of the semester and all his ethics violations?

  15. Stu de Baker says:

    Plenty of my old friends, many, many of whom would have in the past, stayed home before voting Conservative, are going to hide their faces and vote PC, if the landscape stays the same. They know the likely consequences, but are still willing to take that chance.

    You asked: “His promise to get rid of the carbon tax is a winner with millions of taxpayers (how he can do that in BC, where the tax is provincial, remains to be seen).”

    And answered: “ He has said a Conservative government would instead speed up approval of more hydroelectric dams, clean nuclear energy, offshore energy projects.”

    He offers up big money, to BC for water, wind and offshore power developement, if BC drops the tax.

    BC votes like that, give CPC more seats and the Provincial Government gets to back away from the tax, while keeping their local popularity.

    PP might even announce that move before the BC election this fall.

    (Response: With a provincial election looming before a likely federal vote, normally one might expect the NDP would cut (not totally drop) the carbon tax as a vote getter. But with the BC United and Conservatives splitting the right of center vote, I think the NDP will all but be guaranteed a win there will be no need to promise/give up ANY of that carbon tax revenue. Until, of course, further down the road, PP comes up with bucks/programs to compensate them for doing so. h.o)

  16. e.a.f. says:

    Gilbert, its always “nice” to toss around allegations but really if some one had proof it would have been out there. Wonder what we would find in other political closets? You think they all lived blameless lives just because they were Conservatives.

    Dig deep enough and you’ll find skeltons in most people’s closets.

  17. Gilbert says:

    From earlier comments, it’s clear I wasn’t aware that Universal Basic Income is not for everyone, only for those who qualify. However, we already have social assistance. Finland conducted an experiment with UBI, and it was considered a failure. It failed to boost employment.

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