How the “Haters” are Smearing Canada!

The fire bombing of the Schara Tzedeck Synagogue on Oak Street last Thursday was a terrorist act. Plain an simple.

According to B’nai Brith,  the attack targeted “the oldest Jewish congregation in the city and one of the largest in Vancouver”. (You can read the details of what happened here:

There were also violent attacks on Jewish institutions recently in other Canadian cities as well: “shots were fired at a Jewish girls school in Toronto and bullet holes were found in a Montreal building housing a Jewish school and synagogue,” the National Post reported.

And acts of vandalism, anti-Semitic attacks in Canada have been steadily rising …even before the Oct.7 Hamas terrorist attack against Israel.

According to the National Post, a B’nai Brith report on anti-Semitic violence in Canada found “a massive spike in 2023…. the report found there were 5,791 documented acts of violence, harassment and vandalism aimed at Jews that year, more than twice the 2,769 incidents logged in 2022.”

Nor has the increased violence by “haters” been restricted to Canada’s Jewish comunity.

A study by the Angus Reid Institute last July revealed more and more Asian Canadians reported “ongoing abuse, harassment and poor treatment in 2023”.

“One-in-five Chinese and East Asian Canadians say they have regularly faced negative reactions from other Canadians as a result of the political tensions between the Canadian and Chinese governments. The data shows about 20 per cent say harassment has happened “repeatedly,” the Reid survey showed.

Muslim groups have also reported a “skyrocketing” number of Islamophobia attacks in Canada.

“The National Council of Canadian Muslims reports a 1,300 per cent increase in the number of hate incidents since Oct. 7,” the Montreal Gazette wrote in mid-November, and that number has now grown even higher.

What the hell is happening in, and to, our Canada!!!

This is no longer just a few nuts running amok. This is outright hate being carried out, often by “educated” people who do know better, or at least should!

You don’t have to have a PhD in sociology, geography or history to know/realize very, very few of any race, ethnicity or religion living in Canada have much influence, let alone participatory links, to conflicts in their ancestral lands.

In fact, most Canadians’ ancestors left those places because they wanted better lives and freedoms AWAY from those conflicts!

To blame anyone from any racial, ethnic or religious group here for something going on thousands of miles of away is simply idiotic.

Yet the “haters” among us are getting bolder, nastier and more dangerous … sowing anxiety, fear and hurt throughout several communities, well beyond those unfortunate enough to directly experience firsthand their vile attacks.


Because there are rarely any really serious consequences, even if they ever do get caught.

An Ontario man pleaded guilty in April, 2022 pleaded to four counts (two counts of criminal harassment and two counts of impersonation with intent) of sending hate mail, which included swastikas, images of Adolf Hitler and calls for a second Holocaust to a Jewish organization and also offensive hate mail to a Canadian Senator.

Think of the hurt, anxiety and fear the recipients of this individual’s mailings went through, each time they left their offices or their homes, went shopping or into a parkade … never knowing if that nutbar would physically attack them.

It took almost two years to get him finally sentenced this past January: seven months in jail (less, with time off for good behaviour?) and then three years of supervised probation.

In light of the increasing and violent race-based attacks Canada has experienced lately, that clearly wasn’t much of a deterrent.

In Vancouver, an Asian woman was violently grabbed and pushed while walking on West Georgia Street; another was struck at the back of her head with a pole near Dunsmuir and Cambie and in February, charges were “stayed” in the case of a man arrested in a bear spray attack on an 87-year-old Asian man.  

A Quebec Court did better: “A Montreal neo-Nazi who was found guilty of wilfully promoting hatred against Jewish people has been sentenced 15 months in jail and three years of probation — one of the harshest sentences given for the crime in Canada,” the CBC reported. 

That loser had spent years writing hundreds of articles in neo-Nazi publications and had also recorded/broadcast several hate-promoting podcasts.

But as the number and intensity of violent attacks against minorities are on the rise by these individuals, it’s Canada that is getting the real black eye.

We who live here, from coast to coast to coast, know the real Canada and real Canadians are repulsed by the miscreants carrying out these crimes.

Canadians today are overwhelmingly a tolerant, even welcoming, people … regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

How ironic that this week, we will commemorate the 80th anniversary of “D” Day … the Normandy World War II landings that began the liberation of Europe from the violence and hate that had become official policy among the Axis powers.

We must NEVER forget … or let today’s “haters” win.

Parliament must toughen the laws and penalties to send a message to the “haters” they will pay with serious prison time for their acts of domestic terror; and, the Courts must start imposing lengthy sentences to those found guilty of hate crimes, especially those involving violence.

And if any of those convicted are found to be landed immigrants, international students or on Visitor Visas of any kind, they should be deported from Canada as soon as they have completed their sentences.

With NO exceptions for those who have tried to cover their asses by marrying a Canadian citizen or by having children born here, while they stained our land with their “old-country” hates and violence.

Harv Oberfeld

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Hamas Rocket Barrage Deliberately Aimed at Tel Aviv Shows Who Has the REAL Genocidal Intent!

The shower of rockets fired by Hamas from Rafah in Gaza Sunday morning was deliberately aimed at Israel’s second largest city, Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean coast, is ” the economic and technological center of the country”, according to Wikipedia. It also has a huge educational/university presence, a major beach-front tourism infrastructure and is the tiny country’s intellectual center of arts and culture.

Tel Aviv has no special military significance, no strategic armed forces presence and no critical Israeli governmental infrastructure.

Yet, with its CIVILIAN population of 475,000, it was Tel Aviv that was deliberately targeted by Hamas … clearly with GENOCIDAL intent!

Unlike the Israel Defence Forces, the terrorists of Hamas did not announce days in advance which areas of Tel Aviv they would be attacking, giving civilians a chance to move away.

Unlike the IDF, Hamas did not drop leaflets pointing out areas the population should evacuate to for safety.

Unlike the IDF, Hamas did not telephone civilian residents of Tel Aviv giving them time to get out/away before their rockets were fired.

No. In firing what Hamas itself called a “big” volley of rockets, Hamas wanted to and tried to kill and injure as many Jewish civilians as they could.

Just as they did on Oct 7 … when they murdered 1,200 Israeli civilians attending a music festival or in their homes nearby, slaughtering babies, raping women, burning whole families alive and taking 250 hostages.

The world has reacted with great empathy to the terrible impact the Israel-Hamas war has had on Gaza’s civilian population.

War IS horrible (ask the 30,000 dead and injured totally innocent Ukrainian victims of Russia’s aggression.)

But we must not forget the Hamas terrorists had an estimated 40,000 fighters … hiding among and in 500 km (300 miles!) of steel and concrete reinforced tunnels purposely built right under Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, including homes, schools, hospitals even mosques … loaded with thousands of rockets.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Brigade and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine have been firing deadly rockets into Israel for years … specifically directed at Israeli civilians, and have organized and carried out armed terror attacks on Israeli civilians at bus stops, gas stations, markets and anywhere else they can … trying to kill as many Jews as they can.

THAT is genocide!

What would ANY country do faced with such sustained violence and murderous attacks directed at its towns, cities, civilian population?

The disgraced and disgraceful United Nations and its various corrupted agencies/organizations … now pretty well controlled and dominated by a bloc of 56 UN member Islamic states … most of them dictatorships … and their equally disreputable corrupted allies in Russia, Iran, Asia, Africa, Cuba and parts of South America (NONE of which are democratic countries, or ever dare to hold free, open elections) repeatedly and consistently blame Israel for trying to eliminate the threat to their people.

Notice how little action they have taken against Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups that have fired their rockets or carried out attacks on Israeli civilians! In fact, some UN agencies/officials have been exposed for supporting and assisting Hamas’ Gaza terror-based rule and actions.

And turn on any “mainstream” newscast these days and you will see a plethora of one-sided, biased “stooges” from the UN, its agencies/organizations or so-called “human rights” or university “experts” (people we’ve often never heard of before), invited on air to denounce Israel … their sometimes outrageous statements/lies/claims never challenged … all designed to malign Israel and pressure it to stop going after the terrorists.

Watch closely and you’ll notice they universally call for: Israel to stop its fight against the terrorists; Israel to withdraw from Gaza; and, Israel to be sanctioned, divested from, isolated.

But they NEVER call on Hamas to: stop firing rockets; stop hiding/fighting from in and among Gazan civilians; or, their terrorist fighters to surrender, if not to Israel, to neighbouring Egypt or withdraw its forces to its Islamic allies in other Arab countries or its friends in Iran, Russia, North Korea, South Africa.

Why? Because their ultimate goal is NOT to save Palestinians, but to save Hamas, so it can keep attacking Israel and deliberately go after its civilians, killing Jews in the hope of eliminating the Israeli state and establish a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea”.

That is the REAL genocide!

As Hamas proved Sunday by deliberately firing rockets … not aimed at Israeli military installations … but at Tel Aviv and its 475,000 civilian population.

To ensure its own survival, Israel MUST keep up its offensive in Gaza and get rid of Hamas and other terrorist groups’ military threat … even if the anti-Israel media and politicians pandering for Muslim votes don’t like it.

Harv Oberfeld

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