Protestors Prove Terrorists and Hate-Filled Bigots Will NEVER Be Partners for Peace!

On campuses across Canada, throughout the US, across the UK and Europe thousands of protesting “students” have carried out a campaign against the war in Gaza … or at least, against one side in it, Israel.

They have called for universities, governments and corporations to divest ANY economic, scientific, professional, cultural/educational contacts with the Jewish state.

Many have also called on Western nations to condemn Israel’s military actions in Gaza, stop providing it military equipment (even of a defensive nature), cut ties with every company doing business in Israel, stop selling any Israeli products in our countries, and have even expressed support for another violent Intifada.

Some have gone further: calling for the complete elimination of Israel as a state. (Don’t let anyone fool you: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” means the destruction of the Jewish state.)

And make no mistake: when they call for a “full ceasefire” and withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Gaza, that’s just another way of calling for a Hamas victory, that would allow the terrorist organization to survive, rebuild, re-arm, fire more rockets, carry out more deadly attacks on Israelis … and continue to oppress the Palestinian people as well.

The worst of the protestors have also spewed anti-Semitic vitriol, praising Hamas terrorists for their murderous rampage Oct 7, or have verbally and physically assaulted students wearing Jewish religious symbols or intimidated those just trying to attend classes.

And several of the protests have been marred by violence: smashing of windows, doors and furnishings; occupying and spray-painting of buildings, inside and out, with graffiti and anti-Semitic hate messages; desecrating of statues; tearing down and burning of flags; and, violent confrontations with counter-protestors.

And that’s where they fail.

Clearly, these “students” have not taken any courses on the civil rights ideas, campaigns, and tactics of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. Or they failed the course!

Because none of the campus protests I have seen anywhere have called for Palestinians and Israelis to live peacefully side by side: two neighbouring states and peoples, respecting each other, co-operating economically, culturally and even on matters of mutual security, to defeat extremism and terrorism.

And that’s where/how the protestors prove an important point: terrorists and those supporting them are not partners for peace.

The latest protests condemn Israel and everything Israeli and, in too many cases, express just plain, bigoted hate against Jewish people.

But they say NOTHING to call out the Palestinian terrorists (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, Al Aqsa Brigade) who, even during periods of “ceasefire”, fired thousands of rockets deliberately aimed at Israeli civilians and then carried out the massacre and hostage-takings of Oct 7.

The student protestors, and the agitators who have joined them, by being so one-sided, are actually HURTING any chances of an end to the 80-year-long conflict … and Hamas knows/welcomes that!

Sunday, no doubt buoyed by the worldwide support from the protests, Hamas left the negotiations in Cairo, deliberately once more scuttling a temporary ceasefire,, … and then fired 10 rockets from Rafah at the Kerem Shalom border post (where hundreds of trucks carrying food from Israel into Gaza have been crossing daily) injuring 10 Israeli soldiers … three of them critically.

So the border is closed again.

Peace will only come between the Palestinians and Israelis when moderate leaders on both sides sit down and negotiate a mutual agreement, complete with agreed upon borders and security arrangements.

But to do that, Hamas and the other terrorist groups crippling Gaza MUST first be eliminated … for the good of the Palestinian people, as well as the Israelis.

Western governments …and any “students” who REALLY care about the Palestinians should support that objective.

War IS terrible, but sometimes necessary, to achieve real, lasting peace.

It’s time for Israel to finish the job!

Harv Oberfeld

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11 Responses to Protestors Prove Terrorists and Hate-Filled Bigots Will NEVER Be Partners for Peace!

  1. Chuck B says:

    I cannot understand how the protestors how they be on the side of Hamas after they killed so many in Israel…..
    If someone did that in Canada we would want to retaliate…but with our inept forces we would have to ask the U.S. to help us. But the protestors think only one way.
    And according to media reports a lot of the protestors are not students
    I am watching the Tatooist of AUSHWITZ…Think maybe then protestors should that
    And Schindlers List
    ‘Nuf said

    (Response: Let’s keep it real: too many Muslims from the Middle East that Canada (and other Western democracies) rescued from terrible corrupt and murderous Arab regimes/dictatorships brought their old world hates with them … and are still acting them out, backed and encouraged by our own domestic misfits, agitators, extreme left and extreme right anti-Semitic bigots, and sympathetic fellow travellers in the media. Surely, at least some or the “reporters” and pundits covering the current disruptions of university classes, exams and even graduation ceremonies by those who have worked so hard to achieve success, must have noticed NONE of the demonstrators/demonstrations are calling for a peaceful two-state solution!! Shouldn’t they ask about that … instead of just giving the haters/disrupters free air time and fawning coverage??? h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    What I believe is happening is asymmetrical warfare being practiced by Russia, China, Iran and assorted Muslim groups.


    Russia’s very poor showing in Ukraine with Russia assembling its allies to disrupt American and Canadian politics.

    Iran (which is a major supplier of arms to Russia and laundering Russian oil for sale to like minded countries) is funding HAMAS and funded the horrible terror raid on Israel.

    The law of unintended consequences happened and the Israeli Army, in turn entered Gaza and smashed HAMAS.

    As Canada and the USA is full of latent antisemitism, it is easy to recruit useful idiots to do Russia and Iran’s bidding.

    Thus we have tent cities springing up at university campuses everywhere.

    If one has taken time to study the Israel/Palestinian debacle and not rush into knee-jerk conclusions, it seems the Arabs in that part of the world have rejected all offers on a negotiated peace and land division, but instead have doubles down on an all or nothing solution that sees the liquidation of all Jews and the confiscation of all Jewish lands. Thus we have River to the Sea.

    Not going to happen.

    The useful idiots, who are not university students but professional agitators funded by shady eastern money, hide behind the “free speech” banner but in reality it is hate speech, yet the Canadian government (read Trudeau’s Liberals) is to weak to deal with it.

    The result a litany of lies and hate masquerading as concern for those who live in Gaza and it it time government show some bloody spine and deal with it.

    All I see is spineless antisemitic politcans further shedding this country to suit their politcal needs.

    Enough already.

    (Response: Isn’t it amazing and appalling how the mainstream media …after campaigning, complaining, showing terrible images of “starving” Gazans for months … pushing Israel to open its borders to ship food into the enclave … then played down the Hamas rocket attack that killed four Israeli soldiers and wounded seven others right beside that border crossing … leading to its closure again!! Under world pressure, the Israelis have now re-opened it again …but it shows me once more, it’s Hamas and its terrorist allies who are really responsible for the Gazans’ suffering and the only real solution is to ignore the weak Western politicians’ bleating and get rid of the terrorists and put moderate Palestinian officials in charge of the strip. Only then could a two state solution could become a reality. h.o)

  3. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    This hate and harrassment of innocent students of Jewish decent and the occupying, vandalism and violence is completely reminiscent of the build up of hate and violence against against Jewish people during Hitlers rise and rule. The beginnings were people being being harassed, assaulted, beaten and finally removed from their homes, businesses and… even schools and colleges and universities to their final ends. Where is spineless Biden and spineless Trudeau and spineless Eby and all our spineless Canadian leaders when things go this far. Playing whatever music that sounds best for them politically. Ahh, they make me sick.

    (Response: The most fundamental priority of most politicians is to get elected or re-elected: principles too often take second place or worse. There are four times as many Muslims in Canada than Jews … and I believe Trudeau feels he needs every vote he can muster from them to hold on to power, so he and his Liberals have abandoned principles, shifted their policies, turned their backs on Israel and Canada’s Jewish population. That’s one thing I like about Poilievre: he has been bold, principled and resolute about his/Tory support for Israel in defending itself against further terrorist attacks by going after Hamas and its other terrorist allies … despite Canada’s larger Muslim voting power. Eby and the NDP are disgraceful, for the way they treated/pushed out Jewish MLA Selina Robinson after she spoke her own views about the Middle East. They may not have liked what she said …but where was the NDPs’ belief/respect for dissent, free speech? I believe that if a Muslim, black, Asian or First Nations NDP member or MLA expressed themselves on ANY controversial issue, as Robinson did, Eby and the party would defend that right, look the other way … but NOT treat any of them the way they treated their Jewish MLA. Disgusting!! By the actions ye shall know them. It shows me bias and anti-Semitism is alive and well in the NDP. h.o)

  4. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    I not only feel frustrated with our own Canadian problems regarding these issues, but also about the similar United States problems. I do sincerely believe that a majority of military service men and women won’t vote for Biden because they see him and his administration as two faced weak leaders in the face of these adversities and dangerous challenges at home and through out the world. When they see a confused spineless sounding leadership who now seems to think diplomacy and glad handling with terrorist groups is okay and part of normal politics ow, while saying they support Isreal but not really, then the Biden bleeders are going to possibly get a kicking at the polls. Many service people of all branches and intel have a long standing respect and relationship with Isrealis and I think Bidens awful slimy two faced politics is not going to work for him. Just listening to his house speaker to the press when she comes out to speak is all I need to hear. I think the same will be said of our dedicated military people who are disgusted with Trudeau. I do believe Trudeau and his sinking ship of fools are a security risk in every aspect. God they need to have their sand box, toys and house keys taken away. Their making a mess of everything good Canada is supposed to be. Enough of being betrayed. From these people anyways.

    (Response: I heard one analyst today point out that, during World War II, the Allies didn’t stop at the Belgian border and let Hitler survive/rebuild … we went right to Berlin and eliminated him and the Nazis. The same with ISIS and Al Qaida. That’s what the Israelis have to do to Hamas and Islamic Jihad … and if the terrorists won’t surrender, but hide among their own families and civilians …they too will sadly pay the price. But those who are out to eliminate the avowed and proven terrorists or make them surrender should not be the ones who are blamed when they won’t, and instead continue to fight or still fire missiles into Israel. h.o)

  5. D. M. johnston says:

    Be careful blaming Biden as he has a balancing act to follow. You forget the Trump factor.

    Trump will sell NATO down the river in favour of Putin and Putin is no friend of Israel.

    From my vantage point, Putin called upon Iran to do fund HAMAS to ensure that Israel would go ballistic and invade GAZA. This would take the gaze of media off of Russian murder, rape and kidnapping of children. (By the way, where are the protesters on this one??)

    This is called asymmetrical warfare.

    If Trump gets elected, NATO is dead, Russia will go hammers and tongs against Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. The civilian death toll will be 3 to 4 fold that of GAZA. By the way, adios to the Canadian North as Putin will invade. Trump will do nothing and Canada will have a choice, either align with the Trump/Putin axis of evil or align with Europe.

    Will the average Canadian have the moral fibre to stop having their annual fun in the sun and other perks living next door to the USA? I doubt it because of Trudeau’s liberal immigration policies, with new Canadian, especially those parking their “coin” in Canada would accept this.

    Trudeau (as well as Eby) has now entrenched antisemitism in their politcal parties and kow-towing to the Muslim vote, the old Canada is fading away fast.

    It is 1933 all over again and Canada has lost that moral fibre we once had, mainly due to the fact of the Trudeauization of Canada, rewriting history, eliminating Canadian culture in favour of invented culture, to suit politcal needs.

    Dark days of hate, antisemitic taunting, and ignorance are coming fast, according to my crystal ball.

  6. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    I think the families, civilians, business people and the peaceful population overall that wanted to only live in peace and prosper must strive harder to be their own gaurdians and police to keep these terrorist troublemakers out of power no matter what it takes. That’s the part that gets me ticked off. They build a life and then it gets wiped out because they won’t sacrifice enough and police thier own backyards to save it. I mean what the hay.

    (Response: Easier said than done: Israel is a democracy and has elections …some believe far too often … but Hamas and the Palestinian Authority haven’t held elections for 17 years, and Hamas has a bad habit of arresting, torturing and murdering its critics and opponents. So not too many openly oppose their rule. And then, there’s the uncomfortable truth that, although polls suggest most Israelis today would defeat Netanyahu’s right wing government and opt for a more moderate replacement and have had several very moderate left leaning governments in the past, polls also show Palestinians would still today NOT vote for moderates, but like/admire Hamas and its terrorist actions and would vote for them!!! So maybe it’s about time the apologists for the Palestinians dealt with that reality: it’s the Palestinians who have always missed/rejected every opportunity to establish peace and a two-state solution … not the Israelis. h.o.)

  7. Gilbert says:

    Prime Netanyahu and the CIA helped to fund Hamas. That was clearly a disaster. The current government of Israel has no interest in a two-state solution, so it’s hard to see how there can be progress. Both Justin Trudeau and Benjamin Netanyahu would probably lose power if there were an election tomorrow, but they both manage to stay in power.

    It’s true that many Palestinians support Hamas. If the goal of elections in Palestine was to improve relations between Israel and Palestine, that clearly didn’t work. Maybe it’s not necessary for Palestine to have democracy. Many countries in the Middle East such as Jordan, the UAE, Qatar and Egypt function without it.

    Both Palestine and Israel need a change of leadership. If that doesn’t happen, I doubt the situation will change. Even if Israel kills all the Hamas leaders in Gaza, there are many who live elsewhere.

    (Response: I agree a change in leadership and governance in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza would be best, if they are all replaced by moderates. However it has been 76 years since the founding of Israel and MANY moderate Israeli governments have reportedly offered the Palestinians up to 95% of what they wanted …but were rejected. Now the Israelis have a really right wing government, propped up by extremists and the Palestinians are governed by terrorists and corrupt thieves who are no partners for peace. Let Hamas’ leaders spoil themselves with stolen Gaza aid money or funding/luxury in Qatar: just wipe them out in Gaza …and then, only then, could real peace be achieved with new moderate governance in Gaza and the West Bank and fresh elections and a new government in Israel. h.o)

  8. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    Then I guess the cycle of destruction will just continue for the Palestinians and thier havens like Gaza and such if they cant keep the brutal thugs out. Easier said than done, definitely, but resistance is never easy, but there have been successes throughout history against tyrants in the world It’s just to bad it hasn’t come to fruition in these places like Gaza and other places they built a life of some sort to only see it destroyed because the thugs in charge dont want peace, but only turmoil that destroys them time and again because of whos running the show. The cycle continues then. Rebuilding and picking up the pieces of their destroyed lives will happen, peace talks will continue. Then in a few short years or a decade or two, it all gets destroyed again because the brutal thugs have been allowed once again to run and ruin their lives and homes. What a way to live. It’s all so tragic and sad.

    (Response: What I find really unfair is the double standard Western politicians apply to Israel in its battle against Islamic terrorist groups. When we took on the Nazis, we didn’t stop at the Belgian border and let Hitler and his Nazi regime survive in Germany; when the US went after the massively armed Al Qaida terrorist infrastructure, it didn’t just wound it, reduce it and let it survive as a viable military threat; when the West took on ISIS and its murderous caliphate …but as Israel faces an intransigent, violent terrorist network (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade) that has rejected all two-state solution proposals, won’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist, brutalizes its own subjects and has fired thousands of rockets deliberately trying to kill Israelis (Jewish, Christian, Muslim), the Western politicians say Israel should stop, let Hamas survive and rebuild to kill again. Disgraceful! Anyone who REALLY wants a Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and prosperity with an Israeli neighbour, should support and pray for a total Israeli victory over the terrorists! h.o.)

  9. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    Absolutely. Israel today like Canadians and our alliance of WW2 had the choice already made for them to do what needed to be done when facing such evil. The Western leaders of these times sure aren’t what they used to be or should be. Biden and Trudeau amongst others are what I would be inclined to think of as weak links in our chain of defense.

    (Response: Maybe we were lucky during World War II there weren’t enough German-descendent voters in Canada (US/UK too!) to scare weak unprincipled politicians into calling for a ceasefire and for Hitler/Nazis to survive and continue to rule parts of Europe! As it was, there were enough German-descendent voters here to be treated much more fairly and kindly than Canada and the US treated our much fewer numbered (and different skin coloured) Japanese-descendent citizens, who were treated despicably, and interned in detention camps, even if they were born here. Remember, the Gazans ELECTED Hamas, are now reaping what they sowed and, polls show, they and West Bank Palestinians would even elect today! h.o)

  10. e.a.f. says:

    Its been a few decades since Israel has been attacked, so one could say, some thought it was about time again. Its been 80 years since the “final solution” didn’t work, so here they go again.
    People need to get over the presence of Israel and that it is a “Jewish State” along with some Arabs who are Muslim. The U.N. granted the people who lived in that area statehood. The Israeli’s are not going anywhere, get over it. Its been useful for some royalty and politicians to vilify Jews and blame them for whatever was/is ailing the country. What amazes me at some level is that in this age of having information so handy people still believe all that b.s. no matter how educated they are.
    Its a “good time” to carry out the current demonstrations, many people younger than the Baby Boomers don’t know about the Holocaust. Some have asked me what was the holocaust. They know what WW II was but not the Holocaust. Perhaps its tine history classes in Jr. High School taught it along with what went on in Camboia and Rawanda, etc. Perhaps a few lesson plans on genocide would be in order.

    My take on this war, Hamas ought to have known the reaction of Israel when the invaded Israel and killed Israelis. Perhaps that was their way of starting a war for whatever reason, perhaps impending peace agreements via other Arab countries who knows. I do know if there was a peace accord there are more than a few Hamas leaders who would have to find jobs or use their billions stashed in Quatar. The top 3 Hamas leaders collectively have $8BILLION Two have $3Billion each and one has only $2 billion. All that aid money wasn’t spent on the people of Gaza or the West Bank. This war also works for Netanyahyu. As long as its going on, he is P.M. and he won’t be on trial for the charges which were filed some time ago. I do believe his spousal unit also has charges against here. So two leadership groups have reason to continue a war and let the people be dammed. Oh, lets not forget the Jewish hardliners. Its O.K. for all the other kids to go into the army to defend the country, but not theirs. Their contribution is praying. Nice try, but people in Israel are getting tired of that routine. Vested interests. Netanyuhu even tried to have control over the Supreme Court, well then he wouldn’t have to go to jail or even trial.

    Once this dance was begun some decided it was time to end the fighting for good. To send a message, if you fxxk with us, we will retaliate so strongly you won’t ever forget. The leaders of Hamas can sit it out in Quatar with their families, so do they care how many people are killed in Gaza? Not so much.

    To solve this war, Netanyahu needs to find a new job — no charges but he’s out of office for good.
    Hamas, their financial backers need to be convinced continuing this war is not in their best interest.
    Gaza needs to be rebuilt so the Palestinians can enjoy a life with the same benefits as the Israeli’s.
    Iran and is subsiduaries, well its hard to tell Iran anything they will listen to. Perhaps the next Pres. will be more open to not financing Hezballah.
    Oh, and the Israeli’s who moved into the West Bank and stole Arab land, they need to go back to Issrael. Beni has said Israel no longer has room for them. Well most of them are most likely Americans so they can always return there if they find Israel too crowded.
    Hamas and others have made inroads into Canadian society over the past 30 years speaking at various Unions, churches, social groups, etc. Of course we have free speech in Canada. However, there never was much to counter what was being preached. Oh, even the Greens drank the cool aid, its in their party constituion now.
    The speakers who come are good at what they do. One of the siblings, church had them speak. Then sibling starts to tell us what was said and declares Israel goods need to be boycotted. Turned to said sibling and asked: Do you know who your Grandfather was? Not much of a response. Seemed to have forgotten all of her grandfather’s family were sent to the death camps except him.
    This war has given groups such as the campus campers an opportunity to spread their anti semetic b.s. and hate. They feel empowered to attack Jews. Its not like anyone is going to stop them. Perhaps the campers need to experience what the Israelis experienced when Hamas invaded their country or at least be sat down and shown the pictures in colour. Show them the pictures of the babies which were hacked up and the rape victims.
    I do wish Israel would make some changes so at least children could leave Gaza. They are truly the innocent victims along with those killed at the Kibitzis.
    I just have the feeling this isn’t over and may get worse.

    (Response; Unfortunately you are incorrect in saying “it had been a few decades since Israel has been attacked”. Hamas and Islamic Jihad had been firing hundreds of rockets into Israel, deliberately aimed at and trying to kill Israeli civilians every month for almost two years during the supposed “ceasefire” that existed before the Oct 7 murderous invasion and kidnappings. And that was going on despite Israel allowing 700 trucks a day carrying all kinds of consumer goods as well as food into Gaza, despite Israel allowing 18,000 Gazans and 150,000 West Bank Palestinians to enter Israel each day to work at jobs there, paying them 10 times Gazan salaries (plus health/vacation benefits) and also allowing Qatar to ship millions of cash dollars though Israel into Gaza each month to support Gazans and despite Israel allowing seriously ill Gazans (especially children) into Israel for medical treatment at Israeli hospitals. I suspect most blog readers have not seen any of this reported in our media: The problem is the far left anti-Israel pro-Palestinian bigots now producing our mainstream news fail to report almost any of that … only focussing in when Israel would take out the rocket launchers or heavily armed terrorists. In addition, Hezbollah has been firing dozens of rockets into Israel’s north for several months now, forcing 100,000 Israelis living there out of their homes, farms, towns, jobs, schools … none of which gets covered here in Canada. Read this, just from days ago: As I’ve written before, we’re lucky Canadian media did not “report” the Second World War, Korean War the way they are reporting the Mid East!! h.o)

    • e.a.f. says:

      when I referred to Israel hasn’t been attacked in a few decades, I didn’t mention it, but what I should have added was in what I consider a major way–i.e. the tanks roll out, jets bomb, etc. the way they did in the 1970. I know Hamas and company have continually assaulted Israel,, but that in my mind is sort of like the regularl stuff. I realize that kills Israel citizens also. My tendancy is divide violence into two categories, the on going smaller events and the mass shootings, killings, which in my mind are the major events.
      Of course if its happening to you or your loved ones it is always a big deal. For me the big deal is the killing of children. Its like pick on some one your own size.

      (Response: Read my next blog … will be interested in your comments. h.o)

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