Putin’s Brutal War on Ukraine Will Only Stop When the Russian People Also Feel the Pain!

Liza Dmitrieva was a happy, smiling four-year old Down’s syndrome child, clutching her teddy bear Thursday morning in her stroller outside Vinnytsia Hospital, where she was to undergo speech therapy.

Several Russian cruise missiles hit the hospital … killing Liza and 22 other Ukrainian CIVILIANS … including two other children.

Read the full horror of Liza’s story here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jul/17/ukraine-mourners-bury-four-year-old-liza-as-russian-attacks-intensify.

Russia’s cruelty knows no limits.

In the five months since Putin’s invasion began, estimates say the number of CIVILIANS killed are between 5,000 and 28,000; and thousands more CIVILIANS have been injured.

The Russians have bombed not just hospitals, but schools, pre-schools, music halls, theatres, apartment blocks, shopping centres, sports centres, downtowns, suburbs, rural villages … ANYWHERE where civilians live/shop or try to hide.

For Putin or his puppets in the Russian military to claim only military targets are being targeted … without producing a single piece of evidence of ANY rockets being fired from ANY of these sites … strain credulity.


Deliberately targeting non-combatants … even children … to kill Ukrainians, sow fear in survivors and destroy the country’s civilian infrastructure. Carried out by Russian barbarians who have not only rained death from the skies on the Ukrainian people, but whose ground troops have raped, pillaged, and summarily executed totally unarmed men, women, youths … even frail, elderly seniors who survived World War II.

And Putin will NOT stop … until the Russian people start FEELING and SUFFERING PAIN too!

The democracies have stood up for Ukraine … governments have stepped up politically, economically and with military aid. Sanctions have no doubt hurt hit the Russian high-tech economy, industry, the oligarchs, influential families, imports and exports.

Private Western corporations have also responded admirably … temporarily shutting down or pulling out permanently from Russia and its urban consumer market of more than 107,000,000.

Among the 1,000 Western companies that have suspended or closed their Russian operations are: McDonalds; Starbucks; Coca-Cola; BMW; GM; Ford: Apple; Amazon.

But let’s keep it real: it’s not enough!

NONE of that is enough to stop a psychotic murderous madman like Putin from pursuing his WAR, aimed at permanently annexing eastern Ukraine to establish a contiguous land mass from Russia to the Crimea and destroying the Ukraine as an independent democracy aligned with Europe.

Not even estimates of as many as 50,000 Russian troops killed or injured (so far) will deter the Russian dictator: https://www.rferl.org/a/russia-50000-casualties-ukraine/31947401.html.

Putin’s troops … like Hitler’s … are just fodder … expendable pawns in a campaign to achieve a Greater destiny … in this case, expanding Russia’s borders and enlarging its territorial land mass along the Black Sea coast.

And with NATO and the other democracies unprepared to get involved directly militarily or even impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Putin has a GREEN LIGHT to continue his war of aggression.

So he is now expanding Russia’s aggression: pouring MORE troops into the invasion; stepping UP missile attacks: INCREASING bombings and shellings of civilian areas in ALL parts of the Ukraine … killing CIVILIANS, in an effort to bring the Ukrainians to their knees.

What will stop Putin?


Not with missiles or bombings or artillery barrages … but with PUNISHING new economic measures that will go well beyond Putin, the government, the oligarchs and their cronies … and SUBSTANTIALLY impact the Russian CIVILIAN population’s daily lives.

Make the Russian people suffer and the resulting domestic unrest will put a lot more pressure on Putin to stop his aggression … more than seeing Liza’s lifeless body or even a thousand more dead or wounded Russian soldiers.

Canadians, Americans, Europeans are feeling the heavy daily cost of Putin’s war: but average Russians so far are not.

Because countries like India, China, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have not only NOT imposed or respected sanctions, but have kept up and/or even INCREASED business dealings with Russia and made HUGE increases in discounted energy purchases!!

Russia’s barbaric, murderous rampage is despicable … but so are those countries that profit from it!

And as a result of their support, the ruble has regained strength to where it was before the war; the Russian economy continues to hum along and, average Russian consumers have been only minimally impacted in their daily lives.

I have no doubt Putin believes that an upcoming tough, brutal Winter (Russia’s great historical ally!) will split the European democracies’ solidarity and determination … and bring Russia victory!

The democracies MUST act NOW!!

We need NEW sanctions that hit Russian consumers’ DAILY lives … and also target those countries that are aiding and abetting Putin’s AGGRESSION and GENOCIDE against the Ukrainian people.

Meanwhile, little Liza was buried Sunday … with her teddy bear.

Her mother Iryna could not be at her graveside, because she remains in Intensive Care in hospital … another civilian victim of Putin and his Russian barbarians.

Harv Oberfeld

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