Trudeau/Liberals Sacrifice Jewish Lives … for Muslim Votes

It was a stab in the back of a friend, an ally, a people and a country literally fighting for their lives.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal caucus not only supported a terrible one-sided NDP (no surprise!) anti-Israel motion for an “immediate” ceasefire in the war against Hamas terrorists … not a humanitarian pause.

The net effect of a full ceasefire, of course, would be to ensure the publicly-avowed terrorist groups (Hamas, Islamic Jihad) to not only survive in Gaza, but stay in power, regroup, rebuild and re-arm … so they can continue to fire thousands of rockets across the border into the Jewish state and eventually carry out another murderous rampage to kill, rape and kidnap a thousand Israelis, or even more.

No country would tolerate such an agreement with any entity, state or terrorist organization, that not only refuses to acknowledge its basic right to even exist, but has repeatedly publicly avowed to totally obliterate it!

Why then would Trudeau and his Liberal MPs demand Israel do so?

And yet, they did.

The NDP motion also called for Hamas to release its remaining 137 Israeli hostages and lay down its arms. (LOL! Lots of luck!).

Now, anyone who follows politics (domestically or internationally) knows it’s not unusual these days for left-leaning parties (the NDP, Greens, and unions too) to have anti-Israel and anti-Semitic elements in their midst, pushing their more extreme agendas … even supporting “revolutionary” terrorist groups and dictatorships.

No? Check out the history of the NDP support for the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela … all of them proven human-rights abusing dictatorships. Or the record of UK’s Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, Ireland’s left “Fine Gael”/Green coalition or France’s Socialist Party.

So it was no surprise to me that the NDP would push and anti-Israel motion in Parliament, so egregious it originally called for Canada to immediately recognize a Palestinian state …. thereby REWARDING Hamas for its Oct 7 terrorist attack!

The Liberals forced an amendment that called on the federal government “to actively pursue the goal of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, including towards the establishment of the state of Palestine as part of a negotiated two state solution, and maintain Canada’s position that Israel has a right to exist in peace and security with its neighbors.”

But … and this where the Liberals stabbed Israel in the back … it called on Canada “cease the further authorization and transfer of arms export to Israel.”

To deny the Jewish state ANY military goods from Canada, at a time when it is literally fighting for its life, is a disgraceful shame!!!

I have no doubt, among those now celebrating Canada taking that position are not just the NDP, Greens, Bloc Quebecois (who passed the motion 204 to 117) but also Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Iran, Syria too!

Pierre Poilievre, all Conservative MPs, three Liberals and an independent MP voted against the motion.

And Polievre has been quite clear in his support for Israel. Here are remarks he delivered just week (his Gaza views are about 20 minutes in):

So why did Trudeau/Liberals make such a major shift away from supporting/aiding Israel to defend its people to backing an NDP motion that, if ever implemented, would save Hamas’s ass to fight on, kill again … and keep oppressing moderate Palestinians too?

I believe it was done to win Muslim votes.

Trudeau and his government are in REAL trouble: an Angus Reid poll in March found the Conservatives were supported by 40% of likely voters; the Liberals 23%; and the NDP 21%.

Trudeau/Liberals are no doubt aware there are 405,000 Jewish people in Canada …but 1,700,000 Muslims.

That’s political power.

No wonder Trudeau has already fully restored Canadian funding to UNRWA, even before an investigation into the organization’s links to terrorists is completed by the UN. The Palestinian aid agency has long been accused of supporting/aiding/abetting Hamas and several UNRWA employees reportedly actively participated in the Oct 7 massacre.

And now, Trudeau/Liberals have voted in favour of a decidedly one-sided anti-Israel motion that would allow the survival of Hamas … a clear victory for terrorism.

A motion that outrageously also expresses support for the notoriously one-sided, anti-Israel, biased International Criminal Court.

Looks to me like Trudeau is clearly willing to sacrifice Jewish lives in Israel for those Muslim votes in Canada.

Harv Oberfeld

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14 Responses to Trudeau/Liberals Sacrifice Jewish Lives … for Muslim Votes

  1. Steve M says:

    Unfortunately, we are seeing the ugly side of multiculturalism. If ethic groups want to bring to Canada their customs and celebrations, I have no objections (just don’t ask for any taxpayer support for festivals – our taxes are high enough already). When they import their hatreds, it destroys my support for multiculturalism.

    (Response: Very interesting. I actually wrote a blog almost two years ago about how I have changed my mind on multiculturalism: Since then, things have gotten worse: too many immigrants/refugees not only brought their old world hates with them, they disrespect Canada’s traditions of tolerance and respect, intimidating and even assaulting those with whom they disagree or simply hate. h.o)

    • Edgar says:

      The Economist magazine wrote of the UK that it was no longer a multicultural society but now a multiethnic because of fact that events abroad now resonate more loudly within domestics politics. Canada like the UK cannot protect foreign policy from the democratic pressures from the interests of internal communities. Perhaps the time of Canadian multiculturalism has been replaced with multiethnic society

      The article is behind a firewall but can be found in the May 20, 2021 issue “How to do foreign policy in a multi-ethic society”

      (Response: Readers of the Blog will know that I have been supportive of welcoming new immigrants (we need them) and also legitimate refugees. Of course, adding thousands or hundreds of thousands more people from other countries and cultures impacts our own … enriches our diversity and I love the great restaurant choices we have now! 🙂 And most try hard to adopt Canadian values and our respect for others: we don’t see Ukrainian-background Canadians spray-painting Russian-community churches, businesses or holding protests in front of them or harassing/spitting on ethnic Russian students on campuses; likewise, the vast majority of our Asian newcomers (except some Sikhs) leave their old-country conflicts/hates overseas. But I’m thinking now maybe we were wrong to welcome .. or failed to adequately check out … so many refugees from the Middle East. Again, most will make good Canadians, but clearly there’s a whole lot of them who are still at war with Israel and so full of hate, they openly disrespect and even assault Jewish citizens, Jewish institutions, Jewish businesses and even university/hospital buildings donated to the community by Jewish philanthropists. That is not acceptable in Canada: they should be arrested whenever they break our laws (no leeway!) and, if convicted and they are not yet Canadian citizens, they should be sent packing! ho)

  2. nonconfidencevote says:

    The Liberal / NDP minority govt has proven time and again over the last 7 years, their craven lust to remain in power.
    If they hope beyond hope that supporting a Hamas dominated Gaza will help them remain in power with a majority of Canadian voters… be it.
    They don’t care about lives, or the truth or what is right.
    It’s all about votes.

    And the longer these minority hypocrites drag out the inevitable election call….the worse it will be for them.
    I, personally, can’t wait for the election…to see these incompetent children punted to the curb.

    (Response: I hope everyone will read this report in the National Post:

    NO Canadian group should have to endure this open hate and threats that members of the Jewish community are now regularly facing. Canadians did not spit at or swear at Muslims or protest outside mosques last week when Islamic terrorists massacred innocent people attending a concert near Moscow or when Islamic terrorists attacked, raped, killed 1,200 Israelis and kidnapped hostages … who they are still holding … or all the other terrorist murders/bombings/attacks Muslim extremists have carried out across the world. This is a time for all democracy-loving peoples to stand by Israel and wish them speedy success in wiping out the military threats posed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad! Only then will the two-state solution have any chance of proceeding and succeeding. h.o)

  3. Marge says:

    Right from the beginning of the Israeli war on terrorism, the liberals (led by the totally incompetent Trudeau and the dim-witted Melanie) were always watching which way the wind blows. Slow to react against the terrorism and instead “recognizing divergent views” the Liberals have behaved in a totally disgusting way. Hitler would have been so proud of them. Doing the right thing is not part of the Liberal agenda. Winning Muslim votes at all costs is. What will this bode for the future of Canada? Not looking good at this stage of the game at the country that declares itself to be pacifist and is now giving in to partisan Hamas supporters who would love to see the Jewish (and in reality, all non-Muslim people) annihilated.

    (Response: If I were an Israeli, I would not vote for Netanyahu or his coalition that includes some far right extremists. However, the country deserves the support of all fair-minded people because it literally is fighting for its existence. What many Canadians ..including Trudeau, Singh, the NDP and Liberal MPs … have forgotten or are deliberately overlooking that for 70 years, many Israeli governments (left and center right) bent over backwards trying to establish peace with the Palestinians … pulling their settlers out of Gaza; withdrawing all their forces from Lebanon; facilitating transport to Gaza and the West Bank of hundreds of trucks daily from the port of Ashdod; allowing 90,000 Palestinians from the West Bank and even 12,000 Palestinians into Israel each day to work (!!) and make as much as 10 times their salaries would be at home, plus benefits! What did they get back? Thousands of rockets fired across the border all year long, by Palestinian terrorists trying to kill Israeli civilians (men, women, children) and the the Oct 7 incursion massacre. The Hamas terrorists, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and their big backer, Iran ..are not partners for peace, and it’s a disgrace that Trudeau/Liberals supported the anti-Israel NDP motion that, if adopted, would save Hamas and Islamic Jihad to rebuild, re-arm and kill Israelis again another day. h.o)

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    Oh my god, what to say …………… Singh and Trudeau has turned Canada into vile nest of Quislings, 3rd columnists, and collaborationists, selling out Canada for ethnic votes.

    If the Canadian Legion had any moral fibre, they would demand all politicans that support antisemitism be barred from the Nov. 11 ceremonies because they sully the memory of the 40 thousand or so Canadians who died in the fight to stop the very thing the NDP and the Liberals seem to support.

    If one actually reads about the the current tragedies in Gaza, it is because Hamas, the butcher terrorist group will not be satisfied until every Jew leaves or is exterminated in Israel.

    I do not like what is happening in Gaza, but I cannot see any alternative, as Hamas will continue its campaign of terror to the last terrorist.

    We are living in perilous times, Ukraine, Gaza, Russia, China, all politcal booby-traps leading to a major conflagration and during this time, under Trudeau and Singh’s leadership, the Canadian armed forces are broken, with dated equipment, almost zero morale, and absolutely no politcal leadership. Well done Trudeau the Younger.

    Our immigration policy is corrupt and dangerous, as Trudeau’s Post National
    Country dreams, is dissolving into a sea of evangelical religious fervor, antisemitism, and a host of other ills. Canada is no longer a country per se, rather a collection of minorities, all wanting their own laws to pertain to themselves. Municipalities are turning into ethnic enclaves, where law is fluid and only applies to certain people.

    Canada, under the current lot in Ottawa has become not a new home for people, but rather an extension of the old country, with loyalties not to Canada, but the “old country”.

    Trudeau’s experiment has failed, yet no one will admit that it has. The Liberal machine is imploding; the NDP may face a total wipe out when Pierre Poilievre wins big in the next election, but will it change the course this “ship of fools” is on?

    I doubt it, just regime change with the taxpayer’s lolly funding the conservatives base to buy their loyalty.

    (Response: I suspect Trudeau and Liberal strategists are getting very desperate in light of recent polls … and the fact there are 1.7 million Muslims and only 405,000 Jews has affected the PM’s views: started out quite well … condemning the Hamas terrorist attack, recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself, and he cut Canadian funding to UNRWA, the Hamas-soaked “relief” agency. Then, he did a 180 … caving I think to the activist Muslim and anti-Israel protesters because he saw what happened to Democrat Joe Biden in areas of Michigan where there are large Muslim communities. Trudeau knows a full ceasefire would be a gift to Hamas and Islamic Jihad … and a victory for terrorism .And for the Liberals to go along with an NDP motion that called on Canada to stop sending ANY military goods to Israel was a complete disgrace! Canada and the Allies wiped out the Nazis …no ceasefire there; Israel MUST wipe out terrorists groups who attack them. h.o)

  5. Marge says:

    And more to add to the political sickness of Canada. Our public broadcasting company that gets billions of our tax payer dollars has a committee that oversees coverage of the Israeli war (none of Jewish faith on the committee of course, which makes “sense” doesn’t it?) to make sure that the Israeli side is not promoted at all. Kind of just adds the icing to Trudeau’s cake doesn’t it? What a sick bunch of people running our country!

    (Response: The CBC is not alone in its biased reporting by highlighting day after day, hour after hour only the the suffering of civilians in Gaza and the Israeli families of the hostages calling for a ceasefire. BBC World is even worse … disgracing itself, Britain and journalism itself … by not only emphasizing the impact the war is having on Palestinians … lots of funerals and grieving family … while almost totally ignoring the impact on Israel (rockets still coming on on both its southern and northern borders, hundreds of young men and women having died in battle, whose families also mourn and who have funerals too, and almost totally ignoring the plight of the 100,000 Israelis in the south and the north who have had to abandon their homes, their towns, their jobs etc). And notice how little coverage the CBC and BBC give to Israeli supplied actual video of weapons caches found inside Gaza’s hospitals and the tunnels they are still clearing out. The terrorists have played the media like a fiddle! Take a listen to the “interviews “ they do: overwhelmingly using anti-Israel mouthpieces, who are allowed to rant at length with no challenges or tough questions… while the odd Israeli official or supporter who makes it to air is grilled like a hamburger!
    The CBC (which I gave repeatedly referred to as the unofficial voice of the NDP) will be taken care of by Poilievre if he ever takes power and, as for the one-sided bias at the BBC, that country should hold a public inquiry into how bad it has become … and why. h.o.)

  6. Not Sure says:

    I don’t like your headline because it is unnecessarily provocative so let’s change it.

    Trudeau/Liberals Sacrifice Jewish Votes … for Muslim Lives

    Now I don’t for a minute believe this, but couldn’t somebody say that? Anthony Housefather still hasn’t decided where he will sit when the House reconvenes next week. He could cross the floor.

    Your headline makes it sound like the Liberals are choosing to have Israelis killed to gain votes, that their policy is based solely on gaining Muslim votes. I don’t believe that’s the case . Not saying that there isn’t a case to make against the Liberal policy so let’s just discuss policy.

    I have said some of this before but I will add some explanation. Let’s see where we disagree. I believe …

    Israel has the right to exist.
    Israel has the right to defend itself.
    Hamas is a terrorist organization that needs to be eliminated.
    The horrific attack of Oct. 7 was an act of war and is the triggering event to the current crisis.

    Are we in agreement so far? How about this? I also believe that …

    The Pro-Palestinian supporters have not helped their cause. In principle I believe in a Palestinian state. Lasting peace is likely impossible without it. But not matter how one feels, some of the hateful rhetoric that sounds like people are supporting a terrorist group that rapes women and murders children is not a good look to say the least. The increase in attacks on Jewish citizens and their synagogues cannot be tolerated. From the National Post article you linked we only need look at the Port Moody councillor who was prepared to vote on a motion to support a ceasefire only to change her mind when she learned that the group proposing that resolution was behind some of the more unseemly protests.

    I am going to go out on a limb here. I don’t think any of those beliefs are much different from yours, Trudeau’s, Poilievre’s, the people who have so far commented and the majority of Canadians. Might be wrong but I don’t think so.

    But here is where we may differ. Ceasefire. There are plenty of countries calling for a ceasefire. The US did not veto a security council resolution calling for a ceasefire. As much as I may feel that Hamas is to blame for the current crisis, people can’t just look the other way when women, children and non-combatant men are being killed by bombs, malnutrition, disease etc. Just yesterday, a Canadian citizen was killed along with six others by an Israeli air strike. The seven people were aid workers.

    People can say that they want Hamas defeated and Israel is the country that can do that but how far are these people prepared to go? How many innocent Palestinians have to die? What’s the limit. So no matter how I may feel about the current crisis, I am not going to judge anybody because they are calling for a ceasefire. Besides a ceasefire is two ways. If Hamas were to break it, Israel would have justification to respond.

    And, how will we even know when Hamas is defeated? How long did it take to defeat ISIS? and is it even dead given the recent attack in Moscow. Another reason for the Israeli offensive is to free the hostages. How does that happen without a ceasefire? Just the other day there was a protest in Israeli against Netanyahu. The protesters were looking for a ceasefire and the release of hostages.

    At some point- hopefully – this war will end. Then what?

    (Response: Let’s keep it very real: a full ceasefires with the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza will allow Hamas’s leaders to emerge from their tunnels, take back control of the strip and celebrate their victory over the “zionists”. We did not allow that when we dealt with the Nazis, when Pol Pot went on his murderous rampage in Cambodia, or when Al-Qaeda carried out 911, or when ISIS ruled its caliphate. Terrorists who keep carrying out raids against their neighbours, including murder, rapes and kidnappings must be obliterated if the violence is to stop …even if they are occupying public office. You can never totally eliminate an idea, or an ideology, but when it becomes horrifically violent, you must at least flush it out from any positions of power and governance that it holds.
    Make no mistake, I don’t like to see civilians, injured, or have their homes destroyed, but war IS Hell!! Innocent civilians always suffer … and the way to stop that is for Hamas fighters to abandon their rocket attacks, lay down their arms and surrender. Israel MUST NOT stop its campaign to destroy Hamas if we ever want to really see peace and a two state solution.
    As for Canada’s position, what really bothered me about that motion was the decision advocating the cutting off all military equipment for Israel. Imagine if all the western allies did that… while Iran continued to pour millions into arming Hamas and Hezbollah!! I believe it is our duty to arm any democracy that is fighting terrorism and aggression by dictators… whether it is Israel or the Ukraine … and that motion passed by Parliament, if repeated by other Western states, would place Israel’s very existence at risk. h.o)

    • D. M. Johnston says:

      I find it interesting how those on the left have so perverted what terrorism is, that they have completely fallen for their own nonsense.

      Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist group attacked Israel and butchered over 1,200 people in the most hideous ways.

      We hardly hear a peep about this from then left or our media.

      What we see from the left is an entrenched and endemic antisemitism and a grand ignorance of history ar play.

      GAZA has been a breeding ground for Hamas and it is Hamas who stole billions of dollars worth of aid to build tunnels to hide their terrorist activities. Hamas built command centres in schools and hospitals.

      Hamas is a cancer, but is a cancer now woven into the Canadian fabric, again fueling endemic antisemitism.

      Just to let those on the left know, Hamas will never be satisfied until every Jew is liquidated “from river to the sea”. This is the nature of this cancer.

      So while the left enjoy their morning hate, they fail to realize that there are violent storm clouds of was on the horizon and those who are wanting war are very happy that endemic and entrenched antisemitism thrives in Canada as it will make their coming hostilities all the much easier.

      This is called asymmetrical warfare and the left have fallen into the grips of a false history and false narratives.Remember, according to Putin, Poland started WW2………………..need I say more.

  7. Harry Lawson says:


    I remember when Canada had foreign policies based on values ,ethics, integrity.
    Our opinion’s were respected , other world leaders sought our input.
    Canada’s foreign policy is so bad that we aren’t included in phone calls ,our standing in geopolitical affairs are openly mocked. Our stances are laughed at by media around the world. we have gone from the main dining table passed the teen and kids table to the toddler table.
    Canada has gone from foreign policies based on values to foreign policies based on influencing seat results .

    Pandering has no place in foreign policy
    Such a shame

    I am proud to stand with Israel,

    (Response: there was a time …I believe under Lester Pearson …when Canada was trusted to be fair by both sides in world disputes and were welcomed as peacekeepers. Today, under Justin Trudeau, I suspect only one side … whichever can deliver most votes domestically, in this case favouring the Palestinians, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Iran … would trust Canada, especially the closer we get to an election. h.o)

  8. Chuck B says:

    An election can’t come soon enough for me…
    Trudeau has to be put out “pasture”

  9. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    I think to though is that the Palestinian peoples,like of Gaza and elsewhere must do more of the hard fight and policing to keep the barbaric self serving extremists terrorist ones from thier own backwards by whatever means possible. They have to start being even more aggressive in that pursuit, because it always comes back on them badly as we have seen in Gaza. They must do the heavy lifting more to avoid these disasters and calamities. Their peaceful existence will always be shattered sooner or later if they don’t want to put more effort into being their own police force and protector of freedoms and peace or even getting to a free Palestine, which they should have had one ago.

    (Response: The sad truth is polls are showing most Palestinians, in Gaza and also the West Bank, have expressed support for the massacre … even the killing of children, seniors and women! For 50 years, a number of moderate left-leaning Israeli governments tried to achieve peace with the PLO/Palestinian Authority … both notoriously corrupt organizations, whose leaders preferred to teach their people/kids hate and violence, while they fill their own bank accounts, knowing that anyone who agreed to peace/borders would soon be dead. Hopefully, one day, after the terrorists are out of power, moderate Palestinians will emerge with a better dream than than the nightmare their current leaders have repeatedly brought them. h.o.)

  10. Marge says:

    Have you seen this:

    (Response: Thanks… eye-opening. I have been saying for months that Hamas has played the Western media for fools. Every day, every hour, there is coverage of the terrible impact of the war on Gazans … and total number of Palestinians killed … but no mention that among those so often shown have been 19 of the 24 full battalions of Hamas’ terrorists in Gaza, plus in many cases their own family members and civilians amongst whom they were hiding, firing from and using as shields. And where are the stories of Israeli casualties, beyond the hostages’ families, or coverage of the fact that rockets are still being fired into Israel from both Gaza and Lebanon! Or the suffering of 100,000 Israelis on both borders still evacuated from their homes, jobs, schools, separated from families and friends? It’s so one-sided …it’s shameful “journalism”, h,o)

  11. Not Sure says:

    I totally get what you are saying about the possible consequences of a ceasefire as you defined it. You are seeing a ceasefire in which Israel is the only one that stops fighting. That’s not how I interpret the ceasefire. Hamas must put down their weapons and release the hostages as well. Here is Melanie Joly’s speech during the controversial vote last week.

    It is long so let me highlight two sections.

    “On October 7, Israelis saw their sense of security and confidence in their institutions shaken. And for many, shattered.The Hamas terrorist attack was the deadliest against Israel since its creation in 1948. 1,200 people were killed by Hamas and more than 240 were kidnapped. To this day, some 134 of them remain in captivity in Gaza. 134 families desperate for them to return to their arms. And believe me, you can feel the weight of that trauma on every street in Israel. We therefore unequivocally condemn Hamas once again for the terrorist attacks against Israel on October 7.”


    “In Canada, our position is rooted in three principles:
    The right for Israel to exist, and by extension defend itself, in accordance with humanitarian law;
    The protection of civilians; and
    The right to self-determination of the Palestinian people.

    We fully recognize these principles are in tension with each other right now, but we must remain committed to all of them. The violence must end – an immediate humanitarian ceasefire is urgently needed. And this ceasefire cannot be one sided. Hamas must lay down its weapons and release all hostages immediately. The need for humanitarian assistance in Gaza has never been greater. Rapid, safe and unimpeded humanitarian relief must be provided to civilians, now.”

    Now their is more in her speech and the devil is always in the details and we can rip into those details if desired, but does this sound like a Hamas loving, antisemitic leftist radical.

    How about someone like Bernie Sanders. Is this Jewish American, antisemitic when he said that Israel has the right to go to war against Hamas but not the right to got to war against Palestinians.

    How about Donald Trump. He said that Israel should finish what they started but they better do it fast because Israel is losing support. And isn’t he right. And not only are they running the risk of losing support, they are running the risk of entangling themselves in a war on a terrorist group that could go on for years. The US, the most powerful military force in the world spent too long n Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Is that the future for Israel for the next dozen years.

    Again, I understand how you feel about a ceasefire. We both want Hamas destroyed. We both want Israel safe and secure. But at the same time, I can’t turn a blind eye to the tragedy happening to innocent Palestinians. I can’t just say “these things happen” like Netanyahu said of the aid workers who were killed in the Israeli air strike. Over 100 aid workers have been killed so far.

    And I am hardly alone or some radical outlier for feeling that way.

    (Response: It’s certainly is terrible what has happened to the innocent people in Gaza. But they are not all innocent… Hamas was elected by the Gazans, who knew very well at  that time that their policies called for the total military destruction of Israel; Gazans for years have regularly celebrated whenever rockets struck Israel or when terror attacks took place in Israel at bus stops, in shops or restaurants ; Gazans  danced in the streets when Israelis were killed or injured in Hamas and Islamic Jihad rocket attacks. Have we already forgotten the thousands of fuel filled balloons sent over the border by Gazans setting fire to Israeli farms and forests? And this was at a time when Israel was allowing up to 500 semi trailers a day to use their port of Ashdod, to ship goods to the Gazans; when Israel was allowing Qatar to ship millions of dollars a week in cash through Israel to the Gazan population; and when Israel was allowing 12,000 Gazans to cross the border each day to work in Israel, where they earned 10 times the salaries  they got  in Gaza? And no one should forget the videos of smiling Gazans celebrating the Oct 7 attack/massacres and the arrival of hostages (women, seniors, even babies) on the backs of jeeps driven through the streets. Just a minority support the  terrorists ? Well, the latest polling shows that if elections were held in Gaza, or the West Bank, Hamas is still favored by Palestinians to win any vote. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for the Palestinians to take responsibility for their own actions and THEIR failure to seek peace … when previous Israeli governments have tried. h.o)

  12. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    It’s amazing but not really shocking to see such a selfish and most disgusting way of pandering to gain votes. That’s what politicians do I know, but Trudeau is just beyond the pale. Pathetic, desperate morally weak, and backstabbing he is in his quest for votes. Is this guy really a Canadian leader. Not in any shape or form do I recognize Trudeau as a leader of my wonderful Canada. And Singh ,I wouldn’t trust him with anything of a leadership position. Not even presiding over a popcorn stand in a zoo. But there’s a chance the Liberals will be cleaned off the board and the NDP, will be opposition. I don’t think there has been someone as Prime Minister being so weak and messed up. He’s a record breaker by miles.

    (Response: Trudeau seems particularly two-faced: I hear that, when he was in Vancouver, he met “privately” with a group of local rabbis … probably bowing and scraping and trying to tell them that his stab in the back to Israel was only a flesh wound and Canada will supply lots of bandages, if not military equipment or vehicles to fend off any attackers. Singh/NDP didn’t even stand up for the Sikhs in Quebec when that province brought in its racist law, so I wasn’t surprised they would introduce a motion that would help Hamas terrorists survive to kill Israelis (and Jews anywhere) and based on “resolutions” introduced at party meetings/unions etc, I have long assumed that the far left have anti-Semites in their midst and do little or nothing to stand up to them. h.o.)

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