UBC Student Society Protects University’s Integrity, Intellectual Standards and Respect for Diversity

It’s not often on this Blog that I find reasons to compliment decisions, actions and positions taken by political, media or educational “leaders” in today’s oppressively politically correct society.

Especially when the matter/discussion/decision-making process involves or emanates from what I believe history will eventually describe as the two dumbest, most easily propagandized generations in modern history: Millennials (28-43) and Generation Z (12-27).

So many of them love to put down the Boomers, whose “activists” brought the Western world such tremendous progress (yes, more still needed) in black civil rights, women’s equality, LGBTQ acceptance, welcoming of increased diversity in Chinese, East Indian, Filipino, Islamic immigration and opening our doors to all kinds of refugees, and, as well making huge advancements in reconciliation with Canada’s First Nations.

What have Millennial and Generation Z “activists” brought us?

Radical left-generated disrespect for Canada’s tremendous historical achievements over the past 150 years in both peace and war; dismissal or even condemnation of remarkable figures in our past, who … despite human and societal flaws that prevailed at the time … still built a Parliamentary democracy that is envied by so much of the world; almost total lack of critical thinking anymore, our Millennial/Z 2024 “red guards” just regurgitating instead the cliches and politically correct rhetoric dished out by their radical left educational/political/labour gurus; resulting in intolerance of opposing views and other opinions to the point of trying to silence/ban them; and, worst of all, the abandonment of critical thinking.

The result?

That’s how we have arrived at a situation where support is now expressed for terrorist groups who treat women like chattel, order them to cover themselves up in hijabs, torture and execute gays they discover in their society, kill their own political opponents and divert critically-needed steel, concrete and other building materials from housing and economic development projects to build 150 miles of reinforced underground tunnels, complete with extensive rocket storage areas right underneath schools, hospitals, mosques!

The disgraceful Millennial/Generation Z value system, disrespecting Canadian tolerance and democratic rights, has gone so far amok and descended into such religious hate and intolerance that, just recently, massed mobs: spewed anti-Semitic invective outside Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, built by the Jewish community in the 1920s, and that saved/treated hundreds of thousands of patients of all faiths and races since then; blocked the entrance and accosted anyone trying to gain access to McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management because it is housed in a building gifted to the Montreal university by the Jewish Bronfman family; and several other Jewish schools, synagogues and community centers have been targeted, smeared and attacked.

Their twisted Millennial/Z rationale: these places/people are all legitimate targets for protests against any actions .. or even the very existence … of the State of Israel.


I wonder whether these “mini-Mao” Red Guards of today would have found it acceptable, when radical Islamists were planting bombs in so many places around the world, shooting up shopping malls, beheading civilians etc. if Boomers … by the thousands, instead of just the odd idiot … had targeted/attacked Muslim schools, institutions, students, visible members of the Islamic faith in the same way?

Which is what made last week’s stand by the UBC’s Alma Mater Student Society so important … and reassuring,

For months, the Student Union had been under pressure to evict from its rented premises on the campus a Jewish social organization called Hillel, that has been a gathering place for students for many decades.

“Known as Referendum 2, the measure would have pushed the university’s Alma Mater Society to “demand where feasible, that the University end Hillel BC’s lease,” in addition to demands that the school end partnerships with Israeli universities; divest from a list of companies that do business in Israel; endorse the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel; and compel the university to state that Israel is committing “genocide” in Gaza,” the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported.

Jewish groups, religious leaders and several BC community leaders, including Premier David Eby and the BC United Opposition opposed holding the referendum as divisive and inflammatory.

(By the way, a simple Google search shows there are DOZENS of other religions/facilities/prayer rooms etc. at UBC.)

Happy to say the UBC Student Society rejected the referendum proposal to evict the Jewish one.

Of course, it won’t end there.

The extremist radicals who have no respect for Canadian values of tolerance, acceptance and democracy will continue to organize and push, not just their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic agenda, but their full goal of controlling and propagandizing university campuses across the country, destroying the very essence of our diverse and respectful society.

It’s time for the vast majority of Canadians, who I hope still support tolerance, respect, democratic principles and intellectual integrity, take back principled control of our dialogues and send packing the radical extremists, anti-democratic thugs, anti-Semites and other religious/racist bigots who are trying very hard to stage manage the results and encourage hate and division.

Harv Oberfeld

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