US Midterms Serve Up Messages for Canada

Pierre Poilievre, Justin Trudeau and their political strategists could learn a lot from the US midterm election results.

Latest figures show the Democrats are likely to retain a thin sliver of control over the US Senate, but the Republicans … despite not doing as well as pollsters predicted … still won more House seats than the Democrats … and will control the House of Representatives.

Republican Kevin McCarthy will take over the Speaker’s role and powers from Democrat Nancy Pelosi and for the next two years, the Republicans will control House Committee appointments, chairmanships … and the House agenda.

In Canada, with the current US House numbers, the Republicans (Conservatives) would form government.

Canadians like to think WE are quite dissimilar from Americans; that our issues are quite different ; and, that most Canadian voters are, frankly, much brighter than the Trump MAGA idiots and bigots who elect the likes of Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green etc.

But the truth is tens of millions of Americans who voted Republican are just like so many Canadians: struggling with high gas and grocery prices, rising rents and housing costs, ever-increasing taxes, Hydro costs and living paycheck to paycheck … fed up with seeing “liberal” activists getting so much attention from governments and the media … pushing political correctness to the extreme and even dishonouring their country’s history and accomplishments.

In the US, many of the white working-class majority feel their language/culture is being displaced by Spanish/Latinos; their concerns and problems are ignored by Democrats in favour of pushing black, gay, transgender social activist and environmental issues; while, with rapidly-rising Hispanic/Muslim immigration, refugees and so many illegal migrants, the European-backgrounded majority are fast becoming the minority in their own country.

In Canada too, increasing numbers of the white working-class majority feel their language/culture is being displaced by Chinese/East Indian/Muslim cultures; their concerns and problems are being ignored by the Liberals/NDP pandering to First Nations reconciliation and residential schools shakedowns, women’s/transgender issues and climate change; while, with rapidly-rising Asian/Muslim immigration and refugee numbers, the European-backgrounded majority will fast become the minority in our country as well.

Sadly, there are already signs in BC that Canada’s historical Judeo/Christian heritage is being pushed aside/disrespected.

Despite some disturbing incidents of anti-Asian crimes, most British Columbians have overwhelmingly welcomed immigration: including large numbers from China, India, Philippines, Iran. And they have contributed positively and immensely to BC’s economy and cultural diversity.

However, increasingly, there are now signs of “displacement” of European backgrounded communities/cultures being given shorter shrift, while Asian/Muslim communities/cultures are clearly being promoted/moved to the forefront.

Few probably noticed (but I did) that my old alma mater, Global TV Newshour, reported in April on holidays and festivals occurring that month … and pointed to Easter, Vaisakhi (Hindu) and Ramadan (Muslim).

Totally ignored … the Jewish holiday of Passover, which is not only integrally tied to Easter, but is celebrated by Canadians of Jewish background, who have been an integral part and contributed greatly to the nation’s fabric for more than three hundred years … well before the Chinese, East Indians and Muslims even began to arrive.

And even the religious significance and importance of Easter, marked by the vast majority of Canadians, was, in my view, given less attention than it deserved.

Just a coincidence? Oversight?

Well, just over a month ago, the Jewish community celebrated its two holiest periods of the year, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Again, unless I missed it, totally ignored on Global BC Newshour.

I believe Canadians ARE starting to notice Canada’s historical Judeo-Christian European heritage is being downgraded, while Chinese, Indian and Muslim holidays and festivals and commemorations … even minor ones … are being pushed to the front.

That will not bode well for inter-community relations … or appreciation for the Liberals’ multi-culturalism policies.

But there was also much more to the Republican House victory than just culture/immigration.

Many Spanish-speaking US voters also deserted their traditional Democrat voting patterns in several states, apparently fed up with the Democrats’ failure to deal with economic issues, crime or stem the numbers of illegal economic migrants flooding into the country through the southern border.

In fact, on both sides of the border there is REAL unhappiness with left-leaning politicians/governments/prosecutors/judges who have wreaked havoc on our societies with their unhindered revolving door treatment/sentencing of recidivist and even violent criminals.

Poilievre would do well to learn these lessons from the US vote: there were ideas/issues/policies that worked for the Republicans in the US that could find fertile ground in Canada as well.

Trudeau too could benefit from the lessons of the US vote: watch to see if the Liberals start placing a new emphasis on bread-and-butter issues facing Canadians … the Liberals’ potential Achilles heel.

And then, there’s the turnout.

In the US, voters under 40 overwhelmingly favoured the Democrats: 59% compared to only 41% support for the Republicans. Among those over 40, the Republicans captured 56% of the vote, compared to 44% for the Democrats.

The challenge for the Liberals now is to see if they can INCREASE the political participation of Generation Z Canadians, who could be more amenable to the Liberal/NDP social agenda/policies/priorities.

Unless Poilievre successfully touches a few more nerves in their parents and grandparents.

Harv Oberfeld

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