Stop Saying “Sorry” When Vaccine Refusers Fall Sick or Die

The global death toll from Covid … officially … is more than 4.13 million; unofficially it could even be double that.

More than 192 Million across the world have been infected by Covid … so far.

Good people; innocent people; grandparents, parents, children cut down prematurely by a vicious virus, passed on to them silently and unwittingly over the past 18 months.

Impacting billions more … sent into mourning over the losses of loved ones or enduring the terrible pain and fright of watching so many fight a highly infectious foe that is only satisfied when it snuffs out a life.

And just think of the impact … physical and psychological … on the millions of first responders, hospital and rest home care staff and other essential workers all throughout society … too many of whom sacrificed their own lives in the struggle to save/help others.

While the only defence most of us had for more than a year was to self-distance, wear a mask, isolate, shut down our lives and livelihoods … or just hide.

Until the Covid vaccines came along.

Developed at warp speed, 24-hours, seven-days a week working under emergency research conditions, accelerated testing schedules … then approved so millions of doses could be manufactured at a cost of billions of dollars, acquired by governments at the cost of billions more … and then, administered FREE to those lucky enough to be able to get it.

A miraculous achievement!

And the Covid vaccines have very clearly worked.

In BC, where Covid infections in March regularly approached 1,000 NEW cases a day, the seven-day figure is now averaging 58; with only 46 people in hospital with Covid and 17 in ICU.

Because 80.3 % of British Columbians 12 years old and over have had at least one dose of a Covid vaccine; and, 58.1 per cent have received two doses.

The vaccines are working! Saving lives! Reducing illness! Allowing us to escape house arrest, to work, socialize, touch, hug … and get back to living!

However, that return to freedom is already under threat: Covid numbers are RISING again, due to increasing (and deadlier) variants thriving and spreading thanks to millions of people refusing to get vaccinated.


I’m not talking about people who, for medical reasons, cannot be vaccinated … but those who have soaked up Internet conspiracy theories, bought into rumours and speculation proffered by people even dumber than they are; and, those who just couldn’t care less about protecting their own health or that of anyone they come into contact with … anywhere.

Even though, numbers around the world are now showing daily that as high as 90% of people still getting seriously ill and dying from Covid where vaccines are available are now the UNVACCINATED.

All but 43 Texas COVID-19 deaths since February were unvaccinated people | The Texas Tribune.

COVID-19 cases in B.C. are up — but 78 per cent of new cases are among unvaccinated people | CBC News

80% of new COVID-19 cases in Spain among non-vaccinated people, health minister says | Reuters

They’re still not convinced?

Just think of where the world would be if these vaccine-vetoers were given free range a hundred years ago. Polio. Measles. Mumps. Chicken pox. Diphtheria. Rubella.

Now Covid.

The vaccines ARE working!

But without an even higher degree of vaccine compliance/success, Covid and its various variants will be with us for several years … especially if we allow the vaccine refusers to freely mix amongst us in close quarters, crowded rooms and large groups.

Do we just accept that? Or stop being so polite and start calling out those who are aiding and abetting Covid’s spread/survival?

Quite often, seems to me, it’s the same people who oppose vaccines who also refuse to wear masks, ignore self-distancing and party in crowds like nothing has changed since 2019.


Nevertheless, as I’ve written before, I still do NOT believe in MANDATING Covid vaccines: if someone does not want to be vaccinated, that IS their right.

However, they do NOT have the right to endanger, render ill or kill other people … by deliberately refusing the Covid vaccine or failing to follow Health Orders and then catching/mingling/passing the Covid virus on to others.

We who ARE vaccinated have a RIGHT to protect ourselves!

If non-vaxxers want respect: they must give it as well!

Store owners, restaurants, theatres, gyms, ANY private business/venue MUST have the right to require vaccines (masks too) in their PRIVATE premises … just as they also have the right to ban anyone smoking, not wearing a shirt or shoes.

Not just for customers, but staff too … especially those in restaurants, bars, rest homes, hospitals, transit.

To facilitate that, Provincial governments should issue Covid “Pass” cards to all vaccinated residents who have qualified for them … just like Drivers’ Licences, Passports etc. … voluntary, but valuable.

Until total vaccinations reaches full herd immunity levels that satisfy health authorities and science, Covid will NEVER be brought to its knees and our lives will NEVER return to “normal”.

To help achieve that, the rest of us should also stop pussyfooting around, being so polite to those offered the vaccine, but for no physician-directed personal medical reason, simply refuse to take it.

THEY are clearly much more vulnerable to catching the virus, endangering YOU if you come into contact and are preventing society from fully defeating Covid.

So let’s keep it real.

When we hear from family or friends that a deliberate vaccine-refuser gets terribly sick … or succumbs to Covid … we should stop saying “Sorry!”

What should we say?

I suggest instead: “Wow! What an idiot!”

I suspect even the vaccine-refuser victims, looking on from wherever they end up, would agree!

And maybe THAT will convince other non-vaxxers to realize how irresponsible they are being, and then get the shot, stay alive, help protect others … and stop Covid.

Harv Oberfeld

(Sad news: long-time Blog commenter Bob McQuillan (BCMQ) died Saturday. Agree or disagree with his views, everyone who reads this blog can agree BCMQ contributed an encyclopedia of information to our various topics and greatly added to the crucial discourse that is the lifeblood of democracy. R.I.P Bob. )

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How Many of BC’s 800 “Heat” Deaths Were Victims of a Failing in BC’s Health System … Not Just a Lack of Ambulances?

The tragedy of more than 800 BC residents dying in a one-week period … many while waiting for ambulances that were delayed for hours or never arrived … was well-covered in the news.

And so were all the perceived reasons: the severe heat; normal aging/health causes; and … the BIG one … the lack of ambulance/paramedics when they were critically needed.

However, a story in the news this past week reveals there may be another major overlooked factor killing British Columbians before their time … that this Blog predicted 10 months ago, but the media ignored/missed.

It has been more than 15 months since many BC physicians … including specialists … stopped seeing patients “in person” due to fears over Covid.

As a result, how many seniors, chronically ill adults haven’t had their blood pressure checked by a doctor for a year and a half? Or checked at all? How many kids, adults, elderly have not had a doctor look into their throats, their eyes, at their skin or use a stethoscope … and perhaps notice something serious even before the patients became really aware of it themselves?

In-person diagnosis by doctors used to be the norm … and it’s time to get back to that.

Doctors’ phone-in consults or virtual visits, even when backed by lab tests, are just not EQUAL substitutes for in-person examinations.

Yet, even with BC’s Covid new cases now down to only 50 a day or so across the entire province, thousands of doctors are still “dialing it in”.

I get it: remote examinations certainly are the safest way to go; they are also more convenient; and, doctors may even be able to squeeze in more “visit$” each day.

But that is NOT First Rate health care!

And Wednesday, a story on the on-going ambulance crisis made me wonder: could Covid doctor-visit restrictions/eliminations … not just ambulance shortages … also be leading to more patient deaths?

That was the day Health Minister Adrian Dix announced a major plan to address/overhaul/increase and improve BC’s ambulance services. Bravo!

In an accompanying analysis, Global’s Keith Baldrey pointed out total daily Ambulance calls were UP 20 per cent during first six months of 2021 … compared to before the “heat” crisis.

Overdose calls were UP 28% … the biggest increase; BUT heart problem calls were UP 24%; abdominal pain calls rose 14%; and, and another 11% were UP for chest pains: a total increase of 49% in ambulance calls for those three last categories ! That’s HUGE!

Not Covid. Not heat. It’s science … and the statistics don’t lie.

Clearly, people with heart/chest/abdominal problems in BC were NOT … and ARE not … getting the attention they need BEFORE health problems turn into crises, requiring an ambulance, hospitalization and critical care.

In fact, the total INCREASE in ambulance calls over the six months was 7,728. (Let me emphasize: that figure … 7,728 … is not the total, but just the INCREASE! Something is indeed awry.)

Which raises the question … or should … to Health Minister Adrian Dix or Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry: how many of those could have been avoided … or mitigated without ever needing an ambulance … if BC doctors were doing what BC doctors used to do: seeing their patients in person?

I actually wrote a Blog in Sept. 2020 warning about the danger of doctors dialing it in:

Looking at the large increases in ambulance calls and death numbers, that Blog was prescient!

How many of the 800 people who died June 25 to July 1 in BC … FOUR TIMES the normal weekly rate … could still be alive had they been seen, examined and diagnosed by their physicians in person before their health issues turned into crisis ???

It’s time for the BC government and the BC College of Physicians to get ALL BC doctors back to seeing their patients in their offices … taking Covid precautions, just like dentists, optometrists, ophthalmologists and so many others have done for months now.

And save lives.

Harv Oberfeld

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