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Time for My Spring Break!

March 13th, 2014 · 7 Comments

Sorry folks … well, actually looking forward  …. taking another retirement travel adventure trip.

So the blog will be down until the end of April.

But yes, I am sorry I won’t get to rant on here for a while, and sorry the blogosphere will lose a forum, where Comments from contributors provide such a vast array of terrific information, background and strong arguments pro and con on so many important issues…and the odd trivial one too for fun.

WE will return … in seven weeks.

Harv Oberfeld

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CKNW Continues Slide While QM Increases Lead

March 9th, 2014 · 49 Comments

British Columbia radio listeners, especially in the Lower Mainland, are continuing to abandon tiring talk in favor of musical melodies.

The latest BBM radio station ratings, from Nov. 25 to Feb 23, show CHQM (103.5 FM) scored top ratings in the Vancouver area …capturing a 13.1 share, UP from 11.3 share last Fall, and UP from its 10.7 share during the Summer.

(“Share” refers to the percentage of those listening to radio who are tuned in to  that particular station.)

Top shares or ratings, of course, command top adverting dollars so this steady rank of Number One could mean MILLIONS for CHQM.

In second place, CBU-AM,  with a 12.6 share in the latest figures … also UP from 11.1 last Fall and 9.6 last Summer.

Who’s down?

Third, and still dropping,  is CKNW: it’s Nov.-Feb. ratings share was 8.1, down from 8.8 Last Fall, which was down from 9.4 last Summer and way down from 10.5 in the Spring of 2013.

The NW numbers are particularly significant, when you consider the station was once the undisputable Top Dog year after year, capturing a 13.8 ratings share in Dec. 2009.

And according to a Bell Media analysis, it’s even worse for NW now in Breakfast Broadcasts (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.) when Philip Till and Bill Good are on the air.  In top spot at that time is The Beat 94.5 FM with a 12.6% share; followed by QM 103.5 FM at 12.4% …with NW trailing way back in TENTH place, with only a 4.3% ratings share.

If there’s ANY good news for NW, it’s that those who do listen …stay listening longer: the CBC leads that group with an average listener tuning in for  7.6 hours a week; while NW is in second at 6 hour per week.

(If you want to see more station rankings, the best sites for this data and all kinds of media coverage are and …fun reads for anyone interested in BC media coming and goings.)

Other figures posted by the BBM ratings service are also VERY interesting …and even a bit intriguing.

Looking at the “Daily Cumes” … the cumulative number of people tuning into each station each day, even for a few minutes …  QM also leads the pack … with 2,335,000 hits; followed by CFBTFM (the Beat) with 1,932,00 visits; and CKLG (Jack FM) at 1,779.000 dial-ins.

CKNW was WAY DOWN, at only 640,000 listeners tuning in at all …. 15th (that’s FIFTEENTH!!) on the Daily Cume ratings scale.

But, as I said,  some radio pros say the Daily Cumes aren’t as significant as they may look, because they measure “station stops”, even if that’s only for a few seconds.

They believe a better measure is the one I cited earlier: HOW LONG people stay listening … ie exposed to advertisements … so although a station like NW  might have fewer listeners, they stay longer,  and thus still look attractive to some advertisers.

However, I’ve never met a broadcast executive, who’s station was once Number ONE, boasting that it was now Number THREE or Number FIFTEEN!

The times are indeed changing … and quite clearly, so are British Columbians’ listening habits, when their previously favorite  stations do not.

Harv Oberfeld

(Please note: my computer will be down Monday, so any Comments won’t be posted till Tuesday and days following.  Hope that doesn’t affect MY ratings! :)

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