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Grizzly Hunt Ban a GREAT Move!

August 15th, 2017 · 37 Comments

Have to admit it … I have always hated big game trophy hunting.

I never understood what pleasure could be derived from hunting down a magnificent, totally innocent animal in the wild and killing it … just for fun.

It’s not done for food, not for survival, not to protect people, not to preserve livestock … but just to enjoy the act of bringing down big game.  Even worse, it is sometimes carried out using technology and weaponry that is so powerful with such long-range capability, the activity shouldn’t even be called a sport.

For what?  A bear skin or lion’s coat or tiger’s head or magnificent animal’s antlers to hang on a wall?   Or for paws or other animals organs to aid old men get erections?  No doubt ALL of those “trophies” are already produced synthetically … and a lot cheaper … than by murdering the animals for TOTALLY selfish  purposes.

By now, especially if you have read this blog for a while  (not long ago about despicable illegal Japanese whaling practices) , you will not be surprised when, in the interest of full disclosure, I mention have long been a supporter and donor to both the Sea Shepherd Organization AND the BC Wildlife Federation.

So I applaud the NDP government’s decision to ban grizzly bear trophy hunting as of Nov. 30.  Wish it could be sooner.

But while I understand … I am very skeptical … of a loophole that will continue … permitting hunting for “meat” purposes.

The government MUST ensure that whenever a grizzly is killed for “food” after the trophy hunting ban goes into effect, NO parts of the carcass (head, paws, gall bladder, hide) are kept or sold or traded off by those who aided or participated in any way in the killing.

Up to 300 grizzlies have been killed annually by hunters in BC in the past … leaving a current total population of 15,000.

And this being BC., there is a political side to this story as well.

This from the Desmog Canada website:

“According to B.C. government statistics, about 300 grizzlies are killed each year by trophy hunters. Eighty-seven per cent of known, human-caused grizzly bear deaths in B.C. are attributable to trophy hunters, who have killed 12,026 grizzly bears since the government began keeping records in 1975.

“Foreign hunters account for about 30 per cent of all trophy kills in B.C. in any given year and they can pay upwards of $30,000 for the proper permits and the assistance of a guide outfitter. Former premier Christy Clark supported the grizzly trophy hunt and the BC Liberals received nearly $60,000 in donations from guide outfitter associations since 2005.

“Earlier this year, Safari Club International put its name behind a $60,000 fundraising effort for the Guide Outfitters Association of BC. In a post on Facebook, the Canadian chapter for Safari Club International wrote: “NDP have vowed to end the Grizzly hunt in BC if elected. SCI chapters from CANADA and the USA banded together donating $60000.00.”

You can read Desmog’s full article here:

The new government will consult with outfitters and others affected economically by the trophy hunting ban.

It has been a brutal, disgraceful “sport”,  so I hope when the outfitters come  hunting for public sympathy and funds,  any “compensation” is limited in both amount and duration.

Harv Oberfeld

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Petronas Dead; Kinder Morgan Targetted; Site C Menaced: WHERE Are The JOBS???

August 11th, 2017 · 87 Comments

The NDP/Greens are off to a GREAT start!   For their radical base.

Since the minority coalition took power: Petronas pulled out of a $36 Billion LNG project; the government has vowed to fight Kinder Morgan’s $7.4 Billion oil pipeline expansion from Alberta to Burrard Inlet; and BC Hydro’s $9 Billion Site C is also facing possible termination.

The NDP/Greens’ activists and supporters have much to celebrate.

But what about the THOUSANDS of workers who are already employed and/or depending on the many aspects of these projects to support themselves and their families  (housing, food, clothing, disposable spending etc. … all of it through all those jobs on project design, engineering, equipment and services supply, transportation, site preparation and thousands of  construction jobs)?

Those workers NOW employed would no doubt like to know NOW what the government’s is doing NOW to create the jobs they need NOW if Kinder Morgan and Site C are delayed and/or killed .  How do THEY pay their rent/mortgage, take care of their families?

The NDP’s catering to its no-no-no faction is doing absolutely nothing for  … and in fact, will actually hurt …. working British Columbians outside the urban areas … you know, the people in the heartland and the north who depend on resource jobs, major development projects  to not only prosper but survive.

Very strange for a party that USED TO put the fight for blue collar construction and trades workers’ JOBS as their greatest focus   …. not cater primarily to urban armchair socialists, public workers, teachers,  environmental activists and catering to the no-no-no movement.

An article about the Kinder Morgan project in The Globe and Mail reported:  “The Conference Board of Canada has said the project is expected to generate $46.7-billion in government revenues and the equivalent of 40,000 jobs each year for 20 years.”

What NOW?

In Victoria,  a Times Colonist Site C employment update showed   “2,124 workers on the project in January, with 1,719 (81 per cent) identified as being from B.C. There were 677 workers identified as being from the Peace River region. There were 198 aboriginal people working on site and 257 women.”

BC Hydro projected  “Construction of Site C will create approximately 10,000 person-years of direct employment during construction, and approximately 33,000 total person-years of employment through all stages of development and construction.”

What NOW?

Saying the government is going to review or study or plan or consult or call for proposals on all kinds of alternative projects or infrastructure works way down the road will provide LOTS of work for politicians, their staffs, consultants  etc. etc. but it  does absolutely NOTHING for those already working or who need/were counting on jobs NOW …. this summer or fall and next winter.

What are all the workers HIT by the NDP/Greens decisions/actions supposed to do NOW?

Move to Alberta … again?

Harv Oberfeld

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