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Blog Taking One Week Break

December 9th, 2018 · No Comments

All is well … just too busy to blog/monitor this week. After all .. I’m retired.  🙂

Back Monday Dec 17.


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It’s Time to Take On the Simmering Anti-Semitism of the LEFT

December 3rd, 2018 · 24 Comments

Let’s face it: despite the huge growth in global economic development over the past 50 years ; the amazing expansion of our technological knowledge and abilities; and, the phenomenal advances in political and social development in so many nations … far too many of the peoples of the world continue to suffer and struggle just to survive.

The latest Save the Children figures estimate that 85,000 children in Yemen have already starved to death during the conflict that has embroiled that country since 2015 and as many as 14 million more Yemenis are on the brink of starvation.

That does not count the estimated 50,000 who have been killed in the fighting, the savage bombings and the rampant diseases that have also ravaged the country.

In Syria … a country where there now seems to be more rubble than buildings still standing … the death toll numbers almost 500,000.  And just imagine the additional numbers of those injured or the total figures of families impacted by the war.

In Rwanda, almost 1 million Tutsis were slaughtered by the Hutus in only 100 days of genocide; as many as 250,000 women were raped.

The world is still too far a cruel, tortuous place for too many innocent victims … and I haven’t even mentioned in this piece the systematic trampling of civil/human rights of millions of people daily by brutal regimes like Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, North Korea, Eritrea, Venezuela … well, you get the sad, sad picture.

But the abused and tortured in those places can take heart: Canada’s Left-leaning activists and social consciences are taking action:

The Canadian Federation of  Students, purporting to speak for 550,000 students across the country, voted recently to support a BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against … Israel.

UNIFOR, Canada’s largest private-sector union with more than 300,000 dues-paying members, has also passed a Resolution calling for a BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against … Israel.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers  … 50,000 strong … has not only voted in favour of a BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against … Israel, it has also been accused of aligning itself with a Palestinian organization that has voiced support for terrorist actions and total elimination of the Jewish state.

And don’t forget the disgrace of the federal Green Party when it adopted a totally on-sided biased anti-Israel motion … reversing it only when many Canadians expressed disgust at their radicalism … and the leader threatened to quit.

But take the Harvey Challenge: talk to Green supporters … and  NDPers too … and I’ll bet you still won’t it too difficult to ferret out from many, now in whispered tones,  a nasty, one-sided pro-Palestinian anti-Israel bias. That, despite both Hamas’ and Fatah’s disgraceful and dismal human rights records on treatment of political opponents  (NO proportional representation there!), no free press, their dismal failures on women’s rights and their fatal attitudes/policies towards the LGBTQ community … some of whom have received asylum in Israel!.

It’s a key question those of us with a sense of fairness MUST start asking: Where are the BDS motions, resolutions, actions against Syria, Rwanda, Yemen  …. or even better, against those doing the bombings, who have deliberately used poison gas and/or supplied the billions of dollars worth of bullets, bombs, rockets and other armaments … Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, France, China, the US???

Why JUST such vitriol and calls for BDS directed ONLY against the Jewish state? It’s racism … anti-Semitism … poorly disguised as activism.

Now, Lord knows, there are things that the State of Israel has done that are worthy of criticism … ask any Israeli living in that DEMOCRATIC state. So criticism is NOT the problem: but the isolation and selection process now pervading the far LEFT, that zeroes in primarily and even solely, over and over again, on the Jewish state for censure through a highly organized campaign, should be of concern to ALL Canadians.

So someone who supports BDS against ONLY Israel … please tell me: Where are the motions, where are the resolutions, where are the BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, SANCTION calls from those social/political activists on the Left against those MUCH WORSE human and civil rights violators, murderers, war mongers, brutal dictatorships, bombers, torturers … all outlined above???

What Israel is now facing from the anti-Semites on the radical Left, in my opinion,  is no different than what kids who were black, Chinese, East Indian, Muslim or Indigenous faced from bigoted educators in Canadian schools 30 years ago: singled out, picked on ostensibly for their supposed shortcomings … some real, but most exaggerated or even imagined …  simply racist reasons, while white Christian kids carrying on much worse were repeatedly ignored or given a free pass.

It was shameful then … and the thinly-disguised anti-Semitism of the Left is shameful now.

It’s time to DENOUNCE the singling out of the Jewish state, over and over, by the radical Left , while virtually ignoring the much worse perpetrators of horror in the world … still going on daily.

True, it’s taken on a new form, a new disguise, a more sophisticated intellectual “cover” … but it is still the same pernicious singling out of  the Jewish people for special criticism, special discrimination,, and special abuse … while others, who do much worse, get that free pass.

At least the anti-Semites on the RIGHT spew their prejudice right out: easy to identify as they shout “the Jews will not replace us” and peddle other openly racist crud. So they are easy to dismiss for their bigotry.

The NEW Anti-Semites on the LEFT insist … No, no, no …it’s just Israel, the state, they are condemning.

Tell that to Jewish students on Canadian university campuses who wear skullcaps and find themselves facing increasing incidents of verbal abuse; explain why … in the so-called places of intellectual discussion and dialogue … pro-Palestinian demonstrations and speakers are welcomed, but pro-Israel rallies and speakers are harassed and even met with violence.

In Canada!

In 2017, there were 1,752 anti-Jewish incidents … including harassment, vandalism and/or violence … recorded in Canada … a record high since the League for Human Rights began collating those figures… and UP 63% over 2016. See the report here:

In Canada!

I blame the one-sided, bigoted activists on the Left for contributing to and encouraging the growth of anti-Jewish agitation in our country.  Canadians must start questioning and challenging  their one-sided agenda.

And one day, I believe even the role of Canada’s left wing CBC The National in promoting anti-Semitism through its terribly one-sided propagandistic pro-Palestinian biased coverage of the Mid East conflict will also come under scrutiny.

We should NOT stay silent … and I will not… as the Jewish state alone is singled out for “special treatment”.

This is a good time for the “intellectuals” of Canada’s LEFT to read the story of Maccabees who earlier anti-Jewish “activists” tried to destroy:

And to my Jewish readers … I wish a Happy Hanukkah!

Harv Oberfeld

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