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CBC Tanks; CTV Triumphs on Election Coverage

November 21st, 2014 · 22 Comments

The final numbers from the civic elections are in … and, no, I’m talking about the mail-in ballots.

This is about the IMPORTANT numbers … if you’re in the media, a media junkie …or an advertising buyer: election night TV ratings.

CBC had a HUGE advantage, going to its election coverage Saturday right out of Hockey Night in Canada …so in the opening moments the local Vancouver CBC outlet led all other stations … and then tanked, reportedly ending up third out of the three local network stations.

And that’s REALLY bad when you consider that Global TV didn’t even bother offering full election coverage on its CHAN flagship, but relegated it to its sidebar cousin BC1 , which isn’t even offered to Telus or Bell cable subscribers. (By the way, why is that? Corporate censorship? Or just a competitive snit?)

The winner: CTV … drawing 133,000 viewers…  peaking at 183,800 at one point.  And even I’m impressed with that …considering it was, after all, civic election results and on  a Saturday night to boot.

What the numbers also showed is how Global continues to pay a price …lower ratings … for its dismissal of local election coverage.

Not only did they relegate their comprehensive coverage to BC1, they didn’t even bring in Chris Gailus to anchor the results, analysis. Surprising for a station that advertises itself so widely as “BC’s News” station.

I guess not … if it involves weekend overtime for its prime-time anchor or interferes with Saturday night American programming.

Or was this just a stage rehearsal for some Shaw Global plan to eventually relegate all or most of its news coverage to BC1, so it can cash in by putting MORE dramas, reality shows and American programming on CHAN.

And the worst part of it all…the CRTC is complicit in allowing … even in my view encouraging …the billionaire media corporations to slash and kill off local news coverage.

But here are the BBM results for the “Special” election night programs, in the all-important 25-54 years old demographic:

CTV’s Election 2014 …  a 3.1 rating; Global’s BC1 News Special … 1.3 rating; and, CBC’s Election Special … a 0.7 rating.

And the unkindest wound?

It was CTV that was up on the big screens and most widely watched at various civic party election headquarters.

Lucky I’m retired.

If I was still working for Global …I would have been devastated by that and any decision to NOT carry an election special on our major station.

But the saddest part: I’m not sure that anyone cares anymore.

Harv Oberfeld




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Vancouver Vote Results Not Good Enough

November 16th, 2014 · 58 Comments

Needless to say, I wasn’t overjoyed with most of the Vancouver election results!

And that’s not just because Vision was returned with a majority on Council.  The people have spoken and their decision must be respected. And those who wanted change can HOPE Vision had a big enough scare that they will better heed neighbourhood sentiments, stop being so fascistic in making decisions and so cozy with big buck developers and start opening up the City Hall books and files for the public to see.

But MY lingering  dissatisfaction is with something so many others have been very pleased with …the voter turnout.

Only 44% of those eligible to vote in Vancouver actually did so …despite the several advance polls, mail in ballot availability and polls open all day.

Sure that was better than the 2011 turnout, when 35% of those eligible to vote bothered to do so … and, yes, the 187,00 who did cast ballots this election did their civic and democratic duty.

However, more than half of those eligible to vote could not be bothered to do so … and that’s shameful.

In fact, despite the importance of the major expensive issues facing the city, city officials and the parties still could not achieve the 52%  participation rate of 1990 … and even was nothing to boast about.

Our elected leaders, our community groups, our educators and even employers and business leaders should make getting the voter turnout up to 65% (at least) a MAJOR objective.

Unless they’re all afraid of that?

Harv Oberfeld

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