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US Election’s Message for BC Parties

December 1st, 2016 · 8 Comments

The WORKING people are mad as hell …. and aren’t willing to take it anymore!  And woe to any BC politician or any party that does not realize this sentiment is now sweeping not only the US, the UK, Europe … but Canada and BC as well.

The people who do the work and pay the taxes are fed up with working harder for longer hours and ending up with LESS.

For more than a decade now, in virtually every Western economy, there have been study after study showing in GREAT detail how the rich ARE getting richer and even the poor … on financial assistance or receiving tax relief, housing subsidies, social programs, free medical, personal counseling and even refugee assistance have been getting attention and more relief …not enough, but at least some.

While those in the middle …. the working people who are barely getting by, but don’t qualify for any of the assistance outlined above … feel THEY have NOT been rewarded, but instead have been squeezed by every government and agency and every service for every drop that can be wrung out of them.

And what do they hear from so many of the politicians and parties?

Promises to do more for everyone …. except them!

Pledges to help businesses, proposals to subsidize industries, tax breaks for those with bucks to invest … and LOTS of promises to spend more, more, more on the poor, handicapped, seniors, First Nations, refugees, etc. etc.

ALL to be paid for by the middle class … working people just struggling to get by, with few raises anymore and even fewer opportunities or the means to take advantage of tax breaks, incentives, program spending enjoyed by these others.

And now, they ARE mad as hell … and not willing to GIVE anymore!

That’s not only what happened in the US election, but has taken place in or is taking place in other Western countries.

In fact, I sounded the alarm about this in July:

None of this is to suggest that the middle class is not compassionate or caring.

After all, in the last Canadian federal election, the Tories’ attempts to foster fear and division were roundly rejected.  And the Liberals’ pledge to bring in 30,000 refugees was embraced by the voters.

BUT what really scored with working voters … the vast middle class, from coast to coast …..was the Liberal pledge to CREATE GOOD JOBS for the middle class … even if it means going into a deficit and growing the public debt.

In other words… generate DOLLARS and OPPORTUNITIES for those who work!  The middle class!!!!!

They feel it’s THEY who now need a break …. and in the US, Donald Trump played on that sentiment, catered to that craving and responded with a commitment to act on their behalf.

And that is exactly what will govern the next provincial election in BC.

BC’s parties, leaders and any politicians who hope to score votes with the middle class majority of voters in May provincial would do well to heed the loud and clear message(s) recently from middle class and working taxpayers.

That IS the mood out there.

It may be sad…but true: ANY party that emphasizes doing MORE for the poor, the under-privileged, the environment, First Nations, global warming etc OVER the bread and butter issues of job creation, tax relief for the working middle class will LOSE in May.

The working people will be watching and listening …. and asking a KEY question with every promise/pledge they hear: will it help ME directly … or others?

The answer to that question will determine how most middle class voters will cast their ballots … and determine which party takes power.

Harv Oberfeld

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Blog Takes Travel Break to Dec. 5

October 13th, 2016 · 22 Comments

It’s that time again to enjoy more retirement travels … and hopefully, some warm, sunny weather.  So the blog will shut down on  Monday, Oct 16 until Monday, Dec. 5.

While Comments will be closed … you can still use the Search function below to review some old posting on the many, many topics we’ve discussed, and see how accurate we all were!

Happy to tell you, meanwhile that what we write on here IS getting a lot of attention …much more than I anticipated when I began it as a retirement hobby to rant about things that stir my interest and/or emotions.

We’ve now run up 866 blog postings … and more than 21,400 Comments posted: many responded to and widely discussed.

Keeping it Real has averaged this year well over 50,000 … and up to 67,000 … visits a month!  And those following what we say include elected, appointed political and government officials, media colleagues and management, union reps and business/corporate reps , LOTS of strategists, P.R. types and analysts … and, most importantly, many, many voters.  And we also now have readers in the U.S. and overseas.

Not bad for a “part-time” hobby!

Back at it in December.

Harv Oberfeld

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