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Blog Takes Travel Break to Dec. 5

October 13th, 2016 · 22 Comments

It’s that time again to enjoy more retirement travels … and hopefully, some warm, sunny weather.  So the blog will shut down on  Monday, Oct 16 until Monday, Dec. 5.

While Comments will be closed … you can still use the Search function below to review some old posting on the many, many topics we’ve discussed, and see how accurate we all were!

Happy to tell you, meanwhile that what we write on here IS getting a lot of attention …much more than I anticipated when I began it as a retirement hobby to rant about things that stir my interest and/or emotions.

We’ve now run up 866 blog postings … and more than 21,400 Comments posted: many responded to and widely discussed.

Keeping it Real has averaged this year well over 50,000 … and up to 67,000 … visits a month!  And those following what we say include elected, appointed political and government officials, media colleagues and management, union reps and business/corporate reps , LOTS of strategists, P.R. types and analysts … and, most importantly, many, many voters.  And we also now have readers in the U.S. and overseas.

Not bad for a “part-time” hobby!

Back at it in December.

Harv Oberfeld

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Donald Trump Cheapens and Disgraces US Presidency

October 8th, 2016 · 84 Comments

Donald Trump LOVES to talk about money: HIS money; HIS wealth: HIS projects; and,  HIS successes.

How ironic that someone who is so consumed by expensive symbols has cheapened the US Presidency … down to deep discount status.

He is no doubt richer than most of us in material terms … but oh, so poor in personal character, cleanliness of  spirit  and  any measure of class as an individual.

I have deliberately not written about the US election until now, because I knew there were widely held  widely disparate negative views of both Trump and Hillary Clinton …. based on differing ideology,  policies, views of personal integrity, strengths and weaknesses.

But the latest revelations about the REAL Donald Trump go well beyond even his own long-established very low standard of crudity.

Bragging about sexually assaulting women, almost as a matter of course!

This now goes well beyond political persuasions, ideology , platform or policies …so I feel compelled to speak out.

Trump is crap!

He cheapens and disgraces the US Presidency …. not only as Americas watch, but the rest of us around the world also take it all in.

The Republican party should drop him … but won’t: they’ve already sold their souls to this devil.

Trump will NOT drop out of the race to become US President: he is so incorrigibly egomaniacal, this is out of the question.

And the REAL disgrace is that there are some … millions in fact … who still see him as suitable to be elected.

These people too are cheapening the US Presidency …  and themselves. After all, we’re NOT talking about a TV reality show here: we’re looking at the next LEADER of the free world; and, the LEADER of the world’s largest economy.

Amazing … and disgraceful…that so many still would vote for this man.

Clinton is no great deal either, for sure.  Lots of negatives … sleazy, deceitful, liar … among them.  But she is not so crude, so rude, so low class, so bigoted, and so irrational that it’s not unacceptable to question her very sanity … and many do now with Trump.

I believe Trump would at best, disgrace America before the world …and at worst, endanger the entire world.

Canadians and others have a stake in what happens south of our border.

We should give thanks this Thanksgiving that WE are Canadians … and pray that our American neighbours set aside partisan politics to wake up to the REAL disgrace ….and dangers …. that Trump represents for the US …and for all of us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Harv Oberfeld

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