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Terror Shootings Impact Political Landscape

October 27th, 2014 · 6 Comments

From some where in the Mediterranean….

Not even here …literally in the middle of the sea …can we escape the huge significance of the tragic shootings back home …important enough to address in a discussion NOW ..weeks before I get on land.

Make no mistake about it …despite the “come together” sentiments felt and expressed by so many across the country …including our politicians …there are realities that are carefully being assessed behind the scenes by the federal strategists, elected officials and  party brass …all with a view towards tyhe next federal election.

The recent terrorist actions in Quebec and Ottawa …and they WERE terrorist actions, violent and ideologically motivated  despite the attempts by some (the usuals) to downplay the reality … the events WILL affect the political landscape in Canada.

Canadians watched …even here at sea, thanks to extensive coverage by BBC World News …how our political leaders handled the  crisis, the issue and the magnitude of the implications for our nation. In fact, I was even able to watch the ENTIRE speeches given in the Houise of Commons by both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair…plus EXTENSIVE news/print coverage of all the remarks outside Parliament by them and also Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

It is clear to me that the two main winners …yes, even in tragedy, there can be political winners … are Harper and Mulcair: BOTH came off strong, credible and capable off assuring Canadians that we will be okay, that things are under control and that Canada will  not only emerge safe and sound …but in reality, already IS.

Even I felt better …more confident, less vulnerable, listeining and reading the words if Harper and Mulcair.

Not Trudeau.

The Liberal leader is clearly NOT READY for prime time … certainly NOT as prime minister.

And these most recent events …along with his almost total absent in the recent Commons debates over Canada’s participation in the war against ISIS … show ONCE AGAIN that Trudeau lacks substance, credibility and … one of recent favorites … gravitas!

And  we’re not talking about reading the news …but actually making it, leading it and protecting US and our nation.

Trudeau has been a NO SHOW when it comes to the BIGGEST security and dangerous issues facing our country … and surely, that’s exactly WHEN AND WHERE a leader MUST shine and impress.

Harper, yes; Mulcair, yes; Trudeau, a boy playing in an adult competition.

It will be interesting, of course, how all this is reflected in the polls … where smiles, flashy looks and charm (?) have helped the Liberal leader, especially among the younger crowd.

But remember, many of those who respond in polls, don’t actually trek to the voting booths, and I suspect that among those who do …Harper and Mulcair have impressed the respective politically-interested and won more support by recent events than Trudeau.

And recent events convince me more than ever we will not have to wait until the Fall of next year to make that choice!

Harv  Oberfeld

(Please note: Anyone who has ever taken a cruise knows how EXPENSIVE and SLOW satellite internet access is … so I will NOT be monitoring comments more than once or twice a day…and limiting my responses severely…so patience in this important but highly important debate will be appreciated.)










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Blog Takes Travel Break!

October 14th, 2014 · 13 Comments

I told you I’m retired!  Really!  Just to prove it, I’m going travelling again … this time for more than a month.  :)

The blog will be down until mid-November.

But some good news too: all of us who read, write and talk about this blog are drawing a lot of attention … MUCH more than I ever dreamed of when I began this hobby.  In September alone, we had more than 87,000 visits … 763,000 hits (items looked at) … and as I’ve said, there are NOW many, many people “of influence” monitoring our discussions.

The blogosphere rocks!

Meanwhile, especially for those who are new in following this blog, while I’m away exploring and relaxing, you might want to check out some of our previous  HOT topics … just by going to the Search box to the right and typing in your favorite … such as  Harper, Clark, Mulcair, Trudeau etc. …or my favorites: Media or Global or CTV or CKNW.


Harv Oberfeld

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