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Blog Takes Travel Break Till Early June

April 19th, 2015 · 5 Comments

This is a big one … told you I’m retired!

Taking a break from blogging to do some more travel.

Will be back blogging in early June … but will try to occasionally log in and post any comments added on recent discussed topics…. especially responses anyone gets from their MLAs on  Bill 20!

Enjoy Spring!

Harv Oberfeld

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Even FEWER People Will Vote With Disclosure

April 17th, 2015 · 38 Comments

Just what those who DO vote need!  Harrassment by BC’s SEVENTEEN registered political parties for doing so!

Only a band of self-centred politicians, totally disrespectful of the people who elected them, could come up with proposed legislation, Bill 20 the Election Amendment Act,  now before the BC House … having Elections BC hand over to political parties lists of everyone who voted in the last provincial election.

The information would be available to all registered parties after each election.

How, even in the remotest way, could that be of BENEFIT to the voter?

It would not.  The only ones to benefit from such a breach of privacy would be political party strategists, campaigners and fund-raisers.

I can assure readers NOT ONE of the parties will be sending you free lottery rickets, discounts or gift certificates to your favorite stores or copies of this blog.

What you would get …. from up to 17 parties …  would be PILES of requests for money, appeals to sign all kinds of petitions (along with MORE requests for money) and pamphlets/profiles and propaganda ad nauseum (of course, with more appeals for money).

Even if you don’t want it!

Of course, you can already get this stuff by just asking for it: every party would be happy to put you on their mailing list, especially if you donate to their worthy pursuit of democratic power.

But NEVER should Elections BC be ordered to turn over the name of EVERY person who voted.

This would be such a blatant breach of pricacy rights you would think EVERY politician ….you know, the ones who told you they wanted to get to Victoria to serve YOUR interests …. would oppose this proposed legislation.

Except, the big shots at ALL three of the parties in the House, want the information … and have been asking for it for some time.

So who do you think YOUR MLA is there to really serve?  You … or his/her party?

The release of the information won’t tell them how you voted (yet) but just the fact that you did vote will make you a target.

The ONLY way to prevent the harassment,  appeals and propaganda that would be pushed on you in the mail and by phone over and over, especially as an election nears, would be NOT to vote.

Just what our failing democracy needs … encouragement from our politicians to stay away,  in even greater numbers.

Harv Oberfeld

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