Time to End Surgery/Cancer Hospital Delays for Vaccinated British Columbians

Enough is enough. The Covid vaccine-refusers are getting sick and being hospitalized at such high rates, they are now causing delays, pain, suffering and costing the lives of totally innocent vaccinated British Columbians needing cancer, heart surgery or other critical treatments.

Hospital critical care beds/facilities/services in BC are overloaded.


Because the number of unvaccinated Covid-infected victims are now so high, they are placing what could easily have been an avoidable burden on our hospital system: dozens of other patients have had to be airlifted to hospitals miles away from their families … and hundreds are being DELAYED and DENIED badly needed treatments.

This is just not fair!

How many British Columbians are suffering great pain as they await delayed, and delayed again, hip or back surgeries? How many needing heart surgery have died waiting for a hospital bed? How many have lost their lives to cancer because they could not get a hospital bed for the surgery they needed?

Because anti-vaxxers who could have protected themselves … and their fellow citizens … refused to do so.

It’s not only incredibly dumb: it’s very selfish too.

And the anti-vaxxers should not have that power over others.

Time for Premier John Horgan, Health Minister Adrian Dix and BC Health administrators to restore FULL, NORMAL hospital and health care access/services … including surgeries, ICU priority, cancer treatments … to vaccinated people.

And not allow those who had no medically justifiable reason not to be vaccinated, but refused to do so, tie up critical beds, treatment facilities.

At the cost of others’ lives.

It’s THEY who should have to wait, face delays, or be airlifted elsewhere … not the citizens who have done everything right; followed Dr Henry’s Health Orders; self-distanced; bought and wore masks; signed up and lined up … not one but twice … for Covid vaccine shots.

Accommodating the non-maskers, non distancers and non-vaxxers, in the beginning of the pandemic, did not place an inordinate or inexcusable excessive drain on our acute, emergency and critical care Health services system.

We were ALL in this together … as Covid crippled and killed thousands, then hundreds of thousands and now millions across the world.

But then, almost miraculously, science … which has given the world Polio, Measles, Tuberculosis, SARS, Rubella vaccines … came up with the life-saving, well proven and tested Covid vaccines.

Millions of lives worldwide have been saved already; hundreds of millions of peoples have avoided the terrible pain and suffering Covid can inflict; and billions of others are seeking, yearning and appealing for the life-saving vaccines.

Except those BC’s Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth calls “Covidiots”.

Now, as I’ve written before, I respect and support anyone’s RIGHT to REFUSE the vaccine.

But they DO NOT have the RIGHT to make the rest of us sick or kill us by spreading the disease in restaurants, bars, theatres etc. … or because of their stupidity, DENY us or our loved ones major medical care, when it’s needed.

Statistics gathered in EVERY Health Region clearly prove it’s the non-vaccinated who are now overwhelmingly getting sick from Covid … some VERY sick … and often dying terrible, painful, lonely deaths in hospitals.

Too bad, so sad.

However, I shed not a single tear for those who were offered, were urged, were almost begged to protect themselves by getting vaccinated … but refused.

I weep for those who did get vaccinated, are suffering from very painful, highly debilitating life-critical injuries, diseases, cancers or other conditions but are being denied care/treatment because those who would NOT get vaccinated have now taken over so many hospital beds and are overwhelming medical facilities, doctors and staff.

And No, this is NOT the same situation as so many do-gooder pontificators and cliche-spouting media would have us believe: if we deny priority to anti-vaxxers, why not restrict access as well to people who drink, use drugs, or are obese etc.?

Actually, people with these health problems ARE regularly restricted from some treatments/transplants available to others because of the debilitations their conditions present.

Also, if there was a VACCINE that solved/cured ANY of those illnesses, I would agree: don’t let any of them who REFUSED the vaccine cure take priority over others in pain, needing hip surgery or potentially life-saving cancer operations etc.

But the anti-vaxxers are now hurting not only themselves, which is their right, but others as well, which is not!

A recent CTV story outlined how surging hospitalizations of unvaxxed Covid patients has forced delays of hundreds of BC surgeries. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/covid-19-update-b-c-hospitalizations-still-surging-as-hundreds-of-surgeries-delayed-1.5594079

There was also this in The Vancouver Sun: https://vancouversun.com/news/surgeries-being-postponed-delayed-and-adjusted-across-b-c-as-covid-19-pressures-mount.

Health care and hospital facilities have limits, even at the best of times.

Anyone can get Covid, but when 80% or more of those who require hospitalization are UNVACCINATED (for no valid medical reason), let’s keep it real: they are people who have clearly, and many would say, deliberately, exposed themselves AND OTHERS to a deadly virus.

So, when Hospital critical care wards are almost full, it’s those who followed all the rules, are in pain, suffering or facing life-threatening illnesses who should get priority for precious hospital resources … not those who thumbed their noses at masks, deliberately failed to self-distance and refused Covid vaccines.

Harv Oberfeld

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New York City Puts Vancouver to Shame!

What a pleasure! How enjoyable!

I’m not just referring to the fun of travelling again … my first trip away from BC since March 2020 … but what it was like to spend time again in New York City … including Times Square.

The Square, and the area around it, has changed.

I have visited New York many times over the past 60 years … and remember the old days, when sleazy Adult stores/theatres, the “Last Days of Sale!” ripoff retail outlets, the bums, the crazies the thieves, and dirty streets and sidewalks made the Times Square area somewhat foreboding.

And then there were the street preachers (my favorite was Rosie!) who, protected by the First Amendment and their displaying the American flag, harangued the passing crowds about the trials and tribulations awaiting us in Hell if we did not immediately repent.

That’s changed … a people-friendly place now: with a large open plaza area, dozens of tables and chairs, even a set of bleachers … perfect for enjoying a snack, a picnic lunch, people watching … and, when I visited, some pretty good gymnastic street performers put on their own Broadway show.

There are even bike lanes, cars and huge numbers of pedestrians peacefully co-existing side by side.

All of it protected by the visible presence of New York police and Times Square Security officers … and a clean-up crew, who keep the area from 42nd Street to 47th Street spic and span.

What a wonderful place Times Square is now: close to my hotel, it became a great outdoor venue to relax, have a coffee/snack and enjoy the sights/sounds of New York.

And exposing how putrid Vancouver’s downtown Granville Street has become … the rot here now spreading like a cancer up Davie and Robson Streets too!

What a contrast!

Vancouver’s core is like a giant pot filled with human beings, most of them oblivious to the truth that they, their neighbourhoods and their businesses, are slowly being poached to death by chefs at City Hall who have increasingly turned up the heat over time, killing them off.

If the media ever showed a comprehensive map outlining all the homeless housing, druggie assistance centers, social agencies for troubled youth, mental health services sites the City, aided and abetted by the NDP provincial government, have DELIBERATELY piled into and around Granville Street … right up to Burrard, the “people” would be appalled!!

Civic ‘governance” in Vancouver has become all about serving and servicing the down-and-outers … and to hell with the working middle class, the taxpayers, tourists and the businesses who pay for it all.

Vancouver’s downtown core has become a disgrace … often unsafe now during the day as well as at night.

Since I moved to Vancouver 50 years ago, I have come to know many, many people who live and/or work in the West End, Yaletown, Kitsilano, Fairview Slopes, Strathcona, Chinatown.

NOT ONE of them EVER shops or dines downtown anymore.

It’s too filthy, littered with discarded needles, drugged up addicts, aggressive panhandlers, and just plain crazies … crowded into an area that has become just an extension of Hastings/Main.

I sounded the alarm about this in 2016: http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/granville-street-turning-into-another-downtown-eastside/.

Since then, it has gotten WORSE!

Today, Davie Street and Robson are also in decline, with smashed/boarded up windows becoming quite common, aggressive panhandlers and violent shoplifters intimidating the local businesses and neighbourhood residents. Many seniors are already afraid to go out, stroll and shop the commercial avenues … let alone stop to relax on a bench!

The decline is so widespread now, it will take a lot more than increased police patrols to save the area.

Yet, most of the media have remained oblivious (waiting for a press release?) or have failed to maintain sustained coverage that the destruction of Vancouver’s downtown deserves and is now so visible.

And it’s rare to see any reporters putting the tough questions about the mess to the radical lefties now in charge at City Hall whose policies and actions created and have encouraged the decline.

How sad that the politicians, planners and bureaucrats … have been able to get away with that … happily FUNDED by the NDP government in Victoria.

And by the way, it’s not that New York City has just left its homeless out in the cold.

Under its own moderate left-leaning “progressive” Mayor Bill De Blasio, homelessness assistance and spending has more than doubled, from $1.2 Billion U.S. in 2014 to $3.5 Billion U.S. in 2020.

None of this is to suggest social problems increasingly burdening our society should not be dealt with … or doing even more.

But unlike Vancouver, civic leaders in New York City haven’t been so stupid or ideologically blinded to the point of buying up hotels right in the heart of the downtown, moving hundreds of homeless into them and opening up a plethora of drug, mental and social service agencies right there to cater to them.

And Vancouver’s “leaders” wonder why it has become uncomfortable at best, even dangerous far too often, to park, visit, shop, dine on Granville … or anywhere near it?

Vancouver’s downtown has been destroyed by the incompetence and negligence of City Hall.

New York City puts Vancouver to SHAME.

What an enjoyable place their downtown has become to visit!

And how about this: I was not only able to enjoy coffee and a snack at a table in Times Square, taking in the neon signs, the liveliness, the passing parade … I was even able to sit there and enjoy smoking my pipe!

Without any anti-smoking fascists hosing me down.

So nice, relaxing in Times Square became a regular part of my morning, evening coffee/snack routine each day of my visit.

I luv New York!

Harv Oberfeld

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