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Blog Takes a Mini Break …till April 7

March 23rd, 2015 · 9 Comments

Time to take a mini break.  The blog will be down for a couple of weeks, returning Wednesday, April 7.

Comments will continue to be posted until Wednesday, March 25 … then the site will close down to posts/discussion/monitoring:  anything submitted after March 25  until blog re-opens April 7 will not be able to make it onto the site.

Good time to review previous topics, though, using the Search box, and see how accurate or inaccurate we all were!

Back April 7.

Harv Oberfeld

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TransLink What’s ANOTHER $200 Million!

March 20th, 2015 · 65 Comments

What is another  $200 Million when it comes to Metro Vancouver TransLink transportation plan?

Just the BEGINNING of the cost increases and overruns we will see added over time to the originally projected $7.5 Billion budget.

News reports say updated data from TransLink has already added another $200 million to the costs, just as Lower Mainland residents … ie taxpayers…  begin voting in an UNBINDING plebiscite on whether to add another 0.5% to their sales tax to pay for transit/transportation upgrades.

We all know how this works.

Before they’re done (in more ways than one) TransLink officials will …no doubt in my mind …be coming back to the taxpayers with all kinds of explanations for MORE millions, maybe even a billion.

There WILL be added costs for: originally projected costs were in 2015 dollars, not sufficiently taking into account actual inflation; changes were made in the plans …of course,  to make it all even better …and costlier; financing costs rose; underground exaction was tougher than expected…they found really  large rocks; they found water (and, if we’re lucky OIL!) and, they underestimated the above-ground costs … moving power lines, street lights,  trash bins and cigarette butts from the road.

We DO need transit/transportation improvements … BUT as I have written before NOT until TransLink PROVES it can operate competently, efficiently and as a WISE manager of public trust and money.
That’s why I am voting NO in the plebiscite.

Harv Oberfeld

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