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Trudeau’s Truth May Cost Him … But I Like It!

August 27th, 2015 · 45 Comments

Kim Campbell paid dearly for being truthful.  I doubt she would have won the 1993 election anyway, but the pundits … and the voters …. all did her in when she dared to tell the truth: openly declaring election campaigns are not the time/place for serious discussions of the issues.

It’s true!

Canadians prefer to hear from Santa Claus during election campaigns: all kinds of hugely expensive spending promises; all kinds of new social programs; restoration of any and all cuts by the previous government; and yet, all kinds of tax cuts … without ANY deficits, fee increases etc. etc.!

And we don’t even have to leave any cookies or milk out!

So far, for the most part, in this election you should almost expect to see not only Santa Claus on the ballot, but Houdini too  … at least instead of Harper or Mulcair.  BOTH have promised balanced budgets. Despite current economic data, in the case of the Tories, or billions in spending promises, in the case of the NDP.

Presto, change-o, of course, as soon as the new government is sworn in!

Blame the books being worse than they ever knew; blame worsening world economic conditions; blame Rudolph or the reindeer… no doubt there would be DELAYS in program introductions/improvements or tax/fee INCREASES … likely both.

No?   Name ONE government in Canada, federally or provincially, that has NOT done at least some of that!  Miraculously making progress just before their NEXT election, but not before they HIT us just after the one which elected them and their promises.

This time, though, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has been different … trying truth as an election ploy.

Thursday, he said a Liberal government will double spending across the country on major infrastructure projects … spending $125 Billion to stimulate the economy and create thousands of jobs.

To do that, a Liberal government would increase the annual deficit by up to $10 Billion in each of the next three years. Trudeau said the budget would be balanced in 2019.

That, he said, is the truth.

Can Canadians handle that?

Mulcair immediately condemned the Liberal leader’s plan: insisting an NDP government will run BALANCED BUDGETS despite all its promises so far and no doubt more to come. However, he has NOT revealed ALL the program cuts, tax increases that would HAVE to be introduced by an NDP government to accomplish that.

It’s time for him to tell us!

Harper also mocked Trudeau’s announcement and warned a Liberal government would run deficits all the time.  Harper, meanwhile, won’t even concede Canada is currently in a recession, despite all the statistics over the past six months that indicate negative growth …and petroleum-based resource prices continuing to fall. And he seems to forget that he himself has run seven deficits since the  2009 economic downturn.

It will be interesting to see how ordinary voters … not the partisan sheep so often contributing comments on here … react to Trudeau’s announcement … and honesty.

Or will they still cling to the belief … and hope …that Santa Claus still exists.

The polls next week will be REALLY interesting!

Harv Oberfeld

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May/Greens Push Mulcair to Come CLEAN on Kinder Morgan

August 24th, 2015 · 62 Comments

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is “right on” in pushing NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to let voters know BEFORE the election where he/NDP stand on the Kinder Morgan $5.4 billion proposal  to twin its oilsands pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby.

Most environmentalists know EXACTLY where they stand: AGAINST the idea of moving ANY of the much dreaded and condemned bitumen to the company’s facility on the shores of Burrard Inlet, and from there onto 34 tankers a month … almost SEVEN TIMES the current load of 5 tankers. (And does anyone doubt there would be further expanded shipments down the road … or should I say inlet?).

But Mulcair has not come clean on what an NDP government do with the Kinder Morgan project …or even hint if he personally supports or opposes it.

“It’s not up to governments to be proponents of these programs – it’s up to governments to put in place structures that can analyze them,” he said, adding that the current environmental assessment process is “singularly defective. Right now there’s no way to approve Kinder Morgan.”

So the current review assessment is inadequate … but Mulcair has consistently avoided pronouncing on even the idea of moving bitumen through Vancouver harbour.   Not something ANY environmentally-active person I know has trouble taking a stand on … quite loudly too.

Slippery as oil!  Or a politician!

No doubt Mulcair has vivid memories of the disaster that befell Adrian Dix after his remarks clearly opposing Kinder Morgan … but it’s not good enough, especially for a man/party who want to run the country,  to slip/slide away from this very key issue of great importance to the people, to the businesses community and to  the environmental movement in B.C.

Green leader May and her party have been very clear: opposing ANY pipeline carrying bitumen for foreign markets and opposing tanker traffic anywhere on the West coast.

In an interview with The Vancouver Sun, May noted the Kinder Morgan project would TRIPLE the current 300,000-barrel-a-day flow from Alberta to B.C.

The Tories support Kinder Morgan and coastal tanker traffic IF they pass environmental reviews and meet required standards; the Greens oppose both; but May mocks the NDP for fence-sitting.

NDP partisans will argue, I’m sure, Mulcair’s stance is quite understandable and reasonable … a balanced view that any government decision should await an improved, unbiased assessment process/full examination and evaluation of the ALL necessary information on the project before saying aye or nay.

But if they believe that, doesn’t make all those who are now opposing the plan for environmental reasons and calling for its immediate outright cancellation very unreasonable, prejudiced and totally unfair?

They cannot have it both ways.

Meanwhile,  May/Greens  have their greatest rivals for environmental activist votes…  Mulcair/NDP ….  right where they want them: sliding around on oily ground regarding Kinder Morgan and bitumen pipelines, while May/Greens offer very CLEAR positions opposing both.

Harv Oberfeld

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