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Blog Takes Pre-election Travel Break: Back for the Campaign April 5

March 10th, 2017 · 5 Comments

Time for travel … again.  I LOVE retirement!

The Blog is taking a break before going FULL FOCUS starting April 5 on the  May 9 BC Election campaign.

That should be REALLY interesting …  the voice of the people WILL be heard on a whole series of election topics: should get a good democratic discussion going!

Comments on previous topics will be open until Weds March 15 … then comments section will be shut down while I travel.

Harv Oberfeld

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America’s Pain Could be Canada’s Gain

March 6th, 2017 · 50 Comments

Each Spring, the huge American eagle …actually, dozens of them … swoop  out of the skies and hunt out Canadian universities, where they target and scoop up many young graduates, carrying them back to their richly feathered nests in the United States.

The Americans go after some of OUR best …. who were educated to a very high degree in our  top institutions for free or heavily subsidized by Canadian taxpayers. They offer them large US-dollar salaries, signing bonuses and even superb benefits and immigration passes to go to work in expensive American private institutions … many in the health care field  (from doctors to nurses to anesthesiologists to x-ray technicians, therapists and lab workers … but also newly graduated engineers, architects, scientists, computer experts and almost every other profession.

Since Canada is a democracy, we cannot forbid materialistic or opportunistic graduates from going … but I have long believed we should have laws that require immediate absconders to reimburse Canadian taxpayers for the cost of educating them at higher institutions if they don’t stay and contribute back to our society for at least five years.  (Hopefully, by working inside Canada by the end of that period, they would be firmly established and even mature enough to realize that quality of life is not just about money and in Canada that quality of living in terms of civility, safety and services, especially for  for families is actually  much better.)

Alas, our politicians don’t have the backbone to bring in laws like I’ve mentioned above.

BUT there is something Canada could and should do now to compete … and maybe even beat … the Americans at their own game.

Our own  hunters … immigration experts, bureaucrats and  even politicians …. should be swooping in on United States campuses, cities, communities and letting educated, skilled Americans know of immigration opportunities and advantages of life NORTH of the 49th parallel.

WE should take advantage of the very clear concerns/fears and just plain unhappiness by people there of  what they see as declining civility, growing political extremism , loss of freedoms and the general quality of life in the U.S. for them and especially their kids.

There are good people of every race, ethnic, religious group in the U.S. who now feel unhappy, unsafe, uncertain in what they see as a growing divided intolerant America under Donald Trump …  and they don’t see that improving for a very long time, even if Trump loses the next election.

Canada should take advantage of that and entice away some of their best just as, for decades, they have tried to raid ours.

Our selling points?

How about a civilized society that is not perfect, but where:  there are NOT more than 30,000 murders each year; where the number of shootings did NOT reach 100,000 in 2016;  where there are no laws that allow anyone .. even those found to be mentally unstable …to buy and walk around with .45 Magnum in their belt or keep machine guns and bazookas in their homes and/or cars;  where most people are polite, friendly and are not constantly angry at each other and the world; where MOST people can and do have political discussions without getting insulting or coming to blows; and, yes, where there ARE jobs for skilled and educated workers; where health care IS affordable and quite good (if again, not perfect); in fact, where life expectancy is now a full TWO YEARS higher than in the US; where there is a VERY HIGH degree of not just tolerance, but even welcoming towards minorities; where women’s and gay rights ARE protected and supported by most everywhere in the country;  where a LOT of people DO care about clean air and waters; and, where you don’t really have to fear your kids going out at night or to a party with friends and individuals and families can walk unafraid on so many more city streets at night than do people in the US.

Just don’t mention the snow … unless they ski or skate.

I am convinced there ARE opportunities for Canada to attract thousands upon thousands of educated, quality immigrants from the US, who don’t like what they now see and experience down there. Not just refugees and illegal migrants … but educated, skilled Americans who would enjoy living the real land of the free.

All we need is for the Canadian government to go after them,  publicize our doors are open  and the Welcome mat is out, while the US continues to build walls … inside their society as well as on their border … and  beyond.

If you agree, I urge you to contact: Prime minister Justin Trudeau  or Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen or your own MP.

Harv Oberfeld

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