How BC Anarchists/Terrorists Won Control

Make no mistake about it: in BC, the anarchists and terrorists are taking control.

It’s NOT the majority who now decide; it’s not the elected who now rule; it’s not the law that now governs YOUR life.

It’s those who were not elected, not designated by any majority, and who couldn’t care less about any laws, police demands to move on or even Court decisions and orders to cease and desist who now decide what spaces they will seize or leave free, what services they will disrupt or allow to proceed and even whether and where YOU will be able to work, shop or even move around as a free citizen. Or not,

Isn’t that ironic!  Agitators, anarchists and even terrorists, many of whom have rarely worked steadily  … because they can’t or won’t …  now living on welfare and every other kind of handout of public funds they can muster ….…  dare to BAR those who do work and pay taxes to help fund their welfare payments.

And then there are the so-called First Nation elders or ” hereditary leaders” who some blame for doing little or nothing to get their peoples investments and jobs to wean them off welfare … and thus contributed to the appalling conditions and poverty that has plagued their communities: and yet, they still try to obstruct job/revenue creating projects.

It’s time to get real.

First of all … First Nations are NOT the only community to have respected “elders” or hereditary leaders: EVERY racial, ethnic, religious, residential or business community that makes up this great land has its respected elders … those who have gone before, broken new ground, sacrificed to advance the progress, education, growth and the financial success of succeeding generations … and all their relations.

These elders did not make sit on their laurels as unemployment, ignorance, poverty, dependence on hand-outs and family abuse ran rampant in their communities … or as opportunity and the rest of society passed them by.

Certainly, my respected elders thankfully NEVER opposed investments, jobs and projects that enabled me or our community to succeed, to work, to achieve a better life … for us, and our neighbours.

How did BC get to the point where ANYONE unelected, holding no office, can gain control … advocating a position that would keep their own people in poverty and on perpetual social assistance … and THEY get to control the conversation and the agenda ?

While their “supporters” … many from the rent-an-agitator casting department … can disrupt an entire society …. without any real consequence?


Because WE … and I include myself to some extent … have elected spineless “representatives” at every level of government: we wanted government that cares for/responds to the majority, the people, the middle class; but got instead weak-kneed enablers whose weak responses, even in the face of illegal acts, massive societal disruptions  and violence, have FAILED our society … and let the anarchists win.

In fact, the inept, ineffective and incompetent responses of our own “leaders” has actually encouraged the protestors, activists, terrorists to escalate their demands, actions and disrespect for the majority … and any laws.

BC has been descending into this anarchy for some time.

Take a look at how long at Oppenheimer Park … an entire neighbourhood has been robbed of its only major local park, now floundering in filth … while out elected officials do almost NOTHING!  And no one dares even ask those who are there where they are from and why the people of Vancouver should provide them free housing?

And remember the “420” fiasco where a large seaside park was almost destroyed  … with damages costing  thousands of dollars to remediate … and yet, the organizers got away with much of it? Our do-nothing politicians failed us.

Just look at our universities, where free speech can be inhibited and students intimidated or even attacked for expressing/supporting policies/politicians/countries the activist/agitator class oppose. Free speech and democracy died on campuses years ago.

And WHY do the police do almost nothing when un-elected mobs of fascists disrupt public roads, bridges, services, offices?


Look at Vancouver City Council; look at the Vancouver Parks Board; look at the BC government.

There is NO leadership standing up for … or enforcing the law anymore,  or protecting the majority!  Lip service to our laws … but no real ACTION to enforce them or punish those who violate them..

Our elected bodies have all, in my view, by their feeble reactions catered to, licenced, helped and even encouraged the illegal acts and the massive disruptions of public services and facilities.

Those who repeatedly ignore and break the laws to disrupt society should be IMPRISONED … not just arrested, served with paperwork, processed and then released with useless “suspended” sentences  … to continue their insurrection.

And Court orders and injunctions sought by paper tiger politicians and waved in the air by powerless police mean NOTHING to them.

We have allowed the fascist bullies to take over…. or at least our “leaders” have.

The anarchists now decide what society can do … not our elected bodies; they will rule … or destroy if challenged; and, they will get away with it … because too many of our elected officials fear … or support …. them, more than they fear … or support … us.

Harv Oberfeld

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Time to go somewhere warm ….

I’ve paid my dues.

No, I’m not referring to my 38 years as a journalist … listening and reporting the remarks/ideas/lies of politicians … reason enough to deserve a break!

I’m talking about the 10 days we just endured in Vancouver … a city paralysed, its residents snowed in, most of them abandoned by city crews for days , making us risk accidents and injuries trying to navigate unplowed streets (10,000 calls to ICBC from Vancouver drivers) , or horribly hazardous for those just needing to walk/cross a street, even downtown, slip sliding away … under the worst conditions I’ve ever seen in Vancouver and , by far, below acceptable standards in any of the other five cities I’ve lived in across the country … despite this city’s HUGE high-end tax base, all the hot air from the Green/COPE/NDP-dominated City Hall … and our ever-escalating record-high residential property taxes.

I’ve paid my dues … or at least my advance tax bill!

So I’m travelling … heading off to warmer climes.

The politicians can rest easy … for a few weeks. The blog will be down till mid-February … and, due to very limited internet access, so will the Comments.

Stay warm … and dry … and motivated to help make things better.


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