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Blog Takes Summer Break … till Aug. 20

July 29th, 2018 · 3 Comments

It’s too sunny, too hot, too beautiful outside … to be sitting by a computer!

The blog will take a three-week break … confident that any issues that raise our blood pressure will still be there Aug 20 and beyond.

Happy BC Day week, Happy Pride … and God Bless our forest fire fighters!

Enjoy BC at its best.

Harv Oberfeld


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Harper Trying to Push His New Book … or Toying with Treason?

July 23rd, 2018 · 31 Comments

Stephen Harper’s recent actions are so disgraceful, in my opinion, that I actually found myself looking up the definition of TREASON in Canada over the weekend.

And that didn’t make me feel any better.

From the Canadian Encyclopedia: “Under s46 of the Criminal Code, a person commits “high treason” who a) kills, attempts to kill, wounds, imprisons, or restrains the sovereign, b) wages war against Canada or does any act preparatory thereto, or c) assists an enemy at war with Canada or any armed force against whom Canadian forces are engaged in hostilities, even if no state of war exists.”

Hmmm … Section “C” clearly states: “assists an enemy at war with Canada …. even if no state of war exists.”

Harper had already made me quite uncomfortable earlier in July when I leaned  of the former Prime Minister’s self injection into the trade dispute with the United States by visiting the White House and reportedly meeting with TWO Trump officials to talk NAFTA …  apparently without being asked or  even clearing his visit with our own government’s International Trade Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister or Prime Minister’s Office.

Unacceptable, I would say. Inappropriate! But not treasonous.

And then, a few days ago, Harper went even further.

“Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper believes the current federal government is avoiding a NAFTA deal in order to score political points, according to an audio recording obtained by CTV News.” reported Bloomberg Business News.   You can read the article here:

“”The reality is that the Government of Canada believes today that it is doing very well, the fight with Trump is good for it politically, it is winning,” Harper said, according to CTV News.

“So if it can take that fight and continue it, and more importantly paint conservatives as linked to Donald Trump, this is great for them. And so right now that is the strategy they are on,” Harper said in the recording of his remarks at a private luncheon hosted by the Australia-Canada Economic Leadership Forum in Montreal on July 11.”

Disgraceful, partisan anti-Canada remarks by our former Prime Minister. Sticking his nose into a very sensitive Canada/US dispute … apparently without consulting with …let alone getting approval … from his own successor’s government or office.

Perfect fodder for Trump and his “trade” warriors to discredit Canada and use against the country Harper used to lead. The fact that Harper also claimed the US doesn’t want a deal either will be forgotten by Trump’s “fake” news backers: his criticism of Prime Minister Trudeau will not be!

Treason? Sure a lot closer to the Section C definition than I’ve EVER seen by any former Prime Minister direct against our country. Right in the middle of a trade war when thousands of Canadian jobs are at risk! Certainly seems to me to be aiding and abetting the trade enemy …. and worthy of an RCMP investigation.

WHY would Harper make such potentially harmful anti-Canadian remarks?

Perhaps he just feels his almost invisible Conservative successor Andrew Scheer needs some help?

Or, maybe Harper is trying to return to relevance in preparation for the publishing of a new book?

Either way, Canadians should be able to expect better from our previous Prime Minister.

Harv Oberfeld

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