Travelling … at Last!

Time to start travelling again… Fully vaccinated, hoping to stay safe, trying to get back to doing what I enjoy best in retirement! ?

Starting with a small one…

Back blogging Oct 11.

Harv O

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Canada/Allies MUST Respond to China’s Treachery!

They’re home! Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are back in Canada. Welcome!

And Meng Wanzhou returned to China after admitting in a US Court via Zoom from Vancouver that she had helped “conceal the company’s direct dealings in Iran, which violated U.S. sanctions”, as the Washington Post reported.

The misrepresentation and deception by Huawei,the company started by her father and where Meng is Chief Financial Officer, placed the HSBC Bank in jeopardy of breaking US law.

But that MUST NOT be the end of Canada and its allies’ response to China’s blatant kidnapping and imprisonment … complete with mock farcical “trials” …. of two completely innocent businessmen.

The speed with which the two Michaels were released within MINUTES of Meng leaving Canada is stark PROOF they were VICTIMS of blatantly open bullying, intimidation and hostage diplomacy by China.

And never forget: even though President Xi Jinping knew of their innocence, China held the two Michaels in regular Chinese prisons, renowned worldwide for their harshness and miserable conditions, instead of placing them under house arrest in apartments or hotels.

For more than 1,000 days!

Extreme cruelty by a despicable regime!

Especially since in Canada , Meng spent her 1,000 days in her $11 million Shaughnessy mansion … with servants and even being permitted to receive visitors.

Clearly, Xi has spat on the Canada-China friendship that began in 1970, when Canada was one of the first Western nations to establish full diplomatic relations, and that had been carefully cultivated, cherished and expanded by leaders of both nations and peoples …. until Xi took power.


The two Michaels travesty was just part of world-wide treachery China has practiced and has come to known for under Xi.

The free world has widely condemned the genocide taking place against its Muslim Uighurs; the last vestiges of real democracy in Hong Kong have been wiped out; a signed 50-year agreement with the UK was ripped up; anyone who dared speak TRUTH in China or in Hong Kong has been arrested, imprisoned; Internet censorship/blocking is worse than ever; Chinese aggression in the South China Seas has been expanded; and not just Canada, but other countries including Australia, Japan and Taiwan have felt the bad breath and scorching heat of the Chinese dragon!

The Michaels are home.

But the free world should not yet expand or even restore its diplomatic or economic or even cultural dealings with the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

Clearly, China cannot be trusted … on ANY level under Xi!

The FREE world MUST take a stand:

BOYCOTT the Beijing Olympics;

Restrict economic deals, investments and trade to no more than the absolutely essential;

Protect our security by denying Huawei or any high-tech firms from China ANY role in developing 5-G in Canada;

Curtail cultural links, exchanges and severely limit the number of students from China;

Counter China’s growing attempts to buy friends and influence people in Africa and South America; and,

Bring a FORMAL complaint against China before the World Court and and the UN Human Rights for its genocide against the Uighurs.

It MUST NOT be business as usual … until China gets rid of Xi’s dictatorship … and rejoins the world of civil and civilized nations.

Harv Oberfeld

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