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Wonderful Chance for YOU to Send Trump a Real Message!

May 31st, 2018 · 48 Comments

Trump is a bully … we’ve all known that for some time … so no one should be surprised that the US president is trying to bully Canada (and others) to cry “Uncle Sam” by imposing unfair, unjustifiable tariffs.

We have to now make sure the US pays at least the same price it inflicts on us … and hopefully even more.

The Canadian government HAS responded with anti-US tariffs of our own ….valued at $16.6 Billion, effective Canada Day, July 1!

Here is the complete list of US industries/products to be affected:

I’m glad to see it is quite extensive and targeted: not just steel and aluminum; but all kinds of foods, grocery, confectionery and household manufactured products (many from strong Trump-base states) … but also for which Canadian consumers can easily find domestic or imported alternatives.

A good start.

But YOU can do more!

Trump’s declaration of a trade war against Canada gives anyone who has long despised and repudiated him and what he represents a UNIQUE opportunity to hit back … where it hurts.


Let’s keep it real: I don’t expect Canadians who have already planned US vacations/cruises/resort stays to cancel. And let’s not forget many Americans are still our friends and are just as opposed to Trump’s actions as we are.

BUT We must NOT sit still and be kicked around …by the likes of Trump.

Time for Canadians to stand up for our own dignity and fair trade.

Do you REALLY have to grocery shop south of the border? Why not CUT that out … for your country? Or limit casual crossings to gas and a few essentials?

There can be no victory if WE are not prepared to stand up …and even pay a bit of a price.

And here at home, YOU can start looking at the labels on EVERY product next time you grocery shop: do you really need to buy the US product? Are there other alternatives that would let YOU send a message to Trump? Take it!

The big US product exporters to Canada will feel the larger impact over time … but YOU now a rare chance to make an impact much closer to home.

If American communities that cater to Canadians start feeling Canadians’ ire in their cash registers and employment figures, the stupidity of Trump’s bullying attack on Canada will come home to roost … and hopefully wipe the smiles off the faces of Trump’s base.


Harv Oberfeld


(PS. Now Macleans has taken up the cause with some great tips on US products easy to avoid:’s-guide-to-shopping-during-a-canada-us-trade-war/ar-AAyypqM?li=AAggNb9&ocid=mailsignout )

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Kinder Morgan SHOULD Proceed

May 28th, 2018 · 49 Comments

I’m not a great fan of the Kinder Morgan pipeline project.

I believe it was an historic mistake to have allowed the original pipeline terminal at the end of Burrard Inlet: somewhere around Roberts Bank might have been better.

And frankly, I still wish it would be moved.

But Kinder Morgan is where it is: it’s legal; it has gone through every legal and regulatory process and received approvals for its expansion plans. And the environmental requirements the project must meet are the most significant and toughest ever imposed.

It should go ahead.

The danger to Canada’s Constitutional fabric …. if BC’s obstructionist refusal to accept the almost endless regulatory processes already carried out or acknowledge the responsibilities of the federalist nature of our nation … is greater than any possible damage from an oil spill.

B.C. went to the province’s highest court seeking the authority to restrict bitumen shipments that cross its borders ? a measure that would allow it to kill the Trans Mountain project.

Premier John Horgan, the NDP/Green government are allowing a MINORITY of UN-ELECTED anti-development activists to harm much more than just Kinder Morgan, but BC’s and Canada’s resource development and economic growth.

The truth is more British Columbian’s FAVOUR the project than oppose it: a recent Ipsos poll showed 55% support for project, and 37% opposed … and of that, only 17% opposed it strongly.

And Alberta’s own NDP government ….how ironic is that …. if literally cut off from exporting ITS resources by BC will also no doubt wreak terrible harm and damage on BC’s imports of natural gas and oil supplies.

And worse.

Imagine what the reaction will be in BC if Alberta also retaliates (and why shouldn’t they???) by restricting or stopping imports of BC wine, BC fruits, BC produce etc. …. not to mention the potential damage to our tourism industry, should a boycott be organized.

How ironic that yet another NDP government could end up be tarred in the next election as bringing job losses to the BC economy by catering to blind ideology and the minority “no, no, no” crowd and forgetting the average working class families/jobs/economy!

There is also a certain hypocrisy in Horgan and the BC/Green government saying the EXPORT pipeline must be stopped to protect the environment … but pipelines carrying oil and gas products FOR BC USE through the same terrain in the very same way is quite okay.

That’s no way to run a country.

Hopefully Kinder Morgan and the federal government …and the Supreme Court if necessary … will make Horgan and his NDP/Green government understand that …

And start serving the interests of MOST British Columbians and not just the “no” crowd.

Harv Oberfeld

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