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United Nations Exposed … From the INSIDE!

February 10th, 2017 · 29 Comments

It was created of a noble dream: a world-wide organization dedicated to “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind”.

And I really do believe the 51 founding states of the United Nations … or at least most of them …  believed in the declaration contained in the charter they signed “to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.”

Today, the UN has 193 member countries … but rather than expanding the commitment to the originals ideas and ideals … the UN is now more often than not a failure:  a hugely expensive yet ineffective propaganda forum; where national, ethnic and religious loyalties supplant even basic justice; where a blind eye is turned and no hand is raised to stop brutal barbaric laws and practices imposed in UN states;  where torture by UN member nations and the deaths of millions of civilians … at the hands and under the bombs supllied by and/or dropped by UN member states ….. is allowed to go on … unabated.

Readers of this blog will know how I have written  “J’accuse” condemnations of the UN in the past.

I had sadly come to believe: the General Assembly is now a useless organization where corrupt dictatorships and prostituted states hold sway;  the UN “Human Rights” organization is little more than a racist, anti-Israel propaganda disgrace; the UN Refugee Agency has actively pushed the Islamification of Europe and is a protector Hamas (remember all those rockets found in a UN Gaza school …oops!) ; and even the Security Council  … with too rare exceptions … has abandoned/ignored its mandate and lost its way, its ethics and even much of its power .

Now a former UN staffer, scientist and environmentalist, who saw how the UN works from the INSIDE, has publicly denounced the  corruption, racism and sexism she says she personally witnessed while working at the UN Secretariat in New York and for the UN University,  headquartered in Tokyo.

“For example, when I worked for the UN, I was instructed to go and find experts in a certain field to be on a UN panel based solely on race (I was given a list of countries) not based on who is the best in the world in that field and told not to choose an expert from a particular country,” writes Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh in her book: Anti-Human Rights and Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN: Misused American Taxes.

Pallavi was born and raised in India, but is now holds residency permits in both Australia and New Zealand. But because of her “Indian” credentials, she was hired at the UN.. and was apparently seen as “Indian”…and therefore acceptable.

The countries she learned were acceptable to UN brass for the panel she was to help staff were: Iran; Turkey; Pakistan; Nigeria; Ghana; Nepal; India; and, the Ukraine.

In other words, Western countries like Canada, the US, Britain, France, Germany …the ones who pay the largest share of UN funding …were not welcome.

And, she claims, those doing the interviewing also came from some of the very same countries that the acceptable applicants were drawn from for the panel.

Pallavi calls it “anti-white and anti-Western racism” being practiced by UN staff. Her book also contains other allegations of anti-Americanism by UN staff, as well as homophobia, corruption; sexism and even sexual assaults by UN officials, protected by diplomatic immunity.

It is a sad commentary and condemnation of an organization that has lost its way and no longer meets the high standards and objectives civilized nations had for it when they created it.

Her recommendation?

“The current United Nations needs to be dismantled and replaced with a more efficient, productive and fairer international global organization for all people or the United Nations has to significantly change and improve.”

Unfortunately, I don’t think the countries who currently make up the UN are capable of either.

Harv Oberfeld

(For those interested, Anti Human Rights and Anti-Environmental Practices of the United Nations: Misused American taxes is published by World Trigger Point in Australia, available on Amazon.)

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Government Media Funding = Government Media Control

February 6th, 2017 · 34 Comments

Canada’s media giants are crying the blues … again ….  even going after taxpayer CASH funding of their businesses, all the while running up profits in the millions of dollars.

And using their own staffs as fodder in the battle for breaks and bucks … again …. killing off even more media jobs … and threatening even more … unless a ransom is paid.

But direct public funding of private media would make things even worse … not better.

A report by the Public Policy Forum …. a think tank largely funded by the federal government …  last week called for a new federally funded agency that would hand out up to $400 million a year to news operations to improve their local news coverage. You can read about that here:

What better way for politicians and government to influence news coverage! Fund it!!!!

Does anyone really believe news organizations receiving federal funds ….. especially funding that is annually “reviewed” …would not be affected in deciding what and how to cover issues that even remotely could be linked back to government policies and parties … whether social, environmental, health, financial and even partisan politics?

With so much of Canada’s media owned by huge corporations and multi-millionaire owners who not only benefit from tax breaks and generous write-offs,  but also hand out large contributions to politicians and parties, many Canadians are already convinced big business links, donations and political partisanship play too large a role in what is covered in the news and how…. and also what is NOT covered and why.

Direct funding from the government in power, using taxpayers’ dollars, to media outlets would make that even worse.

And I personally don’t believe it’s just a coincidence that, at the same time this latest report was released and government attention was being directed to a “crisis” in deteriorating local news coverage across the country, a number of media giants announced or proceeded with more job cuts.

Postmedia last week began issuing layoff notices job at the Montreal Gazette, and Ottawa Citizen …with others to come soon at the Windsor Star … all part of a Postmedia plan that union officials say has seen 3,000 jobs cut in the past six years.

Torstar, the Globe and Mail and Bell Media have also announced more layoffs …. continuing a trend that began years ago.

To say  the quality of their products have not been affected by all the cuts and downsizing is putting it mildly.

They should not be surprised or avoid the truth: any subsequent drops in readership/circulation/revenues are THEIR fault …not the public’s.

And yet, ALL continue to report PROFITS in the MILLIONS!

I believe these latest moves are pressure tactics by media bosses trying to influence the House of Commons’ heritage committee, which is currently considering the state of newspapers in Canada.

There should be NO direct government cash to these media conglomerates: existing tax rules already allow them generous write-offs for expansion and hiring, to increase corporate welfare.

If they want MORE readers , they should improve and expand their offerings/coverage … including FREE on-line access to all articles … which would generate more visits, and more advertising, both in print, on apps and on-line.

In fact, The Tyee recently offered what I would describe as a decent plan on how to improve local newspaper coverage right here in BC:

Much better than government funding and government influence.

Harv Oberfeld

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