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Liberals/Conservatives in Dead Heat: NDP/Green Voters Can Decide if Trudeau or O’Toole Will Be Prime Minister

Campaigns may be about policies, issues and promises … but Elections are about numbers.

And this federal election, according to the latest Leger poll, is a DEAD HEAT nationally … 32% voter support each for the Liberals and the Conservatives in the race to form Government.

The NDP is trailing at 20% nationwide; the People’s Party of Canada 5%; and, the Greens 3%.

Those three smaller parties have absolutely NO chance of winning … this time, but their VOTERS can exercise tremendous power this election!

Canada’s next Prime Minister WILL BE Trudeau or O’Toole.

But traditional supporters of these trailing parties … by strategically voting Liberal or Conservative in ridings where the two parties are polling neck and neck … can be the ones who will DECIDE whether Trudeau will be sent packing or be given another term in office.

They have power like never before.

In BC, the Leger numbers show the Conservatives are ahead, with 33% voter support; the Liberals 31% (statistically also a dead heat); while the NDP is drawing 28% support; the Greens 4%; and the People’s Party 4%.

But will it be another Liberal minority … or a new Conservative minority?

NDP/Green voters can impact which of the Leaders their own Leader/MPs will get to work with after Sept. 20.

How? By (even if it requires holding their noses) marking their ballots for the Tory or Liberal candidate in close ridings, where their own flagbearers have no realistic chance of winning!

It’s power politics! And it works!

Because which party forms the minority government could be determined by just one or two riding victories.

As I wrote about earlier, Quebec voters exercise strategic voting all the time … and have financially benefitted and also been very well rewarded with power in Ottawa British Columbians have never matched. http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/conservative-minority-government-better-for-bc/

THIS is our chance!

It’s pretty clear, Canada will have another minority government.

With a dead heat nationally … BC voters are being offered the power to decide the outcome: Trudeau or O’Toole.

All they have to do is be brave enough to exercise it!

And make Canadian political history.

Harv Oberfeld

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