BC Judges ENABLE and ENCOURAGE Property Crime

Vancouver has been invaded … and is losing the battle against druggies and criminals from right across the province and the rest of Canada who have heard of the “good life” they can enjoy on the West Coast.

There’s the temperate climate; the (literally) accomodating left-looney-controlled City Council, who happily supply taxpayer-funded free housing for anyone from anywhere; an underfunded, understaffed police force; and, best of all an ineffective “Justice” system that is almost a total FARCE.

And then there are the BC judges.

They have clearly forgotten … or were never taught … that a KEY part of the Justice System is (or at least USED to be) protection of society.

Citizens should be able to go about their daily routines without fearing … or these days in Vancouver, EXPECTING to see shattered/plywooded storefronts, police tape, cops completing reports, shoplifters running down the streets/lanes with their daily hauls … or even be accosted, robbed or stabbed themselves downtown or their own neighbourhoods … in broad daylight.

Thank BC judges!

Because there’s a pretty good chance the miscreant mugging or scaring the hell out of seniors on their way to grocery shop, ripping off and even threatening shopkeepers and staff in retail outlets … was before a judge on similar charges days or even hours before.

And were let out again and again and again and again by BC Judges, FAILING to do their jobs and protecting society.

We all know their excuses: under the Canadian “Justice” system, if there’s a reasonable belief an accused will show up for their trial … months later …. no one should be incarcerated before actually being convicted. (And even then, if anyone is convicted, jail time for property crime is almost never imposed, or is minimal or, worse, almost always suspended.)

The result: there are little or NO consequences for property crime in BC!!!

And you CAN blame the JUDGES for that!

Because the Law (is there any for druggies?) does ALLOW Judges to keep accused in custody to protect the public.

Ahh! “Protect the public”! Now there’s a part of their JOB (or concept in the Criminal Code of Canada) apparently long forgotten, ignored by too many BC Judges!!!

That would inconvenience the druggies, thieves. shoplifters, muggers … and increasingly lately, the assaulters, threateners and stabbers too.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Read this from Vancouver is Awesome:

“Weapons that we’re commonly seeing are things like needles, knives, bear spray, physical force, or other blunt objects that are used to intimidate staff members in the stores,” Sgt. Steve Addison said last week.

“Since 2019 these types of crimes have jumped by 550 per cent. Over the same period commercial robbery is up 126 per cent. So far in 2021 there have been more than 850 violent shoplifting incidents. Over the same period in 2019 there were 130 cases” the community newspaper reported.

Read their whole story here: https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/local-news/32-people-arrested-across-vancouver-during-busy-weekend-for-police-4736849.

As I’ve written before, the extreme lefty-looney thinking and incompetent policies, planning and projects emanating from Vancouver City Hell encouraged the spread of druggies, crime and crazies throughout the downtown core, Strathcona, Yaletown and now the West End.

People are increasingly afraid: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/metro-vancouver-leads-the-province-fear-of-crime-survey

And BC JUDGES have made it all WORSE!!

Even when police step up enforcements, make dozens or hundreds of arrests, seize thousands of stolen goods … little or nothing happens.

The JUDGES’ refusal to do their duty … to keep citizens safe … releasing MULTIPLE CHARGED repeat offenders while their cases lazily meander through the BC “Justice” system … and, even when there are convictions, their refusal to impose any kind of meaningful incarceration for almost anyone found guilty of property crimes … even after 40 convictions (LOL!!!) … is destroying Vancouver.

And it’s doing absolutely NOTHING to help the drug-addicted either.

If the Judges really cared, they’d send repeat recidivists to prison for two or three years so they at least have a shot at getting the drug treatment and counselling they need.

And give the rest of us a much-needed break as well!

Harv Oberfeld

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