Trudeau Government … Blind to the Plight of Struggling Canadian Families, Couples, Singles, Seniors … Pledges $132 MILLION for Sudanese

Foreign aid is good: it is a way for wealthier nations to share the bounty of its success with those less fortunate.

I understand … and so do most Canadians.

But apparently unlike Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen, I … and most Canadians … also realize that these days, far too many Canadians are hurting too … really hurting: not just unable to pay their rent or even have a place to call home, but also unable to feed their families or, often, even themselves.

Almost two million Canadians now visit food banks each month … the highest figure ever recorded. (And this does not cover others too proud to even go … and who do without or show up at private charity food kitchens, when they get hungry enough.)

“With food banks across Canada in crisis mode, as demand reaches new all-time highs, we must ask: when is it enough before we act?” urges Kirstin Beardsley, chief executive officer, Food Banks Canada,” according to a report published in November.

(You can read the details here:

In Canada! In 2024! Not enough government-operated assistance programs to feed our own people … despite record-high taxes, record-high government spending, record-high deficits and record-high debt!

But Trudeau and Hussen have $132 MILLION of Canadian taxpayers’ money to send to Africa to feed impoverished Sudanese (if that’s where the money/aid will really end up!).

Not $1.3 million, not $13.2 million … but $132 million!

The United States …with a population ten times ours and an economy more than ten times that of Canada “already the single largest donor to humanitarian efforts in Sudan, is providing an additional $246 million to help people in Sudan — as well as in Chad, Egypt, South Sudan and the Central African Republic,” ​​the US government reported.

So less than twice the aid, with ten times our population and ten times our GDP!

And Americans face tax burdens, housing costs, fuel costs, grocery costs and consumer goods costs MUCH lower than Canadians.

The UK, with a population of 67 million, has pledged 89 Million Pounds … $152 million Cad; France, a country of 68 million, has promised 55 Million Euros … $80 million Cad; and Europe’s richest nation, Germany, with a population of 83 million, has offered 200 million Euros, or $293 million Cad.

So why/how does Canada have so much money to send overseas to help the Sudanese (in addition to the $6.9 Billion dollars in aid we provide annually to other countries) ?

Once again, Trudeau and his government seem oblivious to the realities and struggles being faced and endured by so many Canadians.

Maybe other countries should take a look at Canada’s poor and provide us with foreign aid too, so all our people can have roofs over their heads and all our families, kids, seniors can go to bed without being hungry.

Harv Oberfeld

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22 Responses to Trudeau Government … Blind to the Plight of Struggling Canadian Families, Couples, Singles, Seniors … Pledges $132 MILLION for Sudanese

  1. Why says:

    (if that’s where the money/aid will really end up!)

    “Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.” *
    ~ Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown University

    (Response: Wish I had written that! So often, so true … sadly. I still feel we should help others less fortunate or in desperate situations, but if there’s $132 million from Canada, while so many of our own are struggling, tells me Canada could do better taking care of our own at home. h.o.)

  2. Gilbert says:

    If budgets balanced themselves, Canada wouldn’t have a large deficit and rising debt. Maybe a person who’s never had to balance a budget and doesn’t think about monetary policy is not the best person to take care of Canada’s finances.

    If Canada had a budget surplus and a sovereign wealth fund such as Norway to provide excellent infrastructure, education, health care and social services, a very nice donation to Sudan would be fine. If we didn’t have so many Canadians struggling, we could afford to be very generous. Unfortunately, though, that’s not the case.

    Maybe one day the Prime Minister of Canada will understand that he’s not using play money. Everyone knows that many countries are very corrupt, and we have to make sure that the aid given to Sudan is used properly. It’s better to send a smaller amount of aid for what it is intended than a larger amount that is soon wasted.

    The situation in Sudan is serious. It demands a serious government. With a government that seems to place too much value on out of control spending, it seems very unlikely that fiscal responsibility will ever be the result.

    (Response: Sudan is a basket case; Sudan has long been a basket case; the people of Sudan deserve better. However, so do struggling Canadians! If Trudeau has $132 million to send to help the Sudanese, he surely should be able to find much more than that to hand over to Canadian food banks, whose shelves are often bare, despite being depended on by increasing numbers of Canadians. h.o.)

  3. Not Sure says:

    You are cherry picking, Harvey.

    You are outraged at the $132M sent to Sudan and make comparisons with other countries like the US who sent just $246M.

    “So less than twice the aid, with ten times our population and ten times our GDP!”

    But, Sudan is only one country where Canada sends foreign aid. So how does Canada compare when the totality of aid is factored.

    The first chart shows that Canada is one of the top countries in total spending but when using % of gross national income we are much further down the list.

    This article is more detailed.

    For those who prefer the highlights of the top 25 countries:

    17. Canada $148 per capita
    16. USA $156 per capita
    12. France $217
    9. UK $267
    6. Germany $381
    3. Sweden $572
    1. Luxembourg $827 per capita

    So what is your beef here? Canada is spending too much on Sudan? We are spending too much on foreign aid compared to other countries? We are spending too much money period on foreign aid and should cut it drastically?

    Or are you just mad at Trudeau? And if that is the case then just the fact that 2 million people are using food banks may be all you need.

    (Response: What’s my beef? Perhaps you didn’t notice my first lines: “Foreign aid is good: it is a way for wealthier nations to share the bounty of its success with those less fortunate.” God bless those countries that can do more overall. However, under Trudeau’s “leadership”, too many Canadians are now economically suffering …barely able or even unable to pay their rents or buy groceries to feed their families or themselves. This is just not the time …sadly … for Canada to announce $132 million in new aid for Sudanese refugees or to seek to improve its “charity” status among giving nations. If the federal government has hundreds of millions of dollars available, they should hand it out to Food Banks across the country … to take care of our own people. h.o.)

  4. daniel says:

    Thanks for the latest topic, Harvey. I couldn’t agree with you more. That quote that Why provided doesn’t surprise me at all. Do any of these country recipients ever provide the donor countries with an accounting of how these funds were distributed?
    I’m wondering if Trudeau likes to make these donations so the world can see what a generous and magnanimous person he and Canada are. Maybe they aren’t aware of the state of many people here who are suffering just to buy food, medications, pay the rent or even a roof over their heads? Perhaps he realizes that he is on his way out and this is a friendly reminder to anyone out there on the world stage that he will be available for that plum post he so deserves? Maybe the U.N. security council?
    I’ve been following politics since my late teens and am now a senior. During all this time I have never seen a prime minister make so many appearances in the news, recent budget notwithstanding. He never fails to appear at least two or three times daily on both national news channels. This morning we saw him chatting with the opposition leader of Belarus? No offense to Belarus but I’ve never even heard of this person. Maybe there was a relevance here for Canada but I guess I missed it.
    Trudeau never ceases to amaze me, but Eby is now running a close second.

    (Response; I don’t think this magnanimity towards Sudanese refugees is personally driven: not enough voting power here for that. I think he/government are just out of touch with the hard reality they have created for so many Canadians, squeezing us more and more for their ideologically driven goals, not realizing how badly they have impacted living standards of so many… not just in terms of housing costs, but for far too many, also the ability to adequately feed/clothe their families. And as you suggested … Eby reflects this shortcoming too. Sad! h.o)

  5. Chuck B says:

    To Not Sure
    Read Harv’s opening lines …
    It helps to understand what he is writing about ….
    Most of that money should be spent at home … first and foremost ..
    Good log HO

  6. D. M. Johnston says:

    This “lefty” almost 69 senior is more than appalled by Trudeau (Eby as well) and his actions giving away hard earned tax monies abroad while our seniors suffer.

    I am appalled of now what is left of the NDP, who cherry-pick data to suit their own very biassed opinions.

    As I mentioned a few times before I was involved in a very unofficial food recycling (taking excess food and distributing it to the poorer folks around our little burg) program. Won’t go into the details because those who live in Ivory towers, with six figured salaries, would rather see the elderly poor starve than have food.

    This began with Covid and one lady involved literally cooked food 24-7 all through Covid, providing much needed hot lunches and suppers for those who could not shop or afford to eat.

    Worthwhile is it not?

    Well those wonderful folks in those Ivory Towers with six figured salaries have now put pressure on those involved and stopped it completely, even having one person involved being evicted on a trumped-up charge of “selling” the food.

    Really, every two weeks for almost two years I was delivering free food to various people and/or organizations who ask no questions to distribute to the less fortunate. Now most of these people are lining up at food banks, which shelves are growing thin.

    This is how Canada really is, this is how our civic, provincial and federal politicians operate, yet they throw money at Sudan, so they can have their daily 10 second sound bytes for the evening news.

    I wish those who support the NDP and take off their rose coloured glasses and see the complete inaction of Eby and Singh and see how toxic they and their politcal parties are. In BC, even the anti-vaxers are beginning to look good, god help us!

    As for Trudeau the Younger, he is a gad fly, nothing more. The foundation of this once great country crumbles beneath our moribund politcal parties who do nothing and stand for nothing. The Liberals and NDP would gladly let seniors starve, for a photo-op for the evening news.

    Ask a poor and malnourished seniors how $10 a day daycare will help them?

    Evil days brought to us by evil deeds.

  7. Not Sure says:

    Harvey, yes I did notice your first sentence where you said that foreign aid was good. That’s why I am asking why you are making it out to be bad. By cherry picking the aid to Sudan you made it sound like Canada was spending more than other countries on foreign aid when in fact we don’t. You make it sound like if only we stopped shipping money over to basket case countries like Sudan we would be able to solve all our other problems. From from it.

    You asked us to read the article on the food bank crisis. Here is its last sentence.

    “all levels of government must adopt a dual approach to address the root causes of food bank use by addressing low incomes and poverty and the skyrocketing costs of living.

    How do we raise incomes? How do we address poverty? How do we address sky rocketing costs of living? Those are difficult questions and with no simple answer. And getting rid of foreign aid will hardly be any kind of driving force to get to those answers.

    If you really want to go after Trudeau there is plenty to be critical about. I just don’t think dragging in (needed) foreign aid which takes up less than one half of one percent of our budget is one of them.

    (Response: Forgive me, but your latest response looks/sounds exactly like something I’d expect to hear from an NDP government. You noticed that I said foreign aid is good, but then you wondered how could I be making it sound bad when I criticized the Canadian government pledging $132 million to help Sudanese refugees. That’s exactly “NDP think”… and Trudeau liberal think too: If something is a good idea, we have to do it… Regardless of the impact on taxpayers and working people, who are the ones who have to come up with the money to fund NDP/Liberal plans and hopes … without any consideration of our ability to pay for it!! Foreign aid, yes; but only in the amount/degree we currently can afford…and $132 million at this time, I suggest, is far too much … except for bleeding heart NDP and federal Liberals, who noticed there’s still a few bucks left in some taxpayers’ pockets. h.o.)

  8. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    There is to much of our tax dollars going to foriegn aid at this critical time when here at home rising everything, unaffordability and not enough expenditures on our seniors and failing systems is for Canadians is on the wane. But now another real kick in the pants for most Canadians where once again politically suicidal pandering Trudeau and his messed up government is causing more divides and anger against himself by allowing Halal mortgages to become ingrained in our system. He’s really jumping off a cliff. Actually he’s jumped already and has hit the ground. Muslim and everyone is respected and equal under our democracy
    and respected but everyone has to pay there fair share and sure most of us don’t like some of what we have to pay but this is just wrong. So Canadians of vatiuos faiths and beliefs or just plain old peed off Canadians could apply for interest free loans to keep things fair. That is fair absolutely. But anyways, we’re dealing with a desperate dirt bottom politician doing very desperate and stupid things. He’s a disgrace. I hope he goes out in the most disgraceful ways. He’s pretty well there I guess. The guy does not learn a dam thing from bad screwups. He just doesn’t get it. Does this fellow even have a clue as to where we are. He has now made himself even more unpopular, because none of this is going up his game. Hes lying down for the steam roller now.

    (Response: I find it hard to believe that this Trudeau we see today is the same guy that I actually voted for in what seems to be a very long time ago. My how he and his government have changed … and, in my view, not for the better when it comes to middle class Canadians. And the further behind he drops in the polls, the more he seems to be reaching out and trying to win support from the growing Muslim community: turning his back on Israel; cutting them off from weapons and military equipment just to defend themselves; doing nothing about Muslim radicals spreading hate, disrespecting Canadian laws and traditions of tolerance; and, incredibly restoring Canadian funds to UNRWA, the corrupt, disgraced terrorist-sympathetic and terrorists-supporting agency … even before the UN issues its findings investigating UNRWA… which will probably be a whitewash anyway! He certainly won’t get my vote next time!! h.o.)

    • Ijustdontknowanymore says:

      I sure feel sorry for what’s transporting in the United States. There are now protesters going crazy and actually screaming death to Isreal and death to America and so far getting away with it. And it also looks like so far institutions of so called higher learning like Columbia have politically correct cowards in charge there and other colleges and universities just like here in Canada. But where is the arrests and jail and possibly even deportation orders if appropriate for these criminals calling for death to America right on the streets of America. That is not freedom of speech. I guess this is new age of political correctness and cowardly sensitive born government leaders not stopping this. The poor police must be getting their orders from the trickle down effect from the new age educated sensitive weaklings from the top. Probably comes right from the Whitehouse, like be nice now, let them blow off steam, their misunderstood, its their right. Its sickening. You know I can’t stand Trump and that side right now but the loonie weaklings of the Biden camp that can’t even protect the homeland from these now terrorist
      slogans and statements on the street level is what will defeat Biden and let the wrong kind in. It’s quite similar to the things going on here. It’s this new modern age of timidity in leadership. Some must have learned it on those University and College campuses. Brainwashing through education in the schools. Best places I figure to get to these points.

      (Response:Make no mistake about it: calls for “death to Israel” or anything glorifying Hamas is hate speech against Jews. And yet, so many politicians and educators defend it as free speech and do little or nothing to stop it or reject those shouting it. Well, just substitute the word Jews with blacks or Muslims or Chinese and see how fast those same politicians and educators would react!!! h.o.)

  9. RIsaak says:

    Given the plethora of gaffes seen in recent accounting and procurement choices, one can only ask who actually vetted the recipients of this money & as always the real question is, how much of the aid money actually gets to the target folks & how much will be not used for the defined purpose? The UN had Hamas operatives in Gaza, who may be beholden to other factors in Sudan? These handouts to third world nations are just opportunity for sketchy behavior.

    (Response: How ironic… I am currently in New York City and yesterday I had a taxi driver who happened to be from Sudan. When I told him Canada had just agreed to give $132 million in aid to help Sudanese refugees, HE questioned how much of that would actually get through to the real people!!! Now I like to think controls over aid are better than they used to be, but even if the money is “administered”’by third party agencies instead of government officials, it would not surprise me to find out down the road HUGE amounts went to “administrative” costs, salaries or simply disappeared in Sudanese officials’ or aid agency pockets. (In Gaza and the West Bank, millions of foreign aid have been redirected to fund terrorist groups, actions and into the pockets of top Hamas and Palestinian Authority officials… and their families!) h.o.)

  10. Not Sure says:

    Well, forgive me but your latest response looks/sounds exactly like something I’d expect to hear from a Conservative government. LOL.

    In all seriousness, that is the kind of statement that upsets me. We can’t support a ceasefire because that would makes us an anti-semite who only cares about Muslim votes. We can’t support decriminalization because that would make us bleeding hearts that don’t care about the safety of others. And we can’t support foreign aid because that would make us blind to the suffering of hardworking Canadians.

    I totally get that you are fed up with the NDP and the Liberals to put it mildly. I am not going to attempt to change your mind on that. But I think we can have a discussion/disagreement over a topic that focuses on the topic rather than perceived personal failings of the people who have an opposing point of view.

    You have said that now is not the time to give $132 M to Sudanese refugees, that hardworking Canadian taxpayers cannot afford to pay for this. So here is where I am coming from.

    The $132M to the Sudanese is just one part of the $6B that is spent on the entire foreign aid program. And the $6B is just one part of last year’s $450B federal budget. (less than one half of one percent).

    Are you upset over the money going to the Sudanese? Or are you also upset about money going to Ukraine, Gaza, Haiti, and other areas of the world facing a humanitarian crisis?

    How much of that $6B would you cut right now.

    How do you think Canada would look both internationally and even domestically if Trudeau were to come out and announce that as of today no foreign aid would be spent until … some economic measure is met?

    I believe Canada can still afford to pay out some amount of foreign aid. I don’t know what that amount should be but like defense spending where we are under the international target of 2%, Canada is far under the international target of .7% for foreign aid. Like defense maybe we should be doing more, not less. Honestly, if your intent is to attack Trudeau, there are far better issues to use.

    Sorry if that makes me a bleeding heart. Sidebar: a bleeding heart in the good old days was a positive term that symbolically referenced Jesus. It became a pejorative in the 1930s when a Conservative journalist in the US used it to criticize some of the progressive programs like FDR’s New Deal.

    (Response: as I have written before, I used to regard myself as a bleeding heart and was proud to do so because it indicated I care about people much less fortunate than most of us. I never said that we should give no foreign aid! However, at a time when record numbers of Canadians are being forced to go to food banks, and can’t even afford to pay their rents and buy clothing for their kids or themselves, I think, yes, it is time to pull back on our foreign aid until we get our own house in order. How much! I have no idea, because I am no expert, but surely those in government should be able to see that giving far more than our fair share of aid to places like Sudan, compared to other countries, is out of line when so many Canadians are struggling.
    As for Ukraine, I would increase our spending to aid them, because they are fighting our fight for us,and for democracy against the tyranny of Putin and Russia. It reminds me of the 1930s: had the democracies stood up to Herr Hitler’s early aggression, I believe World War II could have been prevented.Better to send Ukraine aid and arms than our own soldiers. h.o.)

  11. Stu de Baker says:

    “Forgive me, but…(don’t).”
    I expect this to be destined to the little garbage bin in the corner of your desktop.

    Where is your anger coming from? I understand the healthy distaste for government policy, but why repeatedly attack Not Sure for open, coherent, honest debate?

    This should be a good topic, but so far, after 5 days, it has only generated seven replies, most being regulars inline with your vexation.

    I wonder why this is…

    (Response: it is not “attacking” someone when you happen to disagree. Not Sure and I see many issues differently… he often from what I would describe as an NDP-sympathetic point of view… as you do. But I always appreciate his input and especially the research work he puts in to expand the discussion. As for any issue not generating much response, I always see that as an indication that most agree with my point(s), because disagreement tends to elicit greater response. h.o.)

  12. Gilbert says:

    I agree, Harvey. Most people probably agree with you on this topic. I believe Stephen Harper was right. Justin Trudeau wasn’t ready and never will be. It seems very unlikely the most incompetent and corrupt Prime Minister in Canadian history will be re-elected.

    (Response: I wouldn’t call him the most corrupt or most incompetent: there could be many contenders for those titles! But clearly many Canadians aren’t happy with his record or focus and wish the NDP would stop propping him up, so we could head to the polls asap. h.o.)

  13. Stu de Baker says:

    Agree or disagree with where it goes, 132 million is just throw away money. Spare change, like that spent on LGBTQ, Telefilm Canada, parkas for northern police officers, First Nations court costs, CMHC refits and renovations, PM/MP holidays, a bungled ArriveCan App, and to the Governor General for limos, clothing, snacks, and drink garnishes. I’d like to know if that last item includes coasters and little pink umbrellas.

    It might be worth it to note, none of THOSE expenditures had any Muslim connections.

    As for the notion that a low number of contributors is a clear indication that everyone agrees with you, well, delusional might be a good word here.

    I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all encountered people and situations in our lives where it was safer to remain silent for fear of reprisals from the right fighters. That is usually the result of knowing there is no point in going against the loudest person in the room.

    The fact is, reading comments week after week, I find the same half dozen contributors, all of which agree with and heap praises upon you. Well, except Not Sure, who seems to have pretty good anti flack gear.

    Not Sure is the only draw for me, being that it (or should I say they?) is an entertaining counter to all the predictable cheerleaders.

    BMCQ is missed. 🤣

    (Response: We agree!!! BMCQ is missed! And I doubt he would ever describe spending $132 million of taxpayers’ funds as “throw away money”. In fact, I believe he would quite strongly agree with me … that Trudeau/Liberals spending that amount to aid Sudanese refugees while so many Canadians are hurting is just wrong … very wrong. And I’d bet he’d love my exposing critiques of the disasters inflicted on Vancouver and other urban communities by the bleeding heart NDPers! h.o.)

  14. daniel says:

    Up to you Harvey if you wish to allow this post.
    It is always interesting to read the varying opinions and responses in this blog. The last thing I want to do is get into a pissing contest with a contributor here however I find Stu de Baker stating that our host might be delusional is a bit of a cheap shot and doesn’t belong here. Harvey stated in his response to him “as an indication most agree with my point(s)”. Indication means to be a sign of, to point out. He did not use the words”clear indication” which provides a very different connotation to that phrase. Picky, picky, I know but it matters just the same.
    The phrase “delusional might be a good word”, provides an implication here which is distasteful.
    I have no idea how many people respond here as to how many hits this blog receives but I’d be willing to wager there’s quite a difference in the numbers.
    To accuse someone with an educational background, life experience, qualifications, and reporting awards that Harvey has as possibly being delusional is simply not acceptable.
    Words do matter.

    (Response: Thanks. As I’ve explained in the past, I don’t write this blog as a money-making effort or even a particular political promotional one: I do it because I enjoy ranting on issues I think the other media are missing and also because I believe it helps contribute to our democratic society, where I and others get a chance to comment on issues and things they observe… And I do know the blog is widely read among politicians, their strategists and those in the media, and that’s what really counts. I should also point out that for some time another website, “the easton spectator” has often reprinted my blog pieces expanding the audience reach considerably and more recently, another website vancouver– has also started re-printing my blogs, apparently reaching quite a few additional people. So it must have some value somewhere along the line… even if it adds not a single penny to my own pocket. h.o.)

  15. D. M. Johnston says:

    Those who support the NDP feel a little threatened of late, as federally, their party is in the tank and provincially, there is a good chance that Eby may pull a Bob Skelly.

    Those who are definitely on the left side of politics, see the world through rose coloured glasses. It is their way or no way.

    Foreign aid isn’t what it used to be as a lot of money ends up in Swiss bank accounts.

    Why is Trudeau the Younger splashing so much coin to Sudan, probably has more to do getting a UN gig after he loses the next election. So easy to feather ones nest with someone’s else’s money.

  16. Gilbert says:

    $132 million of taxpayers’ money is throw away money? Money is not to be thrown away. It should be spent wisely, especially money from the taxpayer.

    If the politicians want to help Sudan so much, perhaps they can compensate the taxpayer for wasteful spending with cuts to programs that prioritize free drugs, sexual orientation, climate change hysteria and political ideology. We need to promote fiscal responsibility, and that includes foreign aid to extremely corrupt countries.

    (Response: Ottawa and the BC waste hundreds of millions on all kinds of screwy spending…that just disappears into various corporate or supporters’ pockets) just check out the Canadian Taxpayers Federation website. I recognize we do have international commitments we must meet, but beyond those, I really think it’s time to get back to funding the basics … housing, feeding, clothing and educating/retraining Canadians who need that badly. h.o.)

  17. Not Sure says:

    Thanks Stu. My anti flak gear is a simple reminder that this is the internet. And I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t enjoying myself. And I do learn stuff while researching. So all’s good.

    But Harvey. In your response to Stu you said “Not Sure and I see many issues differently… he often from what I would describe as an NDP-sympathetic point of view… as you do.” What was the purpose of the words after differently. You didn’t state where your sympathetic point of view comes from and given that the last few posts on the NDP/Liberals, are you suggesting that I am blind to struggling Canadians, a bleeding heart whose policies destroy communities, an anti-Semite who is more interested in Muslim votes than Jewish lives, and arrogant and undemocratic. It’s a wonder I can sleep at night!

    You answered my question about sending money to Gaza, Haiti, and Ukraine by stating you would increase money to the Ukraine. The silence on the other two was interesting. But if we just moved the $132M from Sudan to Ukraine, does that help struggling Canadians?

    You might be trying too hard to attack Trudeau. Lots of fodder elsewhere.

    For example what is your take on the budget. How do you feel about an extra $50B to secure the votes of millennials and Gen Z. I found this interesting.

    (Response: I am still traveling… In Montreal today… And have not really looked at the federal budget in any detail enough to comment. As for Haiti and Gaza, I am much more reluctant to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into those disaster zones until they have the basic governmental infrastructures in place to ensure almost all our money doesn’t go to corrupt leaders, criminals, terrorists etc. Ukraine is in a completely different category … a democratic civilized nation, whose people and territory have been aggressively targeted by a murderous criminal named Putin … and we should do as much as we can to help them defeat him completely! h.o)

  18. Marge says:

    With no accountability, the government of the True dough Liberals, likes handing out our “money” to all and sundry while pretending it is their generosity!

    I used to donate to a world-famous children’s charity years ago and my “child” was from Peru! When I finally got a chance to visit the country, the first thing I wanted to do was to find my child. I went to the agency unannounced and found a bunch of people writing letters to the donors as if they were the kids! The money was not going to benefit anybody except the employees and the organization itself! I was disgusted and stopped donating to them, even though I saw incredible poverty when I was in the country.

    I honestly don’t know what the solution is but just throwing money away like we do isn’t the answer. I was shocked that they re-started the UNRWA program, again with no accountability. Meanwhile our taxes go up and up, there’s a ton of suffering in our country and nobody seems to care!

    Not sure if I should post this here or in your Eby post but here goes. Waiting for my allergy shots this morning, a woman with a lot of pain comes in and asks if she can see a doctor. Of course, there are no spots available so I ask if she can take my place instead. Not allowed as the “walk in” clinic is no longer a “walk in” but a “family practice” and I am now a patient of the doctor who gives me the shots. I suspect that the “walk in” clinics are being converted to “family” so it looks like more of us have doctors than we actually do and it looks better on the record books. Just politics as always and no concern for people, whether it be at the provincial or federal levels.

    (Response: I used to sponsor a child in Thailand … still remember his name … for several years until he graduated from the program. I too received regular letters in what purportedly was his handwriting, with typed translation attached, but I noticed they were all very general, telling me he was doing well in school and asking how my family was … but never actually responding to specific questions raised when I wrote him, through the agency. I still do believe in foreign aid and foreign charities, even if I recognize there can be problems and abuses: however, as I wrote, $132 million in one shot, to one cause, is too rich for me at this critical time for so many Canadians who could use that help instead. h.o.)

  19. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    No wonder Trudeaus going out in disgrace. He’s screwed over Canadians so badly for so long. I mean, one could get the impression he’s just not into Canadians interests or this countries security at all. He is one messed up politician. I don’t consider him Prime Minister of Canada material at all. I don’t recognize him as being a legitimate leader at all for this country. I don’t vote for betrayers. It’s awful that the few can ruin so much for so many.

    (Response: The latest Nanos poll, done after the federal Budget, shows the Liberals at only 23.3% support, Conservatives at 41.8% and the NDP at 19.1%. Looks to me like Canadians suffering from day to day stresses and even economic pain (groceries, food, rents, gas prices) didn’t feel the Budget did anything for them. h.o)

  20. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    Uh oh, It looks like House Speaker and Gaurdian for Trudeau just blew it and kicked out Polliviere and another member of his caucas for the rest of yesterday. What Fergus did was disgraceful. He’s now upped the popularity of Polliviere. Even former NDP leader Tom Mulcair stated it was disgraceful what Fergus did. I always liked Mulcair because he is a real gentleman with a moral compass intact where Singh I believe doesn’t have a moral political one. But to hear Mulcair speak against the Speakers actions is to be respected. Hat means a lot. But anyways can’t wait to see the expanding story on Trudeaus favourite but shameful speaker screwing up and making it so obvious about his bias and non neutral stance. To bad he can’t get the boot. It was sure okay with Trudeau calling Polliviere spineless though. Which he’s not by no means. Trudeaus just trying to brush that one off his own shoulders that he owns. Sorry I got off track, and I shouldn’t go to much further in case you’ve got a good in depth real professional story coming up as you always do on subjects.

    (Response: Having spent 8 years ( 8 winters!!) in Ottawa covering Parliament, I too think Fergus overstepped. I can see why he raised the issue of impropriety when Poilievre called Trudeau himself “wacko” … BUT from what I saw/heard Poilievre did withdraw his reference when asked to do so ..and it should have ended there. Naming Poilievre and throwing him out of the House was an over-reaction. h.o)

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