Trudeau Government … Blind to the Plight of Struggling Canadian Families, Couples, Singles, Seniors … Pledges $132 MILLION for Sudanese

Foreign aid is good: it is a way for wealthier nations to share the bounty of its success with those less fortunate.

I understand … and so do most Canadians.

But apparently unlike Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen, I … and most Canadians … also realize that these days, far too many Canadians are hurting too … really hurting: not just unable to pay their rent or even have a place to call home, but also unable to feed their families or, often, even themselves.

Almost two million Canadians now visit food banks each month … the highest figure ever recorded. (And this does not cover others too proud to even go … and who do without or show up at private charity food kitchens, when they get hungry enough.)

“With food banks across Canada in crisis mode, as demand reaches new all-time highs, we must ask: when is it enough before we act?” urges Kirstin Beardsley, chief executive officer, Food Banks Canada,” according to a report published in November.

(You can read the details here:

In Canada! In 2024! Not enough government-operated assistance programs to feed our own people … despite record-high taxes, record-high government spending, record-high deficits and record-high debt!

But Trudeau and Hussen have $132 MILLION of Canadian taxpayers’ money to send to Africa to feed impoverished Sudanese (if that’s where the money/aid will really end up!).

Not $1.3 million, not $13.2 million … but $132 million!

The United States …with a population ten times ours and an economy more than ten times that of Canada “already the single largest donor to humanitarian efforts in Sudan, is providing an additional $246 million to help people in Sudan — as well as in Chad, Egypt, South Sudan and the Central African Republic,” ​​the US government reported.

So less than twice the aid, with ten times our population and ten times our GDP!

And Americans face tax burdens, housing costs, fuel costs, grocery costs and consumer goods costs MUCH lower than Canadians.

The UK, with a population of 67 million, has pledged 89 Million Pounds … $152 million Cad; France, a country of 68 million, has promised 55 Million Euros … $80 million Cad; and Europe’s richest nation, Germany, with a population of 83 million, has offered 200 million Euros, or $293 million Cad.

So why/how does Canada have so much money to send overseas to help the Sudanese (in addition to the $6.9 Billion dollars in aid we provide annually to other countries) ?

Once again, Trudeau and his government seem oblivious to the realities and struggles being faced and endured by so many Canadians.

Maybe other countries should take a look at Canada’s poor and provide us with foreign aid too, so all our people can have roofs over their heads and all our families, kids, seniors can go to bed without being hungry.

Harv Oberfeld

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2 Responses to Trudeau Government … Blind to the Plight of Struggling Canadian Families, Couples, Singles, Seniors … Pledges $132 MILLION for Sudanese

  1. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    No wonder Trudeaus going out in disgrace. He’s screwed over Canadians so badly for so long. I mean, one could get the impression he’s just not into Canadians interests or this countries security at all. He is one messed up politician. I don’t consider him Prime Minister of Canada material at all. I don’t recognize him as being a legitimate leader at all for this country. I don’t vote for betrayers. It’s awful that the few can ruin so much for so many.

    (Response: The latest Nanos poll, done after the federal Budget, shows the Liberals at only 23.3% support, Conservatives at 41.8% and the NDP at 19.1%. Looks to me like Canadians suffering from day to day stresses and even economic pain (groceries, food, rents, gas prices) didn’t feel the Budget did anything for them. h.o)

  2. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    Uh oh, It looks like House Speaker and Gaurdian for Trudeau just blew it and kicked out Polliviere and another member of his caucas for the rest of yesterday. What Fergus did was disgraceful. He’s now upped the popularity of Polliviere. Even former NDP leader Tom Mulcair stated it was disgraceful what Fergus did. I always liked Mulcair because he is a real gentleman with a moral compass intact where Singh I believe doesn’t have a moral political one. But to hear Mulcair speak against the Speakers actions is to be respected. Hat means a lot. But anyways can’t wait to see the expanding story on Trudeaus favourite but shameful speaker screwing up and making it so obvious about his bias and non neutral stance. To bad he can’t get the boot. It was sure okay with Trudeau calling Polliviere spineless though. Which he’s not by no means. Trudeaus just trying to brush that one off his own shoulders that he owns. Sorry I got off track, and I shouldn’t go to much further in case you’ve got a good in depth real professional story coming up as you always do on subjects.

    (Response: Having spent 8 years ( 8 winters!!) in Ottawa covering Parliament, I too think Fergus overstepped. I can see why he raised the issue of impropriety when Poilievre called Trudeau himself “wacko” … BUT from what I saw/heard Poilievre did withdraw his reference when asked to do so ..and it should have ended there. Naming Poilievre and throwing him out of the House was an over-reaction. h.o)

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